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Jackelina Bonds Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Love Is Blind

Jackelina Bonds signed up on Netflix’s Love Is Blind, and she is one of the 30 single people joining the show, to find love on national television. But there is more to learn about her. Here we cover her age, parents, height, and more in this article below.

So, keep scrolling down and get to know her more.

Love Is Blind: Are Jackelina Bonds And Marshall Glaze Still Together?

Even though Jackelina Bonds initially came across as a little strong-willed and aloof, her time in the pods made it abundantly evident that she is capable of being just as thoughtful, kind, and vulnerable. Jackelina was first drawn to three men—Joshua “JP” Schultz, Joshua “Josh” Demas, and Marshall Glaze—but with time, her interest waned to just the latter two. She openly stated in the original, “Josh checks off all the boxes,” candidly said at one point in the original, “[whereas] Marshall is a great person. They’re neck and neck right now… I love them both. We both vibe so well.”

Jackelina even added, “Marshall is sensitive. Marshall is smooth. He’s sentimental, he’s so calm and giving; the opposite energy of what I am… [On the other hand] Josh is like a smack talker. Josh is on the same level as me. His vibe is just, like, strong and masculine, and tough. We’re in the ring right now; we got Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, but we just don’t know who’s gonna win it first.”

As a result, she started talking to both of them. Nevertheless, she soon realized that the first person brought out a far different side of her than she had ever anticipated because he wasn’t scared to go personal right away.

A major factor in all of this was the relationship Jackelina already had with the name Marshall because she had given it to her Roomba a long time ago and because of his unwavering capacity to express himself. The moment she realized his sincerity in every sense came when they were talking about their upbringing and their desire to be kind parents in the future.

Although their ideas were in line, it was the manner he described his family’s pain and how he dealt with it that convinced her to choose him above the other candidates.

“I came in here stonewalled, hard,” Jacklina then admitted while holding back tears. “In this pod, Marshall on the other side, he’s getting all of me and the real me. The me I don’t tell nobody. That’s a walking quality man right there.”

Unfortunately, they were unable to become exclusive right away since Josh threatened to leave her if she didn’t select him. This made her hold back the truth because she didn’t want to break his heart. The 26-year-old marketing manager intervened at that point to make it plain that she was his, and as a result, they not only began dating but also were engaged.

The first time Jackelina and Marshall met in person, it was obvious their relationship was as sincere as it could be and was everything you’d expect from a pair. The subsequent vacation in Mexico served to confirm this even more, especially when they were able to further develop their compatibility on a sexual, physical, and emotional level.

The fact that he gently comforted her rather than leaving, as he reportedly frequently did in prior relationships, when she became overtaken by thoughts of the outside world, further demonstrated the degree of attachment they had.

But, from what we can gather from their active social media accounts, it seems as though Jackelina and Marshall were unable to make things work. Their relationship seems to have been negatively impacted by the difficulties of reality, meddling from outside parties, and their busy careers, which ultimately caused them to separate ways permanently.

The Marketing Manager/Creative Artist and Dental Assistant haven’t officially confirmed or denied their relationship as of this writing, but the fact that they don’t even follow one another on Instagram says a lot.

Jackelina Bonds Ideal Boyfriend

Jackelina Bonds’ scarce history in relationships was because she didn’t want to settle down easily. Because she is a straightforward individual, she hates playing games and one thing she is looking for in an ideal boyfriend is “someone who thinks they’re better than me.”

Jackelina knows she can be “hard-headed” at times, so she’s keeping her heart open in hopes of finding “my daddy” in the pods to “start our lives” together.

Jackelina Bonds Age

At the time of filming the show, Jackelina Bonds was 27 years old. She was born in 1995.

Who Are Jackelina Bonds Parents?

Jackelina Bonds hasn’t shared much about her parents. However, a few family members of Jackelina are Jackie C Bonds (age 61 years old), Ada Bonds (65 years old), Vera Bonds (54 years old), and Joel Bonds (92 years old).

Jackelina Bonds Height

The Latina beauty stands tall under the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Jackelina Bonds Job

Jackelina Bonds is currently employed at Mercer Island Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery as a dental surgical assistant. She was first registered in 2020 and got renewed in 2021. The practice is devoted to oral surgery and to providing patients with the treatments or corrective procedures they need to enjoy healthy, vibrant smiles.

They are experts in performing painless tooth extractions. They can give stable, secure substitutes, such as dental implants and teeth-in-a-day, for individuals who are dealing with tooth loss. Also, their office assists local patients with face trauma, oral pathology, and corrective jaw surgery.

Jackelina received her second degree from Clover Park Technical College in Dental Assisting. In October 2021, she secured 2 degrees and 3 national board exams.

How Much Is Jackelina Bonds Net Worth?

In 2023, Jackelina Bonds’s net worth is under $200 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jackelina Bonds Birthday?

Per Jackelina Bonds’s IG post, she celebrates her birthday on 26 December.

  • Where Is Jackelina Bonds From?

Jackelina Bonds hailed from Tacoma, Washington. She is currently based in Seattle, Washington.

  • Is Jackelina Bonds On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Jackelina Bonds on IG and Facebook.

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