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Ja’Siah Young Parents: Meet The Actor’s Dad And Mom!

Ja’Siah Young’s character “Dion” on Raising Dion is blessed with mysterious superhero abilities and his on-screen mother Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) wants to raise him right. But even off-screen, this blessed child actor has two people who wish the best for him — they’re his parents!

Let’s meet Ja’Siah Young’s dad and mom as this article proceeds.

Who Are Ja’Siah Young Parents?

Ja’Siah Young was born to his mom Lawine Young and his dad who stays away from the public eye.

  • Ja’Siah Young Mom: Lawaine Young

It was Ja’Siah Young’s mom Lawaine Young who encouraged him to pursue acting. No wonder, she was the one driving the young actor to auditions and shootings.

But considering her profession as a consultant and an acting coach, it’s no surprise that her child is an actor. “I’ll teach you the ins & outs of the realm of child acting & starting in the business,” Lawaine stated in her Linkedin.

As of 2022, she operated from her eponymous company Lawaine Young Consulting and Coaching, which she opened back in March 2020.

Also, Lawaine was then working as a production technician at Nestle Waters for almost 3 years.

Before that, Ja’Siah’s mom was a property manager, generating monthly bills, inspecting properties, and advocating for the customer at Big Mom Inc from March 2016 to March 2017.

She also once took on a job as a recruiter at Berks and Beyond Employment for 7 months.

Her first job ever would be as a corrections officer at Northampton County from June 2013 to Sept 2015.

Talking about her education, she received her master’s degree in business administration and bachelors degree in arts and criminal justice from Salem Internation University in 2014 and 2012 respectively.

This Easton, Pennsylvania native, Lawaine celebrates her birthday on July 18 and is super supportive of her son’s career. Just ahead of Raising Dion season 2, Lawaine took it to a few of her IG posts to promote the Netflix series. One of them wrote, “RAISING DION STREAMING ON NETFLIX NOWWWWWW!!!!”

Here’s her Instagram @lawaineyoung, Facebook @lawaine.young, and Youtube @Lawaine Young *MY DEAREST HOLLYWOOD.

Trivia: On Son’s day 2021 (i.e. on Sept 28), Ja’Siah took it to her IG to write, “Happy son’s day to my bubba!! The person who taught me to love!!!!”

  • Who Is Ja’Siah Young Dad?

Ja’Siah Young’s dad stayed out of the light as of 2022. Also, he seemed absent from Ja’Siah’s IG @jasiahyoungofficial as well as that of his mother’s IG.

However, though we have no information about Ja’Siah’s father, we do know that his mother was in a relationship as of 2022.

According to Lawaine’s FB, she was interested in both men and women.

Her definition of “fine” included men with chiseled bodies, a few tats, and a beautiful smile. You may also find some examples of “fine” men over her IG if you dig deeper.

All Lawaine ever wants is a happy family, the one with dad mom, and kids. She said that it was her “ultimate goal” to get married and reside beautiful kids with her other half.

Also, Lawaine has strong advice on how men should treat a woman. She shared, “Everymen should talk to his girl like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia.”

Didn’t get the reference? Well, Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia shared amazing chemistry on Criminal Minds.

For those of you wondering, who plays Ja’Siah’s on-screen father, it’s the American actor Michael B. Jordan. Sadly, we don’t get to see him much as he dies in the very first season.

Does Ja’Siah Young Have Siblings?

Yes, Ja’Siah Young has a sibling named Jesten Nyla.

His sister, Jesten is six younger than him and is already entering the world of acting. “I’m a Tiny DIVA,” her IG @jestennyla wrote.

Unfortunately, this tiny diva fell so sick in Dec 2019, that she had to be admitted into the hospital. And like any caring brother would do, Ja’Siah took it to his IG video to ask prayers from his followers and wish her a speedy recovery.

“I just wanted to ask when you get a free minute please say a little prayer for my baby sister Jesten AKA Jessie she’s in the hospital and I’m praying she gets better soon,” he captioned that post as well.

Coincidentally, Ja’Siah and his sister celebrate their birthdays in the same month i.e. in August — with Ja’Siah on 9th and Jesten on 27th

On Ja’Siah’s 8th birthday, his mother took it to her IG to write, “I’m going to do everything I can to raise your right and allow you to grow and learn and be you and share your pure love and joy with the world!!”

Apart from his sister and mother,  Ja’Siah also has another important lady in his life. It’s his grandmother, Jesten Young@jestenyoung. She’s graced Lawaine’s IG a few times on mother’s day.

Related FAQs

  • Are Ja’Siah Young Parents Still Together?

It’s unclear if Ja’Siah Young’s parents are still together or not.

But considering his absence from the mother and son’s socials, they’ve probably split.

  • Were Ja’Siah Young Parents Ever Married?

Once again, we apologize for having no information for you in this matter.

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