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Jared Dobson Bio, Age, Job, Today, Teal Swan Boyfriend

A four-part television documentary series, The Deep End premiered on 18 May 2022 on Freeform. The series looked at the unprecedented rise of Teal Swan, a YouTuber, book author, and painter who received widespread criticism for her “ungrounded” teachings. And now, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you about this controversial female spiritual leader’s boyfriend Jared Dobson who also significantly contributed to her movement.

Meet Jared Dobson, Teal Swan’s Boyfriend

It is said Jared Dobson was raised LDS and served an LDS mission. He then got married and divorced, became suicidal, and started searching for answers. That is when he came across Teal Swan’s teachings on YouTube. So, he started looking up information about her. This according to him was like 2011 or 2012 or even maybe 2010.

And so in pursuit of inner peace, happiness, and trying to become a better person, he was introduced to Teal’s world of essential oils, crystals, chakras, energy, and more.

Also, so you know, Jared at the time went around by the name ‘Fallon’.

Are Teal Swan And Jared Dobson Still Together?

So like that, he became one of the many followers in Teal’s movement (a “Dealer” as they put it). This continued for two years. He ended up moving in with Teal and was made a part of her communal family in Park City, Utah.

At this point, they were already romantically involved for 5-6 months. They were even set to have a child together. But, the relationship eventually began to fray and Jared was instead “kicked out” of the commune. And not being able to cope with this, Jared checked himself into a psychiatric ward of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, no. Jared Dobson is no longer together with Teal. In fact, it has already been a while since they parted ways.

Before Jared, she gave birth to her first and only son, Winter, in 2006 at 22. She shares Winter with her ex-husband, Mark Scott.

Jared Dobson Relationship Status Today?

Jared Dobson was believed to have been recovering ever since the said incident. And the last time we spotted him in the public, around July 2020, he was talking about his experiences with his former live-in partner Teal Swan.

He talked about his experience of living with Teal and more. In what can be described as his testimony involving Teal’s case, fellow former Tealer Jared spoke critically about how Teal manipulated him and made his life close to hell.

Luckily, Jared also found fellow survivors lauding and supporting him for speaking out against Teal. Things got a lot easier for him since. But then, some other fellow “tealers” also have different things to say about him. For instance, this one person alleged him of wanting to bring together a group of people he could manipulate and control before these advances “blew up in his face”. According to this person, Jared’s behavior towards everyone (including Cameron) was extremely unjust, cruel, manipulative, and downright creepy. Another person called Justin also was testifying that he felt less than inspired intensions of Jared.

Now, speaking of his relationship as of 2022, it was unclear if he had started dating anyone again.

As for Teal, since the unprecedented rise and downfall of fame and since becoming the subject of a new Hulu documentary was also yet to be seen publicly with any potential partners.

Is Jared Dobson On Instagram?

Jared Dobson did not seem to be on Instagram as of the time of this writing. He voluntarily appeared to have chosen to stay away from the spotlight and low-key as much as it is possible for him. So, many aspects of his life remained unrevealed. Still, he did have accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Jared Dobson Age

Jared, with the full name ‘Jared Michael Dobson’, was born in September 1983. So, he reached the age of 38 in 2021. Speaking of his zodiac sign, he may be either Virgo or Libra.

Jared Dobson Job

Jared Dobson reportedly is only a high school graduate and his occupation, as of the time, was listed as ‘service’. But then his LinkedIn tells us he is full-time chief software architect at Dealermade. So, his LinkedIn contradicts the above reports and instead suggest he studied Science and Technnogy in college.

What Do We Know About Jared Dobson Family?

Jared was into Mormonism before he joined Teal Swan’s cult. And maybe his family were too.

Some of the family members/relatives of Jared that we know of are 56-year-old Celeste Jones Dobson of Houston, Texas and now a Riverton, Utah and married to Perry Dobson; 67-year-old Perry Dobson, a former Brigham Young University grad and worker at Saudi Aramco and Chevron; 42-year-old Jennifer Dobson; and 41-year-old Nicholas Dobson.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jared Dobson From?

As of 2022, Jared was based in Washington city in Utah.

  • How Tall Is Jared Dobson?

Decent-looking Jared, with tattoos dominant body, stands around 6 feet tall.

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