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Jacqueline Blake Bio, Age, Job, Married, RHOP

As promised, the Real Housewives of Potomac is coming back to television. Bravo has confirmed that Season 7 of the franchise is premiering on 9 October 2022. Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Dr. Wendy Osefo, and Mia Thornton are returning as full-time housewives. But, at the same time, the season is also conformed to see the return of OG housewife Charisse Jackson Jordan as a friend of the cast, along with a new friend, Jacqueline Blake.

And because newcomer Jacqueline Blake is the only stranger to us among these people, we shall tell you all about her in this writing called ‘Jacqueline Blake Bio’.

Meet Jacqueline Blake, RHOP Friend On Season 7

With the cast remaining unchanged from the previous season it is only Jacqueline Blake who is new on the show this season on RHOP.

She joins as a friend of Mia Thornton. She and Mia are so close that one might think they are sisters. But, you will see, because of some unusual behavior the other ladies RHOP wondering what the real story is.

The trailer for the new season also teased a feud between Jackson Jordan and Karen Huger as well as allegations of the latter sneaking out of town with someone and not her husband, according to costar Candiace Dillard Bassett.

Then, they showed Robyn Dixon features more of her marriage dynamics with the housewife proposing a prenup to her husband Juan Dixon. Then there is Peter Thomas, glimpsed getting into “women’s business” one more time, and Dillard Candiace asking Gizelle Bryant if she is sleeping with him.

Anyway, bitter or sweet may it be, Jacqueline in recent times took to her social media to hype the show writing this for her has been an amazing journey “to say the least”. Plus, she added that she felt so blessed and honored to be a part of an epic season and talented cast. (Of course) at last, she also thanked her family and friends to have supported her every step of the way.

Jacqueline Blake Job

Jacqueline Blake runs her own business. As per LinkedIn, she had been working as a human resource consultant at Ava & Blakely Enterprises in Washington DC, Baltimore Area as of June 2021.

The HR director and business developer of the VA-HR Consulting company is no doubt one proud entrepreneur in the health and beauty scene.

For more than seven years before that, Jacqueline served full-time in the United States Department of Defense as their Human Resources Program Manager and in several other positions. And before starting here in June 2012, she acquired her MBA in  Business, Management, and Marketing from Clark Atlanta University in 2009.

Is Jacqueline Blake Married?

It is not clear if Jacqueline Blake is married. However, she is one proud mother and she has not concealed this from the world. In fact, she loves to show off this image of hers juggling a very busy working life as a mom to two young girls, who she named her company by. Yes, Ava and Blakely.

Ava, the All-Star Cheerleader is the eldest, with dreams of becoming an actress when she is older, while “baby boss” Blakely, is the youngest. Born in Maryland, both of them have American, Sierra Leone, and Filipino ancestry which other than their mother got from their father, Junior Ojong.

On Instagram @ojongjunior, his real name is Patrick Ojong and as of 2022, he likely held a job as a police officer at the City of Hyattsville in Maryland (as per LinkedIn). But, a report on the internet suggested otherwise. In what looked like an appeal from a judicial review from the Hyattsville City Police Department, it said to terminate the employment of Patrick Ojong. As for the reason, it was mentioned that during a call for service on 9 February 2016, he had discarded evidence in violation of numerous departmental policies. And so following an internal investigation, he was charged with twenty-four violations.

Jacqueline Blake Age

Born in 1984, Jacqueline, with the full name Jacqueline Rae Blake turned 37 years old in 2021.

Jacqueline Blake Height

Jacqueline Blake stands around 5 feet 6 inches in height.

Lately, she also took to her social media to share her weight loss journey through the past ten years between 27 and 37.

She once also talked about how her mother taught her about beauty in diversity. Coming from a multicultural home, she said that she, therefore, learned to embrace its beauty during a time when it was rare, and not celebrated.

Is Jacqueline Blake On Instagram?

Yes, Jacqueline Blake could be found on Instagram @thejacquelineblake where she had 83 posts and 2,012 followers as of 8 September 2022.

Jacqueline Blake Family

Jacqueline Blake is the daughter of John Blake and Kadena Blake.

As for John, he was born to the late James Wesley and Alverta Blake and grew up with two brothers, John Blake (Kadena) and Joseph Blake (Phyllis), and his late sister Alice Marie Jackson.

On Father’s Day lately, Jacqueline took to her social media to thank him for being the patriarch of the family and for being an inspiration to everyone he touched. “Thank you for being “the village” to so many without ever expecting anything in return.

Thank you for being the patriarch of our family and being such an inspiration to everyone you touched.

While Jacqueline’s mother, Kadena, according to her Facebook, was based in Washington D.C. and originally hailed from Lothian, Maryland. Also, she reached the age of 74 in October 2021.

Jacqueline is just as fond of her mother. So, on Mother’s Day as well she gushed many things about her mother on social media. She thanked her for the fantastic recipes that she sprinkled on her throughout life; for teaching her how to be a lady, yet how to still embrace being free and unequivocally true to herself, and many other things.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jacqueline Blake’s Birthday?

Jacquline Blake’s birthday is in December. So, she is either a Saggitarius or a Capricorn.

  • How Much Is Jacqueline Blake’s Net Worth?

Jacqueline Blake reportedly had more than $500 thousand net worth as of 2022.

  • Where Is Jacqueline Blake From?

As of 2022, Jacqueline Blake was based in Gambrills in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States.

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