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Jarrette Jones Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Age, Love Is Blind

Jarrette Jones was one of the contestants of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’. In the show, he bonded with Iyanna McNeely and connected deeply with each other. But, he was torn between Iyanna and another Mallory only to be rejected by the latter. So, did Iyanna’s thoughts of being the second choice creep back again after the show and ruined the relationship.

Learn about Jarrette Jones in this article. Here we cover details on his parents, job, age, and net worth.

Love Is Blind 2: Are Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones Still Together?

Jarrette Jones met Iyanna McNeely in the ‘Love Is Blind’ pod and they hit it off immediately. He delved right into Iyanna’s upbringing and she had no problem answering his questions. Iyanna shared the vulnerable bits of her life like having no father in her life until she was 9, relatives kicking her and her family out, being adopted by god-parents as a 22-year-old adult.

These hardships which Jarrette was completely unfamiliar with made him respect the life she had lived.

Jarrette spoke his mind and made her comfortable and Iyana started opening up about other deepest secrets about her life like when she was se****** assaulted. The barber too shared about his life like the time a person he had thought of as a friend stabbed him. They covered all the topics from future expectations, sex drive, deal-breakers, and a few others.

However, Jarrette was also developing a bond with Mallory, a communication manager. Iyanna believed that she and Jarrette were meant to be together but the project manager hesitated because he leaned more towards Mallory. However, Mallory found what she was looking for with Salvador.

Then, he went back to Iyanna after rejections and admitted everything. Iyanna did feel like a “second fiddle” but Jarrette tried to ease her and proposed to her eventually. But, are they still together?

One hint that the Love Is Blind couple Jarrette and Iyanna are still together is that they still follow each other on social media. Despite their differences and Iyanna learning about Jarrette’s long flirting with Mallory, they might’ve found the happily ever after.

Jarrette Jones Height

Coming to height, Jarrette Jones measures under 5 feet 11 inches.

Jarrette Jones Parents

Jarrette Jones was born to his Chicago native mother Felicia Sampson-Mansfield and his father Tim Jones. Felicia and Tim set a strong example for their son by staying married for over 22 years. He boasted on his Instagram in late January 2022 that on 20 February, his parents will celebrate their 23rd anniversary.

Felicia currently lives in Crete, Illinois. In March 2019, she took the job of Elite Independent Consultant at Paparazzi Accessories. His mother is on Instagram (@fe_mansfield) as well as Facebook (@felicia.sampsonmansfield). He never usually shares personal information casually on social media.

But in February 2019, his father posted something so profound on his 20th anniversary, Jarrette couldn’t help but address it on his Facebook. But, everything that his father said Jarrette kept to himself.

However, Jarrette isn’t the only one who grew up watching his parents’ affection for each other. He has a sister named Dejah Mansfield (@dejah.mansfield). Living in Crete, Illinois, Dejah studied fashion design & merchandising at Dominican University. She worked as Support Center Advisor at Dominican University.

Jarrette has also featured a few other family members on his socials like his aunt Patricia Taylor and his cousins who are like his siblings.

Is Jarrette Jones On Instagram?

Jarrette Jones is available on Instagram (@thejjones_05) and Facebook (@jarrette.jones).

Jarrette Jones Age

Jarette Jones turned 32 years old in 2021. On his most recent birthday, he thanked everyone for wishing him his birthday.

Jarrette Jones Job

Jarrette Jones is a bearer of many titles. Man with different interests, his passions have earned him titles such as sneaker dealer, host of a podcast, barber, and investor.

The Chicago native attended Ferris State University after high school to study business administration and management in 2010. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management/Personnel Administration at the same time. In 2012, he graduated with an associate’s degree from the same.

In May 2013, Jarrette landed a project management internship at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas. His internship lasted for four months and ended in 2013.

In 2014, he completed college with an undergraduate degree.

Furthermore, Jarrette ended up landing Project Management Coordinator at the same place he had interned before. A year later, he became Senior Project Management Coordinator. He worked in that role from August 2015 to April 2019. Later, he became a Product Delivery Consultant and worked in that role from April 2019 to October 2021.

Starting from November 2021, Jarrette has been serving as Associate Project Manager. According to the reports of Glassdoor, associate project manager at Chicago, Illinois makes $68,612 per year.

Besides his project manager job, Jarrette is also a barber extraordinaire at Top Knotch Hair Lounge. He shared the photos of his business card in January 2018.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jarrette Jones Birthday?

Jarrette Jones celebrates his birthday on 6 November.

  • Where Is Jarrette Jones From?

Jarrette Jones currently lives in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

  • How Much Is Jarrette Jones Net Worth?

Jarrette Jones has accumulated a net worth under $500 thousand as of February 2022.

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