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James Morosini Wikipedia, Married, Girlfriend, Siblings

Meet James Morosini an actor/director/producer/writer and many more. His love for making movies is deep-rooted back to his days as a kid. But, fans are interested to learn whether he has tied the knots and has a wife. Or, is he dating anyone that they might’ve missed out on.

Learn all about it on this James Morosini Wikipedia.

Is James Morosini Married?

Yes, James Morosini is a married man, but only on-screen, in Netflix’s show ‘The S*x Lives of College Girls.’ He portrays the role of Coach Dalton who is having a secret affair with Whitney played by Alyah Chanelle Scott. To resurrect his nightmare, Coach Dalton’s wife sort of catches him. Coach Dalton’s wife caught him googling whether having affair with a coach was illegal.

Whitney, his student is forced to face the truth about their relationship in With James’s character in Episode 8. Whitney’s top soccer coach, Coach Woods (Jillian Armenante), gives her the dreaded office summons after Whitney scores an NCAA-qualifying winning goal for her team. Whitney’s triumph is overshadowed by Coach Woods’ admission that she knows Coach Dalton has been sleeping with a pupil.

Whitney tries her best to hide the truth behind the affair but she fails eventually. Because she and Coach Dalton are spotted kissing by College’s bus driver.

But in real life, no, James Morosini isn’t married, or at least as far as we know. There are no hints of him tying the knots with his alleged wife on his social media. There is no clue of his marital entanglements on his or his family members’ social media.

What Do We Know About James Morosini’s Former Girlfriends?

As already stated, James Morosini is relatively private when it comes to his personal life. If you’re looking for past affairs, then better luck next time, because he hasn’t shared anything up to this point in this writing.

James Morosini Net Worth

Some online sites argue that James Morosini’s net worth surpasses $1.5 million.

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, James loved watching movies. Inspired to become a film director from a very young age, he made videos on his own. Plus, his family members have been in the movie industry like his aunt Dana Reeves, so he got inspired to make films from a young age.

He pursued acting after high school. He started doing plays, attended USC to study theater and film. Then, he started working on-and-off as an actor from 2012-2013. Along with acting, he has also been pursuing a career as a writer-director and has also been working as a producer.

James has interviewed with several outlets where he talks about the process of movie-making. He also shared that a strong understanding of what’s happening underneath the words and when that stuff is never verbalized is a good screenplay for him as an actor.

The actor draws his inspiration from being misunderstood or when there’s something small in my life that seems to represent something larger. As for the misconception, he had about making movies, he believed that someone should notice him and then give him the big break and this would make him happy and his life would be complete.

As of this writing, some of his best works to date are Foursome, Daddy Issues, Lethal Weapon, *Loosely Exactly Nicole, American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, and a few others. He is also the recipient of the 2020 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Competition grand prize for his short film, “I Love My Dad.”

James Morosini Siblings

James Morosini is one of the grandsons of Helen Simpson Morosini who passed away on 10 February 2005. Helen married Charles J Morosini Jr. M.D, for 47 years. Together his grandparents had three daughters; Dr. Deborah Morosini-Huschle of Weston, MA, Dana Reeve (widow of Christopher Reeve) of Bedford, NY, and Adrienne Heilman of Harwich, MA.

Among them, James’ mother is Dr. Deborah Morosini-Huschle. He uses his mother’s last name who is of Irish and Italian-Polish descent. His aunt Dana Reeve is an actress, singer, and disability activist.

Deborah has been working as a Chief Clinical Affairs & Patient Engagement at Prelude Therapeutics Incorporated since July 2020. Before that, she was a member of the SAB for Target Cancer. She served on the scientific advisory board at National Patient Advocate Foundation. You can check her LinkedIn for more details related to her jobs.

Furthermore, Deborah is a graduate of Boston University School of Medicine.

Helen had five grandchildren Peter, Will, Erik, Logan, and of course James Morosini. So, the rest of the four are either his siblings or his cousins. He has shared pictures of his dad and his sibling on his Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is James Morosini?

James Morosini was born on 5 July 1990. He turned 31 years old in July 2021.

  • How Tall Is James Morosini?

James Morosini stands tall to the height of 6 feet (1.83 meters).

  • Is James Morosini On Instagram, Twitter?

James Morosini is on both Instagram and Twitter. His IG account is (@jamesmorosini) whereas his Twitter account is (@JamesMorosini).

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