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J $tash Bio, Net Worth, Motive Behind The Murder

A piece of very disturbing news made headlines that rapper J $tash killed his girlfriend Janette Gallegos in front of her kids in Los Angeles and later killed himself. However, the motive behind her murder remains unclear. However, a Redditor went on the platform to shed some light on the story and shared a piece of news that revealed his “motive behind the murder”.

Scroll down this J $tash Bio to learn about the rapper’s motive to kill his girlfriend.

J $tash Motive Behind The Murder

A Redditor @Cosmicthepisces went on the Reddit thread to share something that might’ve explained the motive behind J $tash killing Janette Gallegos. First, the Redditor commented,

A Redditor shared about J $tash murder motive on Reddit (Pic: Reddit)

Then, they continued,

A Redditor shared about J $tash murder motive on Reddit (Pic: Reddit)

They concluded the comment with,


                                          A Redditor shared about J $tash murder motive on Reddit (Pic: Reddit)

So, based on the post, it was J $tash’s jealous and paranoid nature which caused the outburst that ended up with the rapper killing his Janette Gallegos.

However, all of these comments are yet to be confirmed.

What Did J $tash’s Family Say About The Tragedy?

Rapper J $tash’s family hasn’t released any official statement. His social media is private at the moment. Furthermore, some Redditors also commented that his mother (is/was) a lawyer who cleared all of his mishaps with the law in the past. Some Redditors also blamed him and allegedly claimed that he did the same thing to his ex-girlfriend Danielle Phaeton.

Redditors claimed that it was his mother who got all the charges dismissed after being accused of sending threatening messages and inflicting harm in 2015.

J $tash Net Worth

At the time of his death, J $tash’s net worth was under $1 million. He was ascribed to all sorts of titles from rapper to designer to model to businessman. At the age of 16, he hung around with Lil Wayne and Young Money and gained mentorship because one of Lil Wayne’s assistants, Troy Bless, was like his mentor who brought him into that world and experience it.

Moreover, he also co-signed with Kanye West for a modeling gig.

He had revealed that he absorbed inspiration from his home state and the time he spent in Japan, building an image and sound of bright creative youthfulness. He cited that Asia was the biggest influence on his style.

The rapper added further that his time in Japan taught him to become more “disciplined.” He also collaborated with Japanese rapper KOHH, because KOHH was fluent in Japanese as well as English there was no language barrier.

Growing up in South Florida, J wouldn’t have expected that musically his hometown would be on a map. However, he left Florida for New York to work on his musical projects. He insisted that “New York was the best place to network and market yourself, and you are around influencers 24/7.” A self-proclaimed hustler, he sold drugs to earn a living. He confirmed that he never had jobs and still managed to get by on his own.

The South Florida rapper shared in a 2017 interview that he was focusing on building businesses in different counties rather than working on music.

J $tash Real Name

J $tash’s real name was Justin Joseph.

Where Was J $tash From?

J $tash was born in New York. However, he was pursuing his music career while based in South Florida, the place he grew up. He shared in an interview with Crack Magazine, “Florida influenced my style as far as the dirty south feel, Grillz, face tattoos. My music? not so much. Growing up in South Florida was cool, good weather, amazing food, a lot of the Caribbean culture, I wouldn’t prefer any other place.”

Related FAQs

  • How Old Was J $tash?

At the time of his death, J $tash was 28 years old.

  • What Are J $tash’s Popular Songs?

J $tash has released four albums and mixtapes as of this writing. The rapper’s debut mixtape, Hood Rich, was released in April 2016. He then released ‘No More Distractions,’ ‘Relax With Me,’ and ‘6ix Before 7even’. Some of his popular songs were “Guerrillas,” “Guap,” “Puma,” and “Nuthin.”

  • Who Record Label Was J $tash Signed To?

The up-and-coming artist J $tash was reportedly signed with Rich the Kid’s label, Rich Forever, in March 2016. He also released a few songs via Relax Rekords.

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