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J Benjamin Rottenborn Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Meet J Benjamin Rottenborn Family: Father, Mother, and Siblings.

Celebrity marital/relationship squabble has been a matter of interest for the followers of pop culture. In 2022, all eyes are on the defamation trial of actor Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard. There have been a few interesting intricate revelations that the trial brought into the public eyes which previously never captured the media coverage as well as fans’ attention.

We know that Amber Heard’s lawyer J Benjamin Rottenborn AKA Ben grilled the Pirates of the Caribbean actor over the very disturbing text messages the actor sent in 2013. This particular moment, not only caught the attention of those who are closely watching the trial regarding his life but are also interested to learn about his family.

So, keep scrolling down this article to learn about lawyer J Benjamin Rottenborn’s parents and siblings.

Meet Amber Heard Lawyer J Benjamin Rottenborn Family Members

J Benjamin Rottenborn has family in Salem, Ohio, and Roanoke and Waynesboro in Virginia. His relatives are still residing in Salem as of this writing. He is very private when it comes to putting out information about his family members. So, he shared almost no information regarding his family members.

Meet J Benjamin Rottenborn Father, Arthur Rottenborn

J Benjamin Rottenborn was born to his father Arthur Rottenborn. His father Arthur was the son of John and Mary (Chulak) Rottenborn owners of the Jennings Corner Grocery in Salem. Arthur had two brothers— John C Rottenborn and Joe C Rottenborn of Salem.

J Benjamin’s uncle John attended St. Paul School and graduated from Salem High in 1952. After graduating from Kent State University in 1956 with a B.S. degree in business administration, he served in the U.S. Army, stationed in West Germany.

Moreover, John married Barbara Schebler of Salem on September 3, 1960. He worked in the stock market at Fulton, Reid, & Staples and Hayden-Stone in Cleveland before a career in sales. John and Barbara then opened their own business, National Sanitary Janitorial, which they operated until his retirement in 1994.

His uncle Joe, hailed from Salem, Ohio, and attended Salem High School. He studied Forms of government at Boston University, Ed Leadership at Youngstown State University, Secondary Principalship at Youngstown State University, and Secondary Social Studies at Brown University.

Moreover, he worked as Executive director at Mahoning Valley College Access Program (MVCAP). Joe is married to Cindy Rottenborn.

  • Arthur Rottenborn Age

Arthur Rottenborn was born on Dec 24, 1941. As of 25 April 2022, he is 80 years old.

  • Arthur Rottenborn Job

Arthur Rotteborn took over the family business Jennings Corner Grocery after his older brother John was shipped out to West Germany in 1958. His mom and dad had boarded a Greyhound in North Jackson that was headed south. Besides that, there is no further information on Arthur’s career.

  • Is Arthur Rottenborn On Instagram?

No, Arthur Rottenborn is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Meet J Benjamin Rottenborn Mother, Kathleen Rottenborn

J Benjamin Rottenborn was born to his mother Kathleen “Kathy” Rottenborn.

  • Kathleen Rottenborn Age

Born on Dec 8, 1943, Kathleen Rottenborn turned 78 years old in 2021.

  • Kathleen Rottenborn Job

There is no information on Kathleen Rottenborn’s job.

  • Is Kathleen Rottenborn On Instagram?

No, Kathleen Rottenborn is not on Instagram. However, she has a Facebook account (@kathleen.rottenborn).

Does J Benjamin Rottenborn Have Siblings?

Per the social media post of J Benjamin Rottenborn’s mother, he might have two siblings; a sister named Anne Balto Rottenborn (@anne.balto) and a brother named Phil Rottenborn. Anne Balto (age 51, born April 1971) is currently married to her husband Andrew Balto (age 54, born August 1967). In October 2021, Anne and Andrew celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.

Whereas, Ben’s brother Phil is married to Amie Giang Rottenborn (@amie.rottenborn) and celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in July 2021. Phil and Amie are parents of one daughter and two sons.

Related FAQs

  • What Else Do We Know About J Benjamin Rottenborn Family Members?

Ben’s uncle Joe and his paternal grandparents met Elvis Presley in July 1958 at Fort Hood, Texas. Joe has an autograph of Elvis on the cover of “1958 Edition of Joe Reichler’s baseball records” in the white block for the article entitled “THE DAY THE FANS WILL NEVER FORGET“.

  • Where Do J Benjamin Rottenborn Family Members Live?

J Benjamin Rottenborn’s uncles and their family live in Salem, Ohio. His parents live in Fishersville, Virginia. His brother Phil and sister-in-law Amie reside in Huntsville, Alabama.

  • Is Anyone From The J Benjamin Rottenborn In The Limelight?

Based on our research, none of the J Benjamin Rottenborn family members are in the limelight.

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