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Jaliyah Monet Family: Dad, Mom, Siblings, Kids

Since becoming a famous social media influencer, Jallyah Monet has kept herself busy with finding herself as a woman, mother, daughter, friend, sister, and overall the very best version of herself. And that is of course not without causing substantial dramas.

However, in this writing, we shall not talk about her controversies but everything about her family, her dad, mom, siblings, and kids.

Who Are Jaliyah Monet’s Family Members?

Jaliyah Monet, like everyone, has a father, a mother, and a bunch of siblings.

Besides, she is also the mother of her two kids, a boy, and a girl. Although it was not clear if the baby daddy was also included in Jaliyah’s family.

Now, get to know each of these people in detail.

Meet Jaliyah Monet’s Dad, Lee Lucas

Finally, a tweet from 2019 was kind of a confirmation that Jaliyah Monet’s dad is Lee Lucas. Before that, there was some confusion about it.

The patriarch, as it turns out, is a well-respected street legend in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. He is known to have been more than friends with several popular rappers from the area such as Lil Boosie and Kevin. However, as of 2022, he was serving a prison sentence, and in 2019.

Labeled as a Baton rouge OG, he was known for getting money, slanging iron, and having nice cars, and clothes.

Lee also happens to be rap star Kevin Gates’s stepfather and biggest role model growing up. Kevin once rapped that he was only 11 years old when Lee got locked up and that was after this incident that he started hustling.

It is said lee also was a big influencer and role model for fellow rap star Lil Boosie. Addressed to Boosie, lee even wrote a letter from jail warning him that another inmate was planning to do harm to him once he was released from prison.

12 December 1972-born Lee met trouble with the law around December of 1996 and was therefore put into jail at the young age of 21. The jury voted unanimously to convict Lee of second-degree murder. That meant he was sentenced to life in prison.

Anyway, Jaliyah shares a beautiful bond with her father and strongly believes he should be freed already.

Who Is Jaliyah Monet’s Mom?

Jaliyah Monet says she is blessed to have her mom whose name we could not find out yet. Often on social media, Jaliyah has mentioned her and talked about how great she is. For instance, she would go on to tweet that her mom is everything and she cannot imagine life without the lady.

Jaliyah also learned a lot about life seeing her mom struggle. She said she watched her mama struggle until 2017 after being from apartment to apartment, sharing rooms, barely making it. But since that year, everything changed as they finally got their dream house. Jaliyah, therefore, claimed at the time that 2017 is really the year for her.

The matriarch once also appeared on her other daughter Jayla’s YouTube channel in a video when she and Jaliyah took a ‘who knows me best’ quiz from Jayla.

How Many Siblings Does Jaliyah Monet Have?

There is a sister named Jayla Reneé and another sister, Liyah, and a little brother, who she lovingly refers to as her “other half”.

Jayla rarely shared on IG @_jaylarenee_ but already had 66.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel: Wayla’s World. As per Famous Birthdays, Jayla was born on 22 June 2000, the same day as Jaliyah. If this is true, they should be twins.

Also, as of 2021, she had been dating someone.

Among all siblings, it is Jayla who mostly features on Jaliyah’s YouTube videos.

Jaliyah Monet Kids

Together with comedian Funny Mike, Jaliyah Monet has two kids. They welcomed a daughter on 14 February 2019 and named her Londyn. Then, the next to come into the world was a son, MacAuthor Johnson Jr. He turned 2 on 17 July 2022.

Jaliyah has been in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber and they successfully run a channel on YouTube called The MJ Family. She and Mike welcomed a daughter named Londyn in February 2019. She gave birth to their second child, a son, in July 2020.

Jaliyah Monet as seen with the kids and baby daddy on 29 July 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Jaliyah’s young sisters Jayla and Liyah have also been a part of the YouTube channel.

Speaking of if or not Jaliyah is still Funny Mike’s girlfriend, lately on 20 August 2022, she took to her Instagram to share a couple of pictures of them together. And on its caption, she wrote: “We beefing right now but somebody let this nigga know I love him💕💕☺️.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Jaliyah Monet’s Family Reside?

Jaliyah Monet’s mother and likely her siblings lived in Baton Rouge. And Jaliyah lived in Houston with kids and maybe even her baby daddy (as of 2022). While Jaliyah’s father continued to be an inmate at the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

  • Do Jaliyah Monet’s Family Appear On Her IG?

Mostly it’s the kids and baby daddy who have appeared frequently on Jaliyah Monet’s IG @jaliyahh (where she had 33 posts and 1.2M followers as of 21 August 2022).

On this IG, Jaliyah mostly shares glimpses from her life of motherhood. She mostly discusses ideas like how being a mom is not easy but nonetheless, she is having a great time being one. She in fact considers this to be the best job.

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