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Jay Lewis Bio, American Ninja Warrior, Age, Height, Parents

Meet Jay Lewis, an American Ninja Warrior competitor who participated in both the junior and senior categories. Learn about his journey so far, age, height, parents, and his current residence. Moreover, we will also discuss his dating life.

Delve into this Jay Lewis Bio as it unfolds details of his life beyond what we see on the TV show.

Jay Lewis On American Ninja Warrior

Jay Lewis was a fan of American Ninja Warrior before he made the decision to sign up for the competition. He fell in love with the show after watching it with his grandparents. He explained to NH Register, “We really enjoyed watching it, but at that point, it was just something that whenever we went [to his grandparents’ house] for a week in the summer, we’d watch it”.

Jay added, “But then we started thinking about it and we were like, ‘We really like this show,’ and we started recording it and watching the season”. He played soccer but the athleticism of ninja competition appealed to him. So, in order to practice, he built his own obstacle course at home.

Jay claims that he became addicted to ninja training after taking a trial class in his birthplace of Connecticut. He began competing with a ninja team at the gym, which gave him the opportunity to sign up for American Ninja Warrior Junior in 2018. Jay made it to the semifinals at the time.

He then received an invitation to compete in season 12 of American Ninja Warrior. However, the pandemic put his plans on hold. Following his participation in American Ninja Warrior Season 13, Jay also went off against Joe Moravsky, his mentor and current rival, in the All-Star Spectacular.

Jay also opened up about the difference between the junior and adult versions. According to NH Register, he explained, “It’s definitely a format of just having to beat the course to move on, which is something that I really enjoy. On ‘Junior,’ it was a lot different in having the feeling that you didn’t just have to beat the course, you had to beat the person you were racing…When I’m on the show, my only goal is to hit a buzzer. I’m not worried about going for the fastest time or any of that sort of stuff”.

Now, Jay has returned to the show as an adult in season 14. He has made it to the semifinals. So, let’s learn a few things about his life beyond the TV show.

Jay Lewis Job

Jay Lewis, the young man known as Jay Lache, who is known for his powerful lache techniques, was already accustomed to the glare of the World Championship. He was one of 10 teens in 2019 to reach Stage 3. In the Young Adult class in 2020, he duplicated the feat, arriving at Edge of Dreams in the second-fastest time and finishing second in the World Championship.

The Team Send City member smashed Stage 2 in the quickest time with a chip on his shoulder, earning him the chance to be the final racer in Stage 3. Since there were no clears in front of Jay, all he had to do was get to Cheese Wedges in the quickest time, which meant he had to defeat his nemesis, the Edge of Dreams.

Many people had predicted that 2021 would be the year an Elite athlete successfully won Stage 3. With Joe Moravsky, the current world champion, and his coach at his side, Jay missed the first cheese wedge, but he quickly realized he had done it quickly enough, and our new world champion was immediately ecstatic.

In July 2021, Jay became the first ever NNL Elite World Champion. He posted on his IG, Winning NNL Finals has been a goal of mine for the past few years and to do so in the first year of the Elite Division is a blessing”.

Jay added that he trained 6 years for the moment. Speaking with NHRegister, he shared, “I did one semester of classes and then I got added to the competitive team they had there. When I started, there weren’t any national competitions like now where they have the National Ninja League, but they added that a year after I started doing it in 2016”.

As for academic qualifications, Jay attended Cheshire High School senior. In 2021, he added that he doesn’t what school he ends up attending as long as they’ve got a ninja gym nearby.

Jay is currently attending Syracuse University and majoring in sports management.

Is Jay Lewis Dating Anyone?

Jay Lewis appears happily single at the moment. Most of his IG posts are about his ninja training. So, even if he is seeing someone, he prefers to keep his love life out of the public eyes.

Jay Lewis Age

In July 2022, Jay Lewis is 18 years old.

Jay Lewis Parents

David Lewis and Lina Fuchs Lewis are the parents of Jay Lewis.

Born in September 1964, David is 57 years old meanwhile Linda was also born in the same month and year so, she is also 57 years old in 2022.

David is currently working as Business Unit Manager at Stran Technologies/Corning. He also served as Vice President at Palco Connector – Affiliate of The Phoenix Company of Chicago. He graduates with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College and an MBA from the University of New Haven.

Jay has an older brother named Mike Lewis. Mike attended Cheshire High School and is currently studying Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. He is also serving as the coach of Hamden Ninja Academy. Moreover, Mike is a 3 times National Ninja League Finalist.

Is Jay Lewis On Instagram?

Yes, Jay Lewis uses Instagram (@jay_lache) and Facebook.

Jay Lewis Height

The last time Jay Lewis measured his height, he was 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jay Lewis Birthday?

Jay Lewis’s birthday is unclear.

  • Where Is Jay Lewis Family From?

Born and Bred in Connecticut, Jay Lewis is a native of Cheshire, Connecticut.

  • How Much Is Jay Lewis Net Worth?

Jay Lewis has a net worth of under $100 thousand.

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