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Izzy Zapata Bio, Family, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Love Is Blind

A fresh group of hopeful singles was introduced on Love Is Blind as it returned for Season 5 on 22 September 2023. In the show, hosted once again by Nick and Vanessa Lach, one of the cast members was Izzy Zapata. Like everyone, he also decided to take part in the heart-pounding journey of emotional growth and self-discovery. So now, in this writing, we shall tell you who Izzy is and what became of his potential emotional connection test. Was he able to make it out of the pods and down the aisle? Or did he leave the experiment just as single as she started? Here’s what we know.

Izzy Zapata On Love Is Blind Season 5

So, during the introduction, watchers were told that Izzy Zapata is a special education teacher. Viewers in a way were also made aware of his past love, best attributes, deal-breakers, and just simple things one would like to know about someone on a first date.

Then, Izzy himself told the cameras that he is proactively searching for a forever type of vibe, and has gone on two to three dates a week for the past year and a half. But, he said, he is yet to meet his perfect match because he is often not on the same page emotionally with his romantic partners.

He further detailed that his dream girl is someone who would be able to join him in the gym or on the bench for sand volleyball. It’s athletic women who are top of mind he said. And, if she has blonde hair and beautifully colored eyes, it’s an added bonus according to him. Being open-minded, a good communicator, and being able to love him unconditionally were the traits he was looking for in the women in pods.

At the time of this writing, not much was understood about Robert’s romance journey on the Netflix show. But, everyone on his social media could tell that it was exciting. He could be seen talking about his journey of finding love quite often.

Izzy Zapata Girlfriend

As of September 2023, Izzy Zapata’s relationship status was not understood. But, he was clearly very much single when he decided to go on Love Is Blind.

Yet, it is understood that he was in a relationship with Brogen Woodward previously. At the time Izzy even cited on FB that he has been in a relationship with her since 4 June 2020.

When Izzy was still together with Brogen, he often showed their romantic glimpses on social media and called her his “hot English babe”.

Izzy Zapata Age

Izzy Zapata was born in 1992. So, he reached the age of 31 in 2023.

Let us also tell you that Izzy’s real name is Ismael Blanco. At the same time, he is also known as Smiley Zapata.

Izzy Zapata Job

Izzy Zapata’s LinkedIn could not be found. Even so, we managed to get some of these facts.

Since 21 February 2022 and until 2023 Izzy has been working at Globe Life Liberty National Agency Division. Briefly, he also mentioned working at AT&T.

Izzy Zapata Height

Izzy Zapata stands above 5’10” in height.

Izzy Zapata Family

Izzy Zapata’s mother is Reina E Blanco, AKA Reyna E Zapata of Corpus Christi, Texas. She turned 53 years old in March 2023.

Izzy is really fond of his mother one can tell. He often gushes about his love for her on social media. One time, for instance, he took to his Facebook to write “Love you since 1992” next to a picture of them together. Also on Mother’s Day, one time, he thanked her for shaping him into the man he is today. “You’re the most selfless and caring person I know. I love and appreciate every sweet moment with you. Te Amo”, he gushed again next to several adorable pictures of them together.

Izzy also loves to call his mother “sweet soul”.

Izzy’s dad is sadly no more. He was Ismael “Smiley” Zapata and he passed away on 6 June 2022 at the age of 66. Alice, Texas-born Ismael was a member of the Northwest Congregation where he served with his family and friends. In his obituary, it’s been cited that he loved to spoil his one and only granddaughter and also that he touched the lives of many by being a very generous person and always making sure everyone had what they needed. It was also cited here that he was preceded in death by his mother, Maria “Mary Lou” Zapata; wife, Elisa Ortiz Zapata; nephew, William “Billy” Gonzalez Jr.

As for siblings, Izzy has a sister named Cilicia Marie (Ramiro Jr) Robledo.

Izzy also has a cousin named JJ Zapata, a registered nurse at the Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio – Medical Center.

Related FAQs

  • Is Izzy Zapata On Instagram?

Yes. Izzy Zapata was on Instagram as of September 2023. His account @izzyzapata_ included 34 posts and 2,500 followers. On his ‘Izzy Zapata’ Facebook too, he has shown glimpses of his life pretty much regularly.

At the same time, one could also give Izzy a follow on TikTok @izzyzapata2.

  • Where Is Izzy Zapata From?

Izzy Zapata originally hails from Corpus Christi, Texas. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Houston, Texas. He moved to the city in 2021.

  • When Is Izzy Zapata’s Birthday?

Izzy Zapata’s birthday is on September 3rd and that makes him a Virgo.

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