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JB Rader Bio, Still Alive, Moonshiners, Net Worth, Date Of Birth

Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners followed the lives of different moonshiners who operated in the Appalachian Mountains. In its season 6, a new moonshiner JB Rader made his way into the show. He was essentially a legend in the illegal moonshine business, who even had worked with the legendary Popcorn Sutton.

Even after a decade of Moonshiners’ inaugural season, the show’s 11th installment was still going on. But what about JB? Given his old age, is he still alive? If so, what was his net worth? 

Keep reading this JB Rader Bio to find out all the answers.

Is Moonshiners Star JB Rader Still Alive?

Yes, as of 2021, JB Rader was alive and doing well. He was all set to return on Moonshiners season 11 alongside cast members include Tim, Mark, Josh, Digger, and many more.

While the older clips of JB may have mentioned that he was out of the liquor-making business, it seems that the legend returned into what he does best.

As per Moonshiners’ official tweet, dated Nov 4, 2021, “Mark, Digger, and JB are close to completing the first run of liquor anyone’s made here since Popcorn Sutton did his last run 20 years ago.”

Did you know: Producing moonshine was illegal in the states. However, that didn’t stop the show from filming a brand new season each year. Because of this JB was also considered the king of moonshine outlaws.

How Old Is JB Rader?

Moonshiners star, JB Rader was 68 years of age in 2021.

His former moonshine-making partner, Popcorn was a 1946 child. If he were alive, he’d be 75.

JB Rader Date Of Birth

JB Rader was born on April 23, 1953.

As per his birthday, JB is of the Taurus zodiac.

JB Rader Net Worth

JB Rader garnered a net worth of under $600 thousand by 2021.

A moonshiner over half of his life, JB was first recruited in the Discovery show by Mark and Digger in 2017. But it was his fame (as the still hand of late Popcorn Sutton) that preceded his reputation. The old man then went on to teach the younglings about how moonshine was made.

A year later, JB then signed a deal with South Mountain Distilling Co. in Connelly Springs, N.C. to produce a line of moonshines. “We showed JB our facility here at (SMDC) and let him try all of our spirits,” owner Don Smith shared.

JB was impressed with the quality of products that they produced; especially their Jasper’s Shine. Then, after sharing some of his tips and tricks with the SMDC team, and they produced an apple moonshine — “made with pure cane sugar and sweetened with real Honeycrisp apple slices and honey.”

It was named JB RADER’s Honeycrisp Apple Moonshine.

His moonshines were solo over various platforms, and he was even prompted to hold a bottle signing even in December 2019 at MC’s Wine & Liquor, Knoxville, TN.

There was also a country song written in his honor titled “The Legend JB Rader” by Chad Triplett & Two-Lane Blacktop. What’s more, JB himself modeled on the song’s music video released back in July 2019.

For those of you who don’t know, Moonshiners wasn’t JB’s first time on TV. Previously, he has appeared in the documentaries Popcorn Sutton: A Hell of a Life (2014), The Last One (2008), and This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make (2002).

According to IMDB, JB had over 30 eps of screentime on Moonshiners.

What Is JB Rader Real Name?

JB’s full name is Jacob Rader.

Also, some of his alternative names are J. B. / JB.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is JB Rader From?

JB hails from Parrottsville, a small town in Cocke County, Tennessee, United States.

He was born to parents Bessie and Hubert “Aubrey” Rader. Both of them are long gone now.

As for his siblings, he has a brother named Ronald who was married to Patsy Rader of Greeneville.

JB’s mother was blessed with 3 grandchildren Shawna Suggs, Kyra Walker, and John Rader; and five great-grandchildren including Shelba Blazer, Reba Keller, Blanche Easterly.

  • What Do We Know About JB Rader Wife And Kids?

JB didn’t have a wife as of 2006. The man has dedicated his life to making moonshines. So, the products he made were his kids and the process was his love.

  • How Tall Is JB Rader?

JB stands tall at a height under 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, he has a triangular face, long beard, and amazing country tone. Also, he wore prescription glasses and loved wearing hats.

  • Is JB Rader On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, as of November 2021, find JB over Facebook @MoonshinerJBRader with 11.5K followers.

Most of his posts there were about his moonshines productions and show promotions.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him on Instagram.

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