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Jaiya Ma Wikipedia, Partners, Sex Love & Goop, Books

S*xologist Jaiya Ma always described herself as a unique mix of Dr. Ruth, Lady Gaga, and a Yogi. The sexpert now joins actress Gwyneth Paltrow for a Netflix show named S*x, Love & Scoop. So, what made her a s*x expert and expert in the show? What about her partners?

All the queries will be addressed in this Jaiya Ma Wikipedia.

Jaiya Ma On S*x Love & Goop

Jaiya Ma, a s*xologist has joined Netflix’s new show S*x, Love & Scoop. The show returned for a new season led by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It featured six couples who would open up about all things in the bedroom in front of the experts. Also, the show demonstrates how the actress’s wellness & lifestyle brand Goop works to gain more pleasure with their other half.

She joins Gwyneth Paltrow, Michaela – relationship expert, Darshana Avila – Erotic Wholeness Coach, and Amina – intimacy coach for the show. But, this isn’t the first time she appeared for a TV show as she appeared in Ricki Lake, The Doctors, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Anderson Show, The Tyra Banks Show, TLC, CNN, or Playboy TV to mention a few.

Jaiya Ma Books

Jaiya Ma has published four books to date. They are BL*W EACH OTHER AWAY: A Couples’, RED HOT TOUCH: A head-to-toe, CUFFED, TIED, SATISFIED, and S*x Positions You Never Thought.

How Many Partners Does Jaiya Ma Have?

Jaiya Ma had two partners nee boyfriends. After being in a relationship for six years, her boyfriend Jon Hanauer urged her to take a new lover. Jaiya and Jon had met in June 2000 while taking tantric yoga classes in Cinncinati, Ohio, and fell in love in March 2001 during a tantric teacher training course. Jon hailed from Boulder, Colorado, and studied at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human S*xuality.

Within weeks, she met and fell for furniture designer Ian Ferguson after meeting him at a dance class, and a year later she fell pregnant with his baby. Ian worked as a president and lead designer at Dig It Furniture, Inc. He had studied theatre at NYU. He now works as LOVE WARRIOR at Jaiya- New World S*x Educator.

Jon was very welcoming of Ian and two men helped Jaiya to deliver their son Eamon born on 23 March 2009.

The family of four lived together in a beautiful home in Topanga, California.

Talking about her partners she shared, “I am so lucky. I have two amazing men who care for me and Eamon. Having three parents around just makes life even better, and everyone talks about how advanced Eamon is.”

Before that, Jaiya was engaged to a man named Tony who couldn’t fathom sharing his fiance despite discussing having an open relationship. After the end of the relationship, six months later, Jaiya and Jon began living and working together, helping couples who had trouble in their s*x lives, and writing a book, Red Hot Touch, about the importance of touching your partner to keep a relationship alive.

Jaiya had also met a young guy in 2007 who betrayed her by sleeping with a friend before she’d given her agreement.

Although it appears, Jon, who had always been by her side throughout her life, is out of the picture as he is nowhere to be found on either Ian or Jaiya’s socials. But, the assumption is yet to be confirmed.

On the other hand, Ian had gone through a divorce and had started dating other women and had discovered polyamorous relationships just two weeks before.

According to Jaiya’s Facebook, she is interested in both men and women, so she is bisexual, gender-wise.

How Old Is Jaiya Ma?

If she had already celebrated her birthday in 2021, Jaiya Ma is 44 years old. Otherwise, she would be 43 years old.

Jaiya Ma Qualifications

Jaiya Ma had attended the Institute for Advanced Study of Human S*xuality where she studied Somatic Sexology. She graduated in the Fall of 2006. While imparting knowledge as a sexologist, she also attended several pieces of training and seminars for a better understanding and certifications.

She has an immersive study of ancient erotic rituals, tantric s*x, ki*ky dynamics, mastery of touch, and the biology & psychology behind turn-on and attraction led her to discover this revolutionary map that gives everyone a path to unlocking life-giving pleasure and orgasmic fulfillment in their body.

Getting into how she chose s*xology as a career path, Jaiya always wanted to work in the field of sexuality. She had even told her parents when she was in grade school that she wanted to be just like Dr. Ruth when she grew up. Anything that she could get her hands to on the subject matter.

During her exploding career, Jaiya got the chance to meet public figures such as Tony Robbins, Mama Gena, Neil Strauss, Esther Perel, and many others.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jaiya Ma On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Jaiya Ma is on Instagram and goes by the handle name @missjaiya. She is also on Facebook just by the name @jaiya. Furthermore, she also uses a Twitter account and goes by the name @jaiyanwse.

  • Where Is Jaiya Ma From?

Jaiya hails from her hometown in Batavia, Ohio. Now she resides in Boulder, Colorado. She was born to her mother Anna M Schill and also has a sister. Although her father appears on her mother’s Facebook, he remains a mysterious figure.

  • Is Jaiya Ma Her Real Name?

No, Jaiya Ma is net her real name. She never divulged her real name in any interviews of digital publications.

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