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Jeff Booth Bio, Now, Age, Wife, WBNS-TV

It has been a while since we have not seen meteorologist Jeff Booth bringing us the weather news every morning. So, to those who are still wondering where he has been over the past months you have come to the right place.

Around July 2022, Jeff stepped back from his job at WBNS-TV (Channel 10) citing that he needed to spend some time with the family and also get some much-required rest.

Let’s find out the rest in this writing called ‘Jeff Booth Bio’.

Where Is WBNS-TV Meteorologist Jeff Booth Now?

The ex-WBNS-TV meteorologist had said on a Facebook post back on 25 July 2022 that he did not know further if his leaving WBNS-TV was a goodnight or a goodbye to the industry. And since that day, he had not given any updates regarding what he has been up to since.

His viewers meanwhile have not stopped missing his presence on the channel. Months have gone by and yet several of them recently took to celebrate him on Twitter. They wrote things like how back in the day his jokes and sense of humor made their day. Be that as it may, they were also happy for him that he was finally able to spend more time with his family.

Jeff Booth Age

Jeff actually is the shortened form of Jeffrey and so the full name is Jeffrey Douglas Booth. As for his age, he turned   45 years old in October 2021.

Jeff Booth Family

In June 2022 Jeff’s mom, Mary Margaret Booth turned three-quarters of a century old, Jeff and his family made sure to celebrate her and make her feel special. The matriarch has been a Columbus, Ohio all this time.

Jeff, as seen with his wife, his mom, and two of his three daughters (from right) in June 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

According to the internet, Jeff is also related, maybe as relatives or even as a family, to Julie A Daggerhart, 47, Linda Jurgensen, 74, Matthew Daggerhart, 22, and Douglas Booth.

Also, back in the days when joining WBNS, he had briefly mentioned his family saying it felt great getting to work for the station that he along with his family, grew up watching.

Is Jeff Booth On Instagram?

Indeed. Jeff Booth could be found on Instagram @jeffboothtv where there were 1,223 posts and 1,459 followers as of 7 September 2022.

Jeff also was on Twitter @jeffboothTV where he mentioned being a “math nerd and Reds fan”.

Of course, he also entertained some 11K followers on ‘Jeff Booth 10TV’ Facebook and a few on TiokTok @jeffboothtv.

Does Jeff Booth Have A Wife?

Indeed. Jeff Booth has a wife named Annie Booth (aka Annie Bagnoli Booth).

Clearly, Jeff can not stop gushing about her on social media. So, from all that he had to say about her one could tell she is not only a great wife and mother but also an amazing cook.

Speaking of the dates, Annie turned 45 on 8 March 2022. And years before that got married to Jeff on 13 May 2000.

On her Facebook, Jeff’s wife also mentioned being the Orientation and Mobility Specialist at Dublin City School District (Ohio) and a former yoga instructor at Practice Pilates, Yoga & Nutrition.

She studied Art Education at Ohio University, Hatha yoga at Living Yoga, and also graduated from Indian Hill in 1995.

Also, Annie originally hailed from Cincinnati and was living in Bexley, Ohio as of 2022. A year before, Jeff had taken to Twitter to write “Happy anniversary to my lovely, wonderful, awesome, kind & ever so patient wife”.

Together, Jeff and his wife also have parents’ roles to play. They have three daughters. The eldest is Gail Booth and she turned 21 on 1 October 2021.

According to the internet, Gail studied at Ohio University and Bexley High School. Also, she had been living in Bexley, Ohio as of 2022.

The middle one is Georgia Booth and she turned 18 on 9 February 2022. On her Facebook, she mentioned studying at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Bexley High School.

As for the youngest, she likely reached 10 years old in 2021.

Jeff Booth Height

Jeff Booth stands around 6 feet in height.

Jeff Booth Career

The WBNS-TV station hired Jeff in 2016 before he left there in 2022.

Before then, he was the chief meteorologist at WKEF–WRGT in Dayton. Jeff also briefly mentioned formerly working as a chief meteorologist at ABC 22/FOX 45 and as a meteorologist at KGMB9 and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

He mostly discussed science and esoteric weather facts in all these workplaces.

As for his education, Jeff has only shared about studying Shenanigans at Ohio University and about graduating from Bexley High School in 1995.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Jeff Booth’s Net Worth?

Jeff Booth reportedly had more than $600 thousand net worth as of 2022.

If you also need to know about his salary, as per’s estimation, he should have made on more or less than an average salary of $53,443 every year when working at the Ohio-based WBNS-TV station.

  • Where Is Jeff Booth From?

Columbus raised-Jeff Booth was precisely born and brought up in Bexley, Ohio. As per his Facebook, he continues to live there even today (in 2022).

  • When Is Jeff Booth’s Birthday?

Jeff likely celebrates his birthday on October 27th. If it really turns out to be true he should be a Scorpio. In fact, judging from his magnetic nature, he really should be a Scorpio.

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