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Jeff Lazkani Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Meet Jeff Lazkani Family. This article explores details related to his father, mother, and siblings. He is married to Chelsea Lazkani, one of the stars of Selling Sunset.

So, fans were interested to learn more about her husband and her family members. Keep scrolling to learn more about her.

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani Husband Jeff Lazkani Family

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani is currently married to her husband Jeff Lazkani. Currently based in California, he and his family have roots in Libya. He was born on 18 February 1982 to his mother Nancy Lazkani. However, there is no information on his father. He is one of the two children born to his mother.

He also has a sister named Sara Lazkani.

Meet Jeff Lazkani Mother, Nancy Lazkani

Nancy Lazkani was born and raised in Sylmar, California to Ray Williams and Joyce Williams. Her father was born on 30 June 1928 in Copperfield, Utah.

Her father played a pivotal role in her life and career. She claimed that her father was her best friend. Nancy opened up about her dad and siblings, “He wasn’t a wealthy man. He was the manager of a gourmet grocery store and raised five kids on a clerk’s salary. But he was very intelligent. He taught me how to swim with the sharks without getting eaten alive.”

Nancy’s father taught her self-confidence which was a prerequisite for her success later in her life. As a teenager, she actively participated in church and spoke to large congregations. Nany shared, “He always helped write my speeches and he taught me how to express myself standing in front of thousands of people.”

But, the year 2000 proved to be the most challenging time in her life. She shared, “My father passed away in January, I was going through a breakup with my partners, my son was graduating from high school, my dog got run over by a car, and I was starting a new company.”

Nacy had Jeff when she was only 21 years old. Reflecting on the time she landed her first job, she shared, “I was 23, my son was two years old, and I decided that having only $100 in my savings account just wasn’t going to make it.”

Nancy has three sisters Leslie Williams and Carrie Bernards, both of Santa Clarita, Calif., and Lisa Jones of Palmdale, Calif.; one brother, Vincent Williams of Las Vegas.

  • Nancy Lazkani Age

Born in April 1959, Nancy Lazkani is 63 years old (as of 23 March 2022).

  • Nancy Lazkani Job

Nancy Lazkani attended and graduated from the University of Utah. A headhunter found her a position as a salesperson for an electronics-component manufacturer. She shared, “It was very challenging because it was a commission-based job. I was very intimidated”.

She reportedly made $50,000 in commissions in the year she was there. She made good money but she knew deep inside it wasn’t the business she wanted to be in. A friend told her about Kelly Brady Advertising needing a media buyer and she signed up for the job.

Nancy stayed in the company for four years, buying and managing media for short-form spots. Her boss there, Carol Santantonio, taught Lazkani two important lessons she has used since in her business and personal life. The first was that the power of the written word can be negative or positive, and to be very careful about what she writes. “Every time I write a letter to get a point across, I remember that,” Lazkani shared.

The second was to always have a Plan B. “Every time we came up with a strategy or worked on a campaign, Carol would say, ‘Okay. What’s Plan B?’” Lazkani says. “I’ve learned to have a Plan B for everything I do because not everything goes the way you plan it. But if you have a Plan B in place, you’re okay.”

In 1991, Nancy migrated to Williams Worldwide Television, where she started a short-form division, rising to vice president of media. Working in the company wasn’t easy. “I worked from a cardboard box,” Lazkani says. “I didn’t have a desk. It was all so new, I remember almost crying on the way home every day in the beginning, saying to myself, ‘I just don’t understand this infomercial business!’”

Within six months, she became a supervisor and a media director within a year. Two years later, Nancy had become a vice president. Her second mentor Katie William gave her the opportunity to thrive. She left Williams in 1994 and joined the Focus Direct division for Focus Media.

In the three years, Nancy was with Focus, she took the division’s billings from $3 million to $24 million.

Moreover, in 1997, she decided to go solo and founded Prime Time Direct with a few partners. The business was moderately successful with $19 million in the first two years, she left the company and formed Icon Media Direct in May 2000. Now, she runs a company with over 100 employees.

“Today, if people upset me or do something unethical, I speak my mind,” she says. “I try to be as tactful as possible, but I have a reputation for integrity and I value my reputation more than anything else.”

Further, Nancy instinctively knows what will work and what won’t. “I’ve learned that when I don’t listen to my instincts, I get in trouble,” she says. She is driven by four things: passion, integrity, experience, loyalty, and accountability.

  • Is Nancy Lazkani On Instagram?

Nancy Lazkani doesn’t have an Instagram account. But, she is on Facebook (@nancy.lazkani).

Meet Jeff Lazkani Sibling, Sara Lazkani

Sara Lazkani is the sister of Jeff Lazkani.

  • Sara Lazkani Age

Reportedly born in December 1986, as of 2022, Sara Lazkani is 35 years old.

  • Sara Lazkani Job

According to LinkedIn, Sara Lazkani is a public policy and community engagement manager, at Northwest in Meta since June 2021. She joined the company as Community Engagement, Northwest in May 2019. She had also served as the Board Member of Bellevue Downton Association.

Furthermore, Sara worked as a Board Member of the South Lake Union Community Council.

As for academic qualifications, Sara holds Bachelor’s degree in communications. She earned her Master’s from Pepperdine University.

  • Is Sara Lazkani On Instagram?

No, Sara Lazkani doesn’t have an Instagram account but has a private Facebook (@sara.lazkani.5).

Who Is Jeff Lazkani Father?

The only thing that we currently know of is Jeff’s mother Nancy Lazkani was married to his father for 10 years before getting divorced. Based on information in the public domain, his father could be Omar M Lazkani, a 76-year-old man from Sterling, Virginia. However, it is yet to be confirmed.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Jeff Lazkani Family Members Live?

Jeff Lazkani’s mother lives in Studio City, California. Whereas, her sister lives in Seattle Washington.

  • Are Jeff Lazkani Family Members Close To One Another?

Yes, Jeff is close to his sister as well as his mother. His mother Nancy went through a lot of hardships to make sure her kids had a good life. He appreciates her for it.

  • Has Jeff Lazkani Posted His Family Members On His IG?

Jeff has kept his IG private so, currently, there is no access to the posts he made about his family. However, he has certainly featured his family members on his IG.

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