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Jason Diaz Bio, TikTok, Age, Ethnicity, Gay, Disney, Height

Meet Jason Diaz, who his fans on TikTok call the real-life “Scar” from Disney’s Lion King. It is funny because he revealed in his Nov 2021 TikTok that he got call a from Disney and he was revealed to have been booked for the lead in Disney’s new live-action movie.

So, learn more about it, his possible roles for the movie, the assumptions about Jason being gay, and his height and ethnicity. We cover it all on this Jason Diaz Bio, so scroll down to learn more!

TikTok Actor Jason Diaz’s Disney Role

Jason Diaz first joined TikTok and uploaded his first video on 27 May 2020. On his birthday in October, he revealed that he was in the darkest place before he joined because his his dog best friend of 14 years had died. However, the TikTok users welcomed him with the open arms and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Initially, Jason made TikToks about mental health and motivational videos. He also made few other contents that was related with his relationships and presidential elections.

From the very beginning, Jason had been receiving comments that if he was a Disney character, he would be Scar from Disney’s Lion King. He also addressed it via a TikTok video in July 2020. Jason shared that he gets comments almost every day that he looks like a Scar. So, he addressed that if that video reached to Disney executive he said that he was to play the role.

But, now his dreams to star in Disney might have come true. In one of the latest videos (November 2021), Jason stated that he woke up to a call from his manager saying that Disney has booked him to play a lead for one of the live-action movies. The video already has 9.3 million views and 1.1 million likes.

But, Jason never revealed what role he will be playing.

Fans on the comment sections were happy and hyped for him. One user commented, “I can see you playing 4 roles, Aladdin, Jafar, Scar, Tarzan” The comment alone got 116.1k likes. Similarly, another user commented, “omg SCAR!!!” which got 97.6k likes. Moreover, another fan wrote, “Say Tarzan pls because we need a Disney Tarzan live-action movie.”

Besides TikTok, Jason is also pursuing career in music. He has released one song titled Worst Behavior which has 385k listens on Spotify.

Is The TikTok Star Jason Diaz Gay?

Jason Diaz is not gay but biseuxal. He had hinted about his sexuality on his TikTok long before even he confirmed it. When sound track of Netflix movie “365 Days” was trending on TikTok, Jason had shared that after watching that movie he wanted to be kidnapped by the male actor. He even gave his locations as he would be sitting in the car blindfolding his eyes with seat belt.

But on followers as question which team does he “play” from girls or boys? He answered the question with a TikTok video posted on 14 November 2020. Jason replied that he played for the both team since the age of 16.

Jason Diaz Age

According to his Instagram, Jason Diaz celebrates his birthday on 23 October. He doesn’t appear to be a day older than 28 years old as of 2021 but his exact age is yet to be known.

Jason Diaz Ethnicity And Nationality

On 18 September one of his followers asked Jason Diaz of his ethnicity. He then revealed that he was hundred percent Latino. Plus, he also revealed that he was 100 percent Colombian.

Growing up, Jason had faced racism and was criticized for his looks. However, growing his hairs out has gained him the needed confidence. Often times, people mistook him for a model and you can see it on his TikTok in the Omegle series. The people are in awe and some even claimed him to be the Jesus in real life.

Even men falls head over heals for him on his social media and he takes it as a compliment that shows the sign of lack of toxic masculinity.

Related FAQs

  • Is TikTok’s Jason Diaz On Instagram?

Jason Diaz is on Instagram and his handle is (@thejasondiaz). He has 429k followers on IG and 157 posts in total.

  • How Tall Is Jason Diaz?

In video Jason Diaz revealed that he stands tall to the height of 6 feet.

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