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Jared Fields Bio, Father, Girlfriend, Height, Big Brother 25

Jared Fields is competing on Big Brother 25 where his mother Cirie Fields has also appeared. He is pretty confident that he can out-perform and outwit all the other contestants.

The network states that “‘Big Brother’ follows a group of residents who live together in a home equipped with 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones that continuously record their every action. The final Houseguest will win the $750,000 grand prize after being voted out of the house every week. For the title of Head of Household (HoH), competitors face weekly physical and mental trials.

In order for the other members to vote one of the nominated houseguests off the show, the HoH must propose two persons for eviction that week.

Who is his father? Does he have a girlfriend? What else do we know about him?

All the answers unfold as this article proceeds.

Jared Fields On Big Brother 25

Jared Fields is the cast member of Big Brother 25 and the son of four-time Survivor player and Traitors winner Cirie Fields.

Being on the show meant, “This is not anything ordinary that any ordinary person can say they’ve been a part of.” When sharing about why he joined the show, Jared said, “So I’m the youngest brother of 11. I can prove to America that I am the big brother, not only to America but to the 11 other guys who swear they’re my older brother.”

As for his strategy to win the season, Jared plans to be fluid, “be like water, respect, and accept all walks of life.” He will try not to make “such a presence for yourself until it’s needed. My strategy is to minimize my presence as much as possible unless it’s needed. I don’t want to paint targets by having a showmance. I  don’t want to paint a target on my back by winning too many challenges. Hell, I don’t even want to fart too loud.”

“I’m going to win Big Brother 25 because I’m him and him means that he is willing to do anything to win. Like I said, I might be handsome young, but I’m willing to get my hands dirty,” Jared told Entertainment Weekly. “I might not be the smartest, but I’m willing to figure it out. So, I am going to win ‘Big Brother’ because I have the will to be the ‘Big Brother.'”

Moreover, coming to why he thinks he would win the show, Jared said, “I think I have what it takes to be Big Brother because I’m willing to adapt, and I have it in me to win. I don’t lose. It’s not in my nature to lose. By nature, I’m a winner. And I know that I’m very good at maneuvering people. So I believe that I can do that today for sure.”

Jared announced his appearance via an IG post, “Find Out More Interesting Things About Me On Tonight ‘Big Brother’ 90 Minute Special, Premiered @ 8 PM On CBS!.”

Who Is Jared Fields Father?

Jared Fields’s father (step-father) is named Clarencio “H.B.” Hacker. Clarencio is a marine veteran and also a former Survivor contestant. He and his mom Cirie Fields married on 1 September 2005.

According to Clarencio’s LinkedIn, he is working as a Sous Chef at Culiart. Born in 1978, Clarencio is 44 years old.

However, it is not clear who Jared’s father is. But, Cirie had three sons from her previous relationship, and the other two boys are named John and Jamil Fields.

Jared Fields Girlfriend

Jared Fields, as of 2023, appears single. He has maintained his silence regarding past and current romances. On his Instagram, he hasn’t shared anything about his current girlfriend.

So, it is safe to say that is not dating anyone at least in front of the public eye.

Jared Fields Height

Jared Fields’s height measures above 6 feet. His tattoos are his distinct features.

How Old Is Jared Fields?

Jared Fields, the youngest of three sons of Cirie, is 25 years of age in Aug 2023.

Jared Fields Job

According to his bio, Jared Fields works as an exterminator in his home in Norwalk. According to, the average salary of a Pest Control Technician is $19.01 per hour in Norwalk, CT.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jared Fields On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Jared Fields is available on various platforms. He is on IG (@poohunnit_hd), Twitter (@frequentflyer40), and TikTok.

  • Where Is Jared Fields From?

Jared Fields hailed from Jersey City, New Jersey. He now resides in Norwalk, Connecticut.

  • When Is Jared Fields Birthday?

Jared’s birthday is not available at this moment.

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