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Jeff Lazkani Bio, Age, Net Worth, Chelsea Lazkani Husband

Selling Sunset returned with a Season 5 on 22 April 2022 with stars from its original season, new additions from last season, and a very new addition to the gang, Chelsea Lazkani. A graduate of the University of Birmingham and the University of Dundee in Scotland, she is taking her talents to the West Hollywood-based realty group all thanks to her husband, Jeff Lazkani. She was acquainted with her new boss Jason through the man in her life and now we shall talk about tell you about him in the rest of the ‘Jeff Lazkani Bio’.

Meet Jeff Lazkani, Selling Sunset‘s Chelsea Lazkani Husband

Selling Sunset‘s Chelsea Lazkani says the day 12 August 2017 will forever be her favorite day as on this day she married Jeff, the most selfless, caring, funny, cheeky, and the most handsome person. Often on her Instagram, Chelsea can be seen expressing thoughts like this about him. She would say she is really very blessed to share life and love with him. Then, on their wedding anniversary, once, she said she is more in love with him today than she was on their fairytale wedding night.

The couple had been engaged by February 2017. As for ‘how they met’, it was in 2015 when Chelsea came to Los Angeles for what was meant to be a short break but instead fell in love with Jeff. To this day, she is proud of the decision she made then, to stay.

Jeff Lazkani, as seen with wife Chelsea Lazkani and baby Maddox Ali in November 2019 (PIC: Instagram)

And while this couple’s life already seems like a dream, it is even more happening joined by their two kids Maddox Ali Lavon Lazkani and Melia Iman Lazkani. Maddox, the champ, was born on 15 January 2019, and Melia was born on the exact 11/11 in 2020.

Jeff Lazkani Age

Born in the year 1982, Jeff Lazkani turned 40 years old in 2022.

Jeff Lazkani Profession

Jeff Lazkani is a managing partner at Icon Media Direct, an advertising service company in Sherman Oaks, California, where his mom is the CEO at. His mom formed the company in May 2000 and in its first six months of existence, it earned $15 million in billings. The next year, that revenue went up to $43 million. The founder Lazkani projected billings of $60 million in 2002.

Further, on his LinkedIn, Jeff goes on to describe that being born and raised in the media industry and over the course of 15+ years at Icon, he has managed some of the industry’s most notable DTC campaigns, ranging from start-ups to established brands.

How Much Is Jeff Lazkani Net Worth?

Jeff Lazkani reportedly had more than $5 million as his net worth as of April 2022.

Other than Icon, Jeff also continued being on the advisory board of BWG Strategy LLC; DRMA TV Everywhere Committee of Questex; being event director at Red Cross Blood Services.

Speaking of his educational background, he studied for his BBA in management and operations at the University of San Diego from 2002 through 2005.

Jeff Lazkani Parents

There was no information available on Jeff’s dad. But we somehow have a lot to tell about his mom, Nancy Lazkani. As per her LinkedIn, she is a 30-plus-year veteran in performance-based advertising with an emphasis on LinearTV, CTV, and programmatic media. Further, on it, she explains how tough it was being a single mom raising two kids while building a business. It came with sacrifices for sure. But that made her much stronger today.

Nancy was born and raised in Sylmar, California. She attended the University of Utah, came home, got married, had kids, and 10 years later got divorced.

Recalling her first job in advertising, she said, she was 23, and her son Jeff was about two, and therefore decided that having only $100 in his savings account just was not going to make it.

Seemingly a single mother, Nancy says none of this would be possible without her father’s guidance. She said he was her best friend, that he was not a wealthy man but he was very intelligent; he was a manager of a gourmet grocery store and raised five kids on a clerk’s salary. But he was very intelligent. Also, he actually taught Jeff’s mom to swim with the sharks without getting eaten alive.

Jeff Lazkani Height

Very good-looking Jeff Lazkani stands above 6 feet tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jeff Lazkani Birthday?

The 18th and sometimes the 19th of February is when Jeff celebrates his birthday. For people born on these days, the zodiac sign is either Aquarius or Pisces.

  • Is Jeff Lazkani On Instagram?

Jeff could be found on Instagram @jefflazkani but we could not tell you what’s on it as he kept it private.

  • Where Is Jeff Lazkani From?

Jeff’s family has roots in Libya. So, maybe it is there that he hails from. Although currently, he could be found based in Manhattan Beach in California.

As for Chelsea, his wife, she is Nigerian and British.

  • Does Jeff Lazkani Have Siblings?

Indeed! Jeff has a sister and she is Sara Z Lazkani. Los Angeles-based, she turned 35 in 2022; could be found on Instagram @_saralaz.

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