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Jeff Leach Bio, Age, Ex-Wife, Job, Brittani Boren Leach Husband

Good news! Youtube star Brittani Boren Leach and her husband Jeff Leach revealed they are pregnant with their fifth baby in Feb 2022. Making it a surprise to her fans, Brittani revealed the news on Valentine’s day 2022, through an IG post, captioned, “Roses are red, and love is sweet… SURPRISE our family is growing by one heart, and two feet!”

Curious about Brittani’s husband? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this Jeff Leach Bio to learn all about him.

Meet Jeff Leach, Brittani Boren Leach Husband

It was March 29, 2013, Jeff Leach first met Brittani Boren Leach. “First time seeing her, it felt like I’d been hit by lightning,” Jeff recalled, before adding that by the second date, he knew she was meant for him! However, Brittani took a little more time to be convinced.

Fast forward to sharing 2 years of dating bliss, the couple then walked the aisle on October 22, 2015. Then followed the baby-making journey. Their oldest is Carter, followed by Cooper, Cash, Crew, Cole (born Nov 2020), and soon-to-be-born new baby.

Unfortunately, their third 3-month-old son Crew died in December 2019 after he was found unresponsive while napping on Christmas Day.

A year after Crew’s death, Leach took it to her IG with a photo of a brown beanie clutched inside her hand, paying a tribute to her baby boy, “One year ago I held your hand for the last time and kissed your bald head as tears poured from my eyes. One year ago I rode down the halls next to you as people paid tribute to your life as a hero.”

Also, the next year, on what would have been Crew’s second birthday, the Youtuber posted her family’s emotional celebration over IG — it included a visit to Crew’s tombstone with a dinosaur-themed birthday cake.

So, in total Jeff and Brittani now shares 4 kids (+1 on the way).

Did you know: The duo were all set to build their dream home. They even bought their first land (what they liked to call a “little slice of Heaven to one day build our forever-home”) in July 2021.

Who Is Jeff Leach’s Ex-Wife?

Though Jeff Leach’s ex-wife remains anonymous, many argue that they’ve seen her — and she’s way better looking than Brittani. But for all we care, Jeff certainly looks happier now. Which is all that matters.

If you don’t know, Jeff also shares two kids with his ex-wife named Sydney and Christopher Garza.

His son, Christopher is a Winston Churchill High School – North East ISD graduate who went on to work at Hitforth, a tech-centric hitting facility. As of 2022, the 22-year-old guy resided in San Antonio, Texas with his fiancee Alexis Renteria.

Talking about Jeff’s relationship with his daughter Sydney, the two were super close.

Jeff Leach Age

Jeff Leach was 43 years of age as of 2022.

He is 12 years older than his wife Brittani Boren Leach.

Jeff Leach Job

Jeff Leach is a nationally recognized hitting coach, who founded HITFORTH, a baseball hitter training company based in Austin, TX. So far, most of his high school hitters have earned All-State honors and college scholarships to play baseball at nationally prominent universities.

If you’re a fan of HITFORTH, do buy their meach over “” It features hats, tanks, and tees, ranging anywhere from $29 to $35.

Also, follow HITFORTH over Twitter @Hitforth, Facebook @Hitforth, and IG @hitforth.

As for Jeff’s career, he played baseball at Roosevelt High School and McMurray University as an outfielder.

Trivia: Circa 2018, Jeff got the way of a baseball. Luckily, he escaped with only a cut over his eye. What more? The guy showed up to practice the very next day, after being in hospital the day before.

Is Jeff Leach On Instagram?

Yes, here’s his Instagram @coachjeffleach.

Also, find him over Facebook @jeff.leach.90 and Twitter @CoachJeffLeach.

Jeff Leach Family

Jeff Leach comes from a family of four — his parents: Aida and Larry Leach, Joshua Anthony Leach, and himself.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s brother Joshua passed away at the age of 30 on July 28, 2017.

Joshua’s widow, Raquel Leach was living in Harlingen, Texas, along with her 3 kids.

As for Jeff’s parents, they were alive and doing well. His dad, Larry turned 70 on September 6, 2020. The last we checked, Larry worked at UTB and resided in Brownsville, Texas.

Sadly, Jeff’s dearest grandparents, Melvena Marie and Lt. Colonel Harold Dean Leach have long left this world.

Fun Fact: Jeff’s son “Cole Dean Leach” honors his grandfather’s name as his middle.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jeff Leach Birthday?

Jeff receives his birthday wished on July 31, making him of the Leo zodiac.

  • Where Is Jeff Leach From?

He hails from San Antonio, Texas.

But as of 2022, he resided in Austin, Texas.

  • What Is Jeff Leach Height?

This baseball coach Jeff Leach stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

  • How Much Is Jeff Leach Net Worth?

By 2022, Jeff Leach garnered a net worth of under $700 thousand.

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