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Jaron Clayton Age, Job, Blonde Brewer Maggie Husband

Meet Jaron Clayton of The Blonde Brewer. The content creator and his wife are launching a business as well as a podcast together. So, who is he? How old is he?

Scroll down and read all about him here as we cover details about his age, job, and family in this article.

Meet Jaron Clayton, The Blonde Brewer Maggie Clayton Husband

The Blonde Brewer Jaron Clayton is married to his wife Maggie Clayton. In an exclusive interview, Jaron and Maggie, better known as The Blonde Brewers, talk about their couples podcast and a new coffee line. The Blonde Brew[er] Coffee Co., which offers coffee beans and single-serve tea bag-style coffee packets, is Jaron and Maggie’s way of closing out the year.

Maggie and Jaron also said that they will soon be releasing a new podcast. A variety of guests will appear on the weekly podcast Pooping with the Door Open, which will “cover all things relationships and whether you are a leave the door open or closed type of couple.”

“A lot of our content is humorous but does touch on the ins and outs of our daily life and the realities of us as a couple and our marriage,” Jaron and Maggie told Distractify. “Not only will we be diving into other relationships and how they tick, but also ours. We hope to show more of our life from behind the scenes on our podcast that our viewers don’t currently get on our short-form comedy.”

Born on 19 April 1991, Maggie is 32 years old. She is also a content creator. You can find Maggie on IG, TikTok, YouTube, and X.

Are Maggie And Jaron Clayton Divorcing?

The Blonde Brewer Maggie and Jaron Clayton are not divorcing and let’s clarify that they are still together. They have been happily married since 2011.

In September 2023, Maggie and Jaron reacted to divorce rumors by posting content together. Texts on-screen suggest that they are still together and they work things out, grow together, and are excitedly looking forward to their future together.

Jaron Clayton Age

Born in 1986, Jaron Clayton turned 37 years old in 2023.

Jaron Clayton Job

Jaron Clayton has been working as an influencer and content creator at TheBlondeBrewer since December 2020. He was also the owner/Brewmaster at Running Dogs Brewery since September 2017.

He and his partner Maggie started Running Dogs Brewery as a side project they could undertake together. Self-taught homebrewer Jaron began brewing shortly after his return from an American Army mission in Iraq. Because of his inventiveness, Jaron created and tried out many recipes before coming up with something fresh and original. Along with teaching Maggie this technique, Jaron also helped his partner build their brewery, which has since become a well-known brand.

Maggie and Jaron want to see the Running Dogs Brewery’s beer and community develop even more. The brewpub is the ideal place for guests to try out novel and distinctive beers while taking in the breathtaking scenery or participating in activities like bingo, board games, live music, quizzes, and more.

You can find Running Dogs Brewery on Facebook and their own website.

Jaron has previously worked in the company as Spiros (as prep-cook), Joseph S Simmons Construction, Inc (as Supply Delivery), Healthcare Services Group, Inc (as Environmental Manager), Logistics Specialist (as Washington State Army National Guard), Talking Rain Beverage Co. (as Production Supervisor), Extendicare (as Administrator-In-Training), Fortis Management Group (as an Executive Director), and owner of The Whisker Room.

Besides his own business, he is also on OnlyFans (@mrblondebrewer).

Jaron is a graduate of North Mason Senior High and also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management at the University of Arkansas Grantham.

Is Jaron Clayton On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Jaron Clayton on Instagram (@jaron.clayton), Facebook (@jaron.clayton.7), and TikTok (@jaron.clayton).

Jaron Clayton Family

Jaron Clayton’s parents are named Scott Clayton and Celia Marie.

On Father’s Day 2020, Jaron wished his dad Scott, “Retirement and 3 brain surgeries can’t keep this man down, he is still working the grind for us on Father’s Day simply out of love. Thank you for all you do for us Dad! We Love you!”

Scott is single now and is sort of retired. You can find him on Facebook.

Back in 2021, Scott went viral when his daughter-in-law Maggie Clayton had a “new lingerie” mishap. It definitely would have been quite a surprise for her husband, Jaron, as she stated in the video that she hadn’t worn lingerie for him in a number of years. She gave us a sneak peek at the lingerie to start the video, and happily, considering how things turned out, it didn’t look all that exposing.

Initially, everything proceeded as planned: Maggie put on her underwear beneath her bathrobe and positioned herself perfectly for him to enter the house and be surprised. To his horror, her father-in-law appeared around the corner instead of her spouse Jaron. “Sh*t! Sh*t!” was uttered by Maggie’s father-in-law before he fled, and Maggie shouted after him, “I didn’t know you were gonna be home!” That will hopefully teach her to prepare better the next time.

Scott and Celia are separated now.

Based on Jaron’s post from May 2020, Celia is no more. Jaron wrote, “Mom and Grandma played an enormous role in molding who I am today. It has been extremely hard accepting that they are not here in physical form anymore but am glad that they are together now. It’s hard for me to post my feelings like this but I felt I just needed to share with people how beautiful these souls are and that as you see us grow our business and success I give credit for my drive to those who you do not see.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jaron Clayton From?

Jaron Clayton hailed from Saint Helens, Oregon.

  • When Is Jaron Clayton Birthday?

Every year, Jaron Clayton celebrates his birthday on 17 August.

  • How Tall Is Jaron Clayton?

Jaron Clayton stands tall above the height of 5’10”.

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