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Iyanla Vanzant Children: Nisa, Gemmia, Damon Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant is a motivational speaker, TV host, author, entrepreneur, and Black icon. More than that, she is a mother of 3 children.

Here, we learn about Iyanla’s 3 beautiful kids!

Who Are Iyanla Vanzant Children?

Gemmia, Nisa, and Damon Vanzant are Iyanla Vanzant’s three children.

If you didn’t know, Iyanla, according to, is Outspoken, fiery, transparent, truthful, and sage-like. It is likely Iyanla’s kids inherited similar qualities from her.

Meet Nisa Vanzant, Iyanla Vanzant Younger Daughter

Born in August 1974, Nisa Vanzant was one of the two daughters of Iyanla Vazant.

Sadly, on July 30, 2023, Nisa passed away. Announcing Nisa’s death, Iyanla wrote, “It is with great sorrow that we announce the transition of Nisa Vanzant the youngest daughter of our Beloved Iyanla Vanzant we are asking for your prayers.”

The message continued, “Please respect the privacy of her and her family at this time. Thank you.”

  • Nisa Vanzant Cause Of Death

When Iyanla announced the tragic news, she didn’t highlight Nisa Vanzant’s cause of death.

  • Nisa Vanzant Age

At the time of her death, Nisa Vanzant was 49 years old. She was a resident of Takoma Park, MD.

  • Was Nisa Vanzant On Instagram?

Yes, Nisa was on the photo-sharing platform @vanzant_n.

However, Nisa seemed most active on her Facebook @brnsuganisa.

Meet Gemmia Vanzant, Iyanla Vanzant Older Daughter

Iyanla Vanzant’s older daughter was named Gemmia Vanzant.

20 years before Nisa’s untimely passing away, Gemmia had died. Reflecting on Gemmia’s death, Iyanla shared, “Well, it changes who you are as a woman, first, for the worse and then for the better.”

Iyanla added, “God must’ve really, really trusted me to give me a soul to bring into life and to trust me with the courage to send her out.”

  • Gemmia Vanzant Cause Of Death

Gemmia Vanzant succumbed to a rare form of Colon cancer.

In the years leading up to her tragic death, Gemmia had kept a journal. An excerpt, as shared by Iyanla, read “Father,… I know you have ordained me to do great things. Iyanla reads. “I even know that some of the things you have planned for me, I will not be able to do in this body. This body is just physical. The greatness you have for me is of a spiritual nature. A nature I may never find in this body.”

Gemmia’s journal, according to Iyanla, saved her life. Not only that, Iyanla credits Gemmia as her greatest spiritual teacher.

  • Gemmia Vanzant Age

Gemmia took her last breath on 25 Dec 2003 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA. At the time, she was 31 years old.

According to her Find Grave profile, Gemmia was born on Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA.

  • Gemmia Vanzant Job

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any info regarding Gemmia’s work history and occupation. The same applies to her educational background.

Meet Damon Vanzant, Iyanla Vanzant Only Son

Damon Vanzant is Iyanla’s only son.

Luckily, as of August 2023, Damon is alive and seems to be doing very well.

  • Damon Vanzant Age

A native of Brandywine, MD, Damon Vanzant turned 52 in 2022.

If one were to believe online reports, Damon was born in August 1970. Beyond Maryland, he has also lived in Chicago, Illinois. Circa 2023, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Damon Vanzant Job

Coming to Damon Vanzant’s job, he has followed in his mother’s footsteps and enjoys life in the limelight.

According to his IMDB, Damon is a producer on and . On the former, he has director credit as well.

For 5 months, between November 2021 and March 2022, Damon served as a Digital Media Producer at WeTV in Atlanta, GA. He is now the CEO of Carib Life Media — a Multimedia platform, which focuses on producing and featuring content and programming that highlights Caribbean and African culture.

Damon is a graduate of George Washington University. Attending the university between 2005 and 2007, he graduated with a degree in Meeting and Event Planning.

  • Is Damon Vanzant On Instargam?

Yes, Damon is available on Instagram @iyanlas_sun. Additionally, he seems pretty active on his Facebook @EastcoastWarrior.

Related FAQs

  • Are Iyanla Vanzant Children Married?

It is unclear if all of Iyanla Vanzant’s daughters were married before their deaths. This is the same for Damon, Iyanla’s only son.

On a few occasions, Iyanla shared that her grandson was jailed in federal prison for multiple years. She, however, didn’t reveal the mother/father of her grandson.

  • Who Are Iyanla Vanzant Children Father? 

Iyanla’s children, Nisa, Gemmia, and Damon Vanzant shared the same father — Charles Vanzant.

Charles and Iyanla tied the knot in 1973. Over time, their relationship turned abusive. The marriage lasted only 7 years before Iyanla ran away with her children.

Recalling Charles’ abusive behavior, Iyanla revealed, “After I got hit in my head with a bed slat, I woke up at three o’clock in the morning and something said to me, ‘If you don’t leave here now, he’s going to kill you.’ And I creeped out of the bed and I got a bag of clothes for each of my kids and one for me. And I left.”

Iyanla continued, “I had nowhere to go, I had no money to get there — I didn’t even care. But I had to be willing to lose everything to gain it all.”

Charles, however, isn’t Iyanla’s only ex-husband. For a decade, she was married to Adeyemi Bandele. Before their split in 2007, the now-former couple didn’t seem to have kids.

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