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Jack Bunnell Bio, Age, Married, Net Worth, Deadliest Catch

Alaskan crab continues to be one of the most difficult things to fish, but with seafood prices increasing every year the crews at the Bering Sea have no option but to defend their fishing grounds. The 19th season of Deadliest Catch return to Discovery TV on April 19th with a two-hour premiere. Some fresh faces, along with the returning members, are among the cast on the newest season of Deadliest Catch. Jack Bunnell has taken over the F/V Barbara J but has strong competition from the long-serving skipper Steve “Harley” Davidson for seat time and control of the storied crabber.

Learn everything about Jack in the article below.

Jack Bunnell On Deadliest Catch

Before Jack took over the F/V Barbara J, he worked on Jake Anderson’s Saga (as an SG Engineer) and later Pinnacle.

As per his bio on Discovery, Jack got his job on the Saga at the last minute because all the fishing vessels were full and had no open spots. Upon his friend’s recommendation, Jack found out that Jake needed a guy, and two weeks before the start of the season, and flew straight to Homer to work on Saga F/V as an engineer.

At first, Jack was not so sure if he was in good hands because he had heard from other people that Jake could not catch crab. Finding out that the Saga had some improvements in the season he was joining was definitely some worth of consolation points for Jack.

The third-generation fisherman had an accident while he was working on the Saga. A steel-framed pot broke free from a launcher, slamming into his leg, which caused injuries. The mishap occurred while Captain Jake was pushing the crew to haul at a fast pace.

Shortly after that incident, Jack was fired after he disobeyed Jake and went out for a shore-side drink.”We do not compromise safety for TV purposes. Our camera teams are invited guests on captains’ boats, and they run and operate their boats independent of the TV crews,” Deadliest Catch producers said after the firing of Jack.

To talk about how Jack felt about being fired, he said there was not a lot of money in Saga anyway. “… Pinnacle is a way better boat,” he added.

Now about his newest stint as a co-captain in Barbara J, viewers saw Jack bringing some helpful hacks–he learned from his father apparently–to his work to prevent trawlers from operating and destroying everything in their path.

The same hack is widely used by Greenpeace UK, an environmental non-profit organization, which involves throwing large boulders into the sea so that these can get caught in the trawling nets and bring illegal fisherman’s unregulated activities to a stop.

Although Steve “Harley” Davidson, the other captain of the vessel, was proud of Jack’s methods, he was angry with his co-captain for not getting the crew to wear hard hats while they were hoisting heavy boulders above their heads.

How Much Is Jack Bunnell Net Worth?

Talking about Jake’s earnings from working as a captain in the fishing vessel, it is not fixed. There is no hourly salary or any sort of that thing for the captains. Instead, they get paid for what they catch and what they deliver. Some successful captains have claimed to earn millions in days. Sig Hansen, perhaps the richest captain of all, is estimated to be worth $3.5 million.

As of 2023, Jack Bunnell’s net worth was estimated to be around $400 thousand. However, no one knows, if Jack’s stint at Barbara J turns out to be successful, he could be worth millions in a matter of some days.

Jack Bunnell Age

Reportedly, Jack Bunnell’s age was 28 at the time of this writing in May 2023.

Is Jack Bunnell Married?

As of May 7th, 2023, Jack Bunnell’s relationship status was unclear. There was unfortunately no strong evidence on his social media to make any claims that he is a married man.

Jack Bunnell Family

Talking about Jack’s family, his parents are Tom Bunnell and Rachel Schindler. According to Jack’s bio on Discovery, hearing his father’s stories from his fishing trips as a child inspired him to become a fisherman.

Tom, 55, is the captain of F/V Halibut Hunter, whereas Rachel, 53, looks after the books and the bookings of their family operations.

Jack has a sister named Kaylynn Bunnel, 30. It is Kaylynn’s job to keep F/V Halibut Hunter clean and tidy for every day’s trip. In addition to that, she is also a PHAT (Promoting Health Among Teens) educator. Furthermore, Jack has other two sisters, Jessicah Miller and Teenah DeCosta. Jessicah is married to Koda Miller.

A typical Bunnell day usually ends with Grandpa and Grandma, Kay Bunnell, meeting the boat to cheer for the biggest fish.

Jack Bunnell Height

Reality TV star Jack Bunnell stands tall at a height of under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jack Bunnell On Instagram?

You can find Jack Bunnell on Instagram @fishkillerak. He had exactly 257 followers on May 7th. Jack also uses Facebook, where he goes by his own name.

  • When Is Jack Bunnell Birthday?

Unfortunately, we did not know Jack’s birthday details at the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Jack Bunnell From?

Deadliest Catch star Jack Bunnell is from Homer, Alaska.

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