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Jamie Veronica Murdock Bio, Husband, Instagram, Dad

Peacock’s scripted series, Joe vs. Carole, explored the longtime feud between the Tiger King stars, Joe Exotic, and Carole Baskin. And in doing so, Carole’s daughter Jamie Veronica Murdock was put to the screen, portrayed by Dare Me star, Marlo Kelly.

However, since the show mostly focused on the Tiger King stars, most parts of Jamie’s life were left untouched. But worry not, for here we are with this “Jamie Veronica Murdock Bio” with very information you need to know about her.

Meet Jamie Veronica Murdock, Carole Baskin Daughter

Jamie Veronica Murdock is Carole Baskin’s daughter, who’s been working with her mother at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary for over a decade. Yes, if you’re a Tiger King star that you might have seen her once over the 2020 ep titled “The Secret.”

But since the show centered around Joe (real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage), Carole’s side of the story was less prioritized. So, it’s natural for many to not remember her.

Jamie Veronica Murdock Dad

Jamie Veronica Murdock’s dad is Michael Murdock — Carole Baskin’s first husband. 

Reportedly, the Tiger King star and Michael were married back in 1978 and had Jamie shortly afterward.

According to Carole, Jamie’s dad was “extremely abusive.” She made him feel like, she would have killed him to get out of the marriage. However, she bore with him for 7 long years, too scared to leave him because it would mean taking care of Jamie on her own.

So, after the divorce, Carole then went on to marry Don Lewis in 1981 (whom she met 4 years before the divorce). Recalling her first encounter with him, Carole shared that he first introduced himself as “Bob Martin, a poor lot boy that worked for this evil guy, Don Lewis.” So, whenever they would meet, he told her they had to hide from “Don.” Little did she know that they were hiding from Don’s wife instead.

Carole and her second husband then went on to cherish 16 years of married life before Don mysteriously vanished in 1997.

Many, including Carole’s “rival” Joe Exotic believes that it was Carole herself who killed her Don. However, the court has already cleared her as a suspect.

After Don, Carole then married Howard Baskin in 2004, and they’ve been together ever since.

Jamie Veronica Murdock Husband

Jamie Veronica Murdock’s husband is a veterinarian named Justin Boorstein. However, he’s already her ex-husband now. And as of 2022, she was already dating another man named Victor Alonso, a Tampa, Florida native.

Talking about Jamie and Justin, the duo first met in December 2005 — after Justin joined Big Cat Rescue as an intern studying veterinary medicine. The lovebirds then went on to tie the knot in late 2012, finally after a six-year courtship,

Surprisingly, for their wedding gifts, the husband-wife asked donations for the Big Cat Rescue organization.

If you’re interested more about Jamie’s ex-husband, Dr. Justin Boorstein is a licensed veterinary practician who officially started his practice in 2012. Aside from volunteering at Big Cat Rescue, he worked at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where he rose to international fame as the doctor for the Zombie Cat or Zombie Kitty.

Zombie Cat, was a cat named Bart, who had been hit by a car, thought dead, buried, and then clawed his way out of the grave to be discovered very much alive 5 days later.

After divorcing Jamie, Justin then went on to date Christine Glenn, an assistant worker at Suburban Animal Hospital. Meanwhile, Jamie found love again with Victor Alonso.

As for Jamie’s relationship with Victor, we have no idea when they started dating. However, we guess that it was probably around late 2021.

The duo both share a passion for traveling and enjoyed ocean-side strolls and hiking.

“Happy Valentine’s to my partner in life’s adventures. I love you Buttercup,” Jamie dedicated a FB post to Victor on Feb 15, 2022.

Is Jamie Veronica Murdock On Instagram And TikTok?

No, we couldn’t find Jamie on Instagram or TikTok as of 2022.

But here’s her Facebook @bigcatrescuepresident.

Jamie Veronica Murdock Age

Jamie Veronica Murdock was 41 years of age in 2022.

Meaning, Carole Baskin had her when she was 21.

Jamie Veronica Murdock Job

Jamie Veronica Murdock is the President of Big Cat Rescue. Also, she’s a member of the Board of Directors, and Chair of the Volunteer Committee, within the organization.

Reportedly, she’s been with the organization for over a decade and ran everything involved with the administrative side of the volunteer program.

Besides that, Jamie is also an award-winning photographer, who published quarterly Big Cat Times newspaper.

You can also find her often being featured on Big Cat Rescue’s official IG @bigcatrescue.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jamie Veronica Murdock’s Birthday?

Jamie receives her birthday wishes on July 16, making her of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Where Does Jamie Veronica Murdock Live Now?

As of 2022, she still resided in her hometown Tampa, Florida.

  • How Tall Is Jamie Veronica Murdock?

She stands tall at a height above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

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