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JaRon Adkison Bio, Net Worth, Age, Erykah Badu, Height

Singer Erykah Badu went public about her relationship with her rumored fiance JaRon Adkison in 2021. She dumped photos on her IG and one of them showed matching rings which hinted at their possible engagement. So, is she engaged to her new beau?

Learn more about him in this JaRon Adkison Bio. Here we cover his net worth, age, his height, and his job.

Meet JaRon Adkison, Erykah Badu’s Rumored Fiance

Back in August 2021, Daily Mail reported the first sighting of Erykah Badu and her alleged fiance, JaRon Adkison, leaving a Chinese restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard. They were spotted together just the day after sharing a glimpse at President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bach.

They became Instagram official in a recent post and fans are loving their relationship. In recent Instagram posts, Erykah treated her fans to beautiful photos of the two in various settings, including at home and in nature, but what drew the attention of the fans was a photo of the couple wearing matching rings on their fingers.

The ring started rumors of the lovebirds walking down the aisle soon. But, since the engagement wasn’t confirmed as of Dec 2021, some fans still wondered if she was hinting to her fans that she is engaged. Nevertheless, the birds appeared happy and enjoying each other’s company.

JaRon has appeared on several IG posts. In early November 2021, she wished her man a happy birthday with a post on her IG.

Jaron first appeared on Erykah’s Instagram on 9 September 2021. However, he has been linked to her at least since November 2018.

JaRon Adkison Age

When Daily Mail shared about JaRon’s first appearance in August 2021, the outlet mentioned JaRon Adkison was 27 years old. Since he celebrated his birthday in November, he turned age 28 in November 2021.

He is 22 years younger than the ‘On & On’ singer who is 50 years old as of 2021. Concerned fans asked about how could they have developed a bond despite having such a big age difference. When people started making big deals about the age difference, Erykah went on her Twitter and asked why people always feel entitled to mention her age (and other women’s ages over thirty) when stories are being written about them.

Erykah posed a question for her and other female celebrities over 30. She asked whenever she does something why was it necessary to mention her age. She wrote: “‘Erykah bardu’, 50 does the splits … e. Badu 50, had feelings …’ It ain’t my birthday or death day. So, What does this MEAN?”

JaRon Adkison Net Worth

JaRon Adkison has a reported net worth under $500 thousand. He is working towards building his career as a producer, artist, songwriter, and audio engineer and has produced an abundance body of work. According to his LinkedIn, JaRon started working as an Audio Visual Technician for True Gospel Ministries in November 2005. He worked for the Dallas, Texas-based religious organization until June 2012.

JaRon didn’t update the next five years of his career. He started working as a Computer Technician for Lancaster ISD in June 2017. Then, in August 2017, he started working for Guitar Center as a Pro Audio Sales Associate. He worked in the Arlington-based company for only seven months.

Five months, after leaving Guitar Center, he also left his job at Lancaster ISD which is in July 2018. Whereas his Facebook states, he is a creator at Melodizm Productions starting from 2012.

Talking about education, JaRon graduated high school from Lancaster High School in 2012. Back in 2012, he made it to the news at NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Wroth because of a cipher. He and his then high school teacher Kimberly Simpson talked about what led to the popular cipher and the possibility of another one with NBC 5.

His music is available on all the platforms where you stream or purchase music like Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

He has released four albums High Pursuit, In The Meantime 2, Cruisin’ (Welcome to Dallas), and Vibes.

However, the video has been deleted by the news network now.

According to federalPay.Org, he received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $2,734.00 in January 2021 through Cross River Bank. He took the loan in the name of his recording studio business.

Is JaRon Adkison On IG?

Yes, JaRon Adkison is on Instagram. He goes by the handle name (@jaronthesecret). He is also on Facebook and can be found in (@jaronkadkison).

JaRon Adkison Height

JaRon Adkison, with a moderate height, stands tall to the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • What Is JaRon Adkison’s Zodiac Sign?

JaRon Adkison is a Scorpio by zodiac sign.

  • Where Is JaRon Adkison From?

JaRon Adkison hailed from his hometown in Dallas, Texas.

  • Who Are JaRon Adkison’s Parents?

The parents of JaRon Adkison are not known as of this moment. However, some of his family members and relatives are James Adkison, Johnny Adkison, Levi Adkison, Jarian J-Rock Adkison, Ronald Adkison, and Dennis Dabney.

  • Do JaRon Adkison Have Kids And Baby Mamas?

Based on his social media posts, no JaRon Adkison doesn’t have any kids and Baby Mamas. But, he wrote a FB status on his Facebook about what he would be like a father. He wrote, “When I get married, I ain’t whuppin my kids. Ima be tha “Long Talk” parent. They can hate their mother, not I. Lol”

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