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James Morris Bio, The Ultimatum, Height, Family, Job, Age

Season 2 of The Ultimatum on Netflix stars James Morris and his eight-year girlfriend Ryann McCracken.

Who is James? Where does he come from? What are his parents’ names? What position does he hold? As this bio progresses, the answer is revealed below.

The Ultimatum Season 2: Are Ryann McCracken And James Morris Still Together?

While Ryann McCracken and James Morris’s current relationship status is unclear their social media gives a few hints. The couple was last spotted together on Ryann’s TikTok in September 2022. On Ryan’s birthday in 2022, James also wished her, “Happy Birthday to my personal superwoman 😍 24 has never looked so good.” It is likely after the time that the pair started filming the show and keeping all of the details after that as a secret.

But there are good chances that Ryann and James are still together.

Ryann and James are evidence that high school sweethearts can remain together after almost seven years. The former prom queen and football player began dating when they were barely 16 years old, so it goes without saying that maturing has not been without its challenges.

Their communication and trust problems as adults have only gotten worse as James finished school in a different state. After all this time, Ryann feels that James “should know for sure” that she is his permanent partner, therefore she is now offering him the ultimatum. Ryann doesn’t want to waste any more time if it isn’t necessary. James, on the other hand, is determined to build a solid foundation for their married life. He hopes to find a job that is stable enough to start their next chapter on the right foot before they go down the aisle.

But their quest might come to an end if Ryann doesn’t receive a ring soon.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that she started to wonder if he ever thought of her as forever. As a result, she gave him the ultimatum after waiting seven long years to get the answers he so desperately needed.

“I feel like at this point…,” Ryann candidly said in the show, “you should know for sure, am I the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?… Like, if he’s unsure about marrying me, then what am I doing?” On the other hand, James expressed, “I find it hard to believe in a one true love. Statistically, I just don’t think that’s possible. There’s 8 billion people in this world.” Plus, since he’s a recent college graduate, he added he genuinely wants to “make sure we’re in a better financial space” before moving on to the next step of getting engaged and eventually starting a family.

However, James knew Ryann was the one for him the moment he heard Treyvon “Trey” Brunson praise her for her beauty, kindness, passion, and simplicity during the trial marriage selection. This Research Assistant continued the experiment with Jeriah “Riah” Nyree, but his heart was focused on his long-term love. The very real prospect of losing her had just become obvious. Therefore, he wasn’t the best partner to Riah, but he knew exactly where he went wrong and promised to mend the situation even if her trial run with Trey went well at every turn.

Once they got back in touch, it was understandable that James took some time, but after a few arguments and him making his jealousy known, he finally opened up to Ryann about every aspect of his experience. It turns out that the main obstacle in their relationship unintentionally resulted from his perception that he was weak and unworthy as a result of his history, which was also a contributing factor in why he used to self-harm. “You are the love of my life, Ryann,” he then asserted. “I love you more than anything in this world. You may have issued me the ultimatum, but I’ve never not known I wanted to marry you. I guess I was always scared.”

Fun Fact: The couple celebrated their anniversary on 9 August.

On their 5th anniversary in 2020, Ryann wrote, “Words cannot express the amount of joy that this young woman has brought into my life. So, since I’m more of a numbers guy, maybe some numbers will. 5 years, 1825 days, 43,800 hours, 2,628,000, that is 157,680,000 (give or take 40,000 or 50,000 at the time of this post) seconds that I’ve been lucky enough to call this young woman mine. Infinity is not just a big number, it’s endless, immeasurable, and unstoppable. I love you Ryann Taylor McCracken and will continue to do so infinitely. I cannot wait to spend this lifetime and an infinite number more with you. ♾ #randj8915.”

James Morris Age

James Morris turned 24 years old in December 2022. 1998 is his birth year.

James Morris Family

James Morris’s mother is named Laura Morris. Laura who was born in August 1970 is currently age 53. She and James’s anonymous father are no longer together.

According to Laura’s Facebook, she works as a trucker. She owns and runs her company called Triple M Trucking, LLC.

In his family, James also has a sister named Ashley Penrod Morris. On National Siblings Day 2019, James wrote, “Happy Siblings Day Ashley!! Though we didn’t grow up together I’m so happy I get to call you my sister. I look forward to seeing you and the rest of my Idaho family this summer. I love you.”

Ashley who is 32 years old was born in November 1990. She has been married to her husband Alex Penrod since 2014. Ashley went to The College of Idaho and works as a marketing manager at Viking Capital LLC.

More about Ashley’s husband, Alex studied Master of Health Administration at Ohio University. She worked as a Senior Spine and intracranial Manager at St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, Boise, Idaho, and as Director of Progressive Care at St. Luke’s Health System.

James Morris Job

James Morris, per his LinkedIn, has been working as a Mechanical Designer at SafeRack since March 2023. He also briefly served as a Research Assistant at North Carolina State University in June 2023. James is a licensed SolidWorks Mechanical Design Professional from Dassault Systèmes.

Regarding his education, James went to Francis Marion University. He got his mathematics and computational physics degree in 2021.

Furthermore, on his LinkedIn bio, James wrote, “Hi, my name is James, I come from a small town in South Carolina where I grew up working as a mechanic and a carpenter. I have a fair amount of hands-on experience with tools and machinery. After high school, I realized that I had an affinity for math and science, so I knew exactly what I wanted my career path to look like. My educational background originates in Computational Physics and Mathematics from Francis Marion University. During my time at FMU, I participated in a number of clubs, societies, and social groups. I was VP of the Kappa Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society on campus and helped coordinate a number of events on campus. Francis Marion was a fairly tight-knit community, with my upper-level physics courses only containing 3 or 4 students. This made collaboration, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships a necessity, that I would love to carry into my future workplace. I am now seeking to extend my past experiences in academia into the workforce.”

James Morris Height

James Morris’s height is 5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is James Morris From?

James Morris is originally from Boise, Idaho. He now lives in Florence, South Carolina.

  • When Is James Morris Birthday?

James Morris’s birthday is on 21 December.

  • Is James Morris On Instagram And Facebook?

James Morris’s social media handles are IG (@jamesmorris_g98), TikTok (@jamesmorris2), and Facebook (@james.morris.3990418).

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