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Jason Foxy Fox Family, Net Worth, Married, Special Forces

A new Fox TV show premiered called Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test and one of the cast members is Jason Foxy Fox. Fans know him from Channel 4’s show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Find out about his net worth, marriage, and more as we cover it all here in this article.

Jason Foxy Fox On Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test

Jason Foxy Fox is one of the staff members of a brand-new from Fox TV called Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. The show premiered in January 2023, where well-known people go through some of the toughest, most taxing tests based on the Special Forces selection procedure.

There is only survival; there are no votes or eliminations. Only failure, impending harm, or coercion from the DS can cause recruits to give up on their own free will. The physical, mental, and emotional strain of the test finally reveals the recruits’ deepest, most authentic selves. Because there are no producers, opulent hotels, craft services, or glitter, this event is unlike any other.

Joining Jason as the staff members are Remi Adeleke, a Navy Seal, Mark “Billy” Billingham, and Rudy Reyes from HBO’s Generation Kill.

The show began with 16 celebrities who were ready to take on challenges. The first recruit to quit was Kate Gosselin, who unintentionally hurt her neck while doing a dive from a helicopter into a body of water. Kate was sent to the hospital for x-rays despite wailingly pleading to stay, which necessitated medical tapping. Dr. Drew Pinsky “medically withdrew” from the contest after experiencing severe dehydration.

Chef Tyler Florence was the first to “voluntarily withdraw” from the competition and the third recruit to quit. After witnessing the competition’s impact on the other recruits, Tyler stated he had made a promise to his wife that he wouldn’t damage himself on the show and left out of an abundance of caution. After injuring his thumb during a fighting challenge in which he had to battle a member of the Directing Staff, singer Montell Jordan was the last to leave.

How Much Is Jason Foxy Fox Net Worth?

Jason “Foxy” Fox sits on a net worth of under $700 thousand. Growing up, he hated school as he often got low grades. Instead, he loved the outdoors and keeping fit. His dad taught him practical skills like map reading and he loved listening to his father’s stories about his time in the Marines.

At the age of 16, he took a 32-week course which made him eligible to sign up for Comando training. After nine years, he signed up for the Special Forces in 2021 so that he could experience combat at the senior level.

Jason told Telegraph, “When I passed the selection process, I was asked whether I wanted to join the Special Boat Service (SBS) in Poole or the Special Air Service (SAS) in Herefordshire. I chose Poole because it had a nice beach. I started on about £30,000, but that came with an unbelievable level of responsibility.”

At the SBS, he acted as a counter-terrorism and ­demolition expert, responsible for ­planning and leading operations. He was also a combat swimmer and involved in many counter-narcotic and hostage ­rescue missions.

Jason’s first break on TV was in 2015 when his friend asked for him to cover who was a part of a team of divers who were supporting a TV production crew filming a documentary about the recovery of Captain Kidd’s lost treasure off the coast of Madagascar. Then, Channel 4 was scouting around for Special Forces guys for a TV show called SAS: Who Dares Wins, which aimed to put a group of lay recruits through the Special Air Service’s screening process.

They offered him to join the show and since it was too good to refuse he became part of the TV show.

Jason Foxy Fox Height

Per his IMDB profile, Jason Foxy Fox stands tall at the height of 6’4”.

Jason Foxy Fox Family

Jason “Foxy” Fox was born prematurely with a collapsed lung and died twice in his first few days. His mum who was Wrens [Women’s Royal Naval Service] claimed it was a very stressful time. Growing up, his family relocated a lot because of his dad’s job to job when his father left Royal Marines.

Eventually, they moved to Yorkshire where his dad set up a business converting vehicles to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). His father struggled financially and he had to work on a farm. The farm owners couldn’t afford to pay him in cash, so he’d work for slaughtered chickens and pigs instead.

When Jason was around three, his father landed a security job in Luton, Bedfordshire. Then, they moved to a council house in the town. The family had little cash and his brothers were saddled with clothes I’d worn the year before. Despite the financial difficulties, Jason proudly says that he had a happy childhood.

He told Telegraph, “Dad was adventurous, which made up for not having much money.”

Jason’s mother is Hilary Fox (@hilaryfox1955). His two brothers are Jamie Fox (@jamiefox85) and Mathieu Fox (@foxmathieu).

Is Jason Foxy Fox Married?

No, Jason Foxy isn’t married yet. But, he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Jules Hawkins. They have been together for at least 2021.

In June 2022, Jason posted on his Facebook, “This is Jules, who deserves a shout-out because, amongst many things, is my full-time carer during my time of injury! She has the patience of a saint for this patient that is definitely not one. I think we’ve been close to the scenario in the second shot 1 or 2 times!”

It is unclear when and how they met each other. As for Jules, she works as a producer on Raw TV Limited. She has also worked at THE GARDEN PRODUCTIONS LIMITED and Amazing Productions Ltd as Development Producer. Her resume also boasts working at BBC as a senior researcher, Outline Productions, Optomen Television, RDF Television, and Arrow Media among other TV networks.

Before that, Jason was reportedly married to his ex-wife Lucy Culkin. They reportedly married in September 2011 in a lavish ceremony in the harbor town of Salcombe in Devon, in England’s southwest. Later in June 2012, the exes welcomed their daughter Honor.

Their marriage reportedly took a toll on his deteriorating mental health and PTSD from his time in service. “I’ve got two marriages that have gone down the pan – I like to attribute it to the military life but then I look at the common denominator which is me,” he has previously said.

Jason was also married before but not much is known about his first marriage from which he reportedly has a daughter.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jason Foxy Fox On Instagram?

Yes, Jason Foxy Fox is on Instagram (@jason_carl_fox).

  • When Was Jason Foxy Fox Born?

Jason “Foxy” Fox was born on 31 August 1976 in Plymouth, United Kingdom.

  • How Old Is Jason Foxy Fox?

As of January 2023, Jason “Foxy” Fox is 46 years old.

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