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Jenise Ariane Bio, Age, Husband, Family, HairStyle

Discovery+’s HairStyle, The Talent Show is a new reality show from none other than the makers of Masterchef, The Voice, and Hell’s Kitchen. It premiered on 17 November 2023 and is known to be led by Rossano Ferretti himself. Dedicated to hairdressers, the brand-new reality TV competition series sees its cast members compete against one another in a bid to bag themselves the hefty prize worth $150,000. Not to miss, the winner will also get to train under Rossano Ferretti and open their very own salon. Among these ten professional hairdressers and finalists is Jenise Ariane. So, in the rest of the writing, we shall exclusively discuss her.

Jenise Ariane On Discovery’s HairStyle, The Talent Show

Early in November 2023, when Jenise Ariane was finally able to talk about her participation in this reality show called HairStyle, The Talent Show, she literally shouted out on a social media post that she was going to be on TV she said it was a kind of hair show that you won’t be able to stop watching. In one of these promotional social media posts, she also gushed that despite her parents always telling her that God had “Big Plans” for life, she had no idea it would be this big. Also, she added that being on TV and showing everyone the beautiful gifts that God has given her is more than she could ever ask for.

Jenise opened up her first hair salon at the tender age of eight. Her love for hair and beauty continued to grow from there. Fast forward to today, she has spent the last 10 years perfecting her artistry and beautifying the Upper East Side of New York City.

Jenise Ariane Career

Jenise Ariane is a self-proclaimed artist when it comes to styling and coloring. On her BIO on the website for her hair extensions service called Jenise Ariane Studio, she describes having educated herself with several advanced classes for color and Micro link hair extensions. “Every one of my clients is like my walking billboards, so you know you’re walking out of here looking more than your very best”, she also gushed.

Jenise is also very proud of her dream job at Davida, which happened back in 2017, and also the year 2021 when she and her family not only moved into their home but also opened her own salon.

Jenise Ariane Age

Jenise Ariane turned 41 years old in 2023.

Originally, she went by her maiden name, Jenise Ferrier, but now she goes by Jenise Ariane Probherbs.

Jenise Ariane Family

Jenise Ariane has four siblings in total. One of them is Stephanie Farrier and she is from Queens, New York. She also happens to be Jenise’s business partner. She is their salon’s assistant and therefore helps Jenise produce the best outcomes for their clients’ hair. On her IG @hotmomsteph_, Stephanie mentioned being a “God’s girl. Wife. Mama.”

In October 2023, when Stephanie, AKA Steph, had her child Jenise took to her IG to gush about it. Among other things, she said her baby sister is going to be an amazing mother just as she has been an incredible sister.

The other siblings are Christine Farrier, Michael P Farrier, and Don Anthony.

Then, there is Paula J Farrier (on IG @momof5farriers), Jenise’s mom who turned 70 in February 2023. The Saint Albans, New York dwelling matriarch can be found on ‘Paula Farrier’ Facebook. It is also no surprise that Jenise is very much fond of her.

Donald A Farrier, Jenise’s father, is from Queens, New York, and has been residing in New York, New York as of 2023. Also, he turned 75 years old in October 2023. On Father’s Day one time, Jenise took to her social media to refer to him as the best Father in the whole wide world. She thanked him for loving her unconditionally and for giving her the best example of a man and a father and in turn making her realize and appreciate the same qualities in her husband.

Jenise Ariane Partner

Jenise Ariane has had a husband since 2013. In September 2023, Jenise took to her IG to gush in great length that “10 years of marriage isn’t for the weak.” She wrote that the secret is to build love with Jesus as the foundation. She basically quoted the Bible and said it is God’s grace that helps keep you together and in love for a longer time.

Jenise has been married to a man named Kern Probherbs, who according to his social media, is a business entrepreneur looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals towards a common goal. He can be found on IG @showbizceo1 and he turned 45 years old in April 2023. What’s more, on LinkedIn, he described himself as a cryptocurrency trader at Poverty Proof Business.

Together with her husband, Jenise also shares three beautiful kids, two sons and a daughter. They had their firstborn son in 2013 and the second one the next year. It is not understood when Sumaiya, their daughter, was born. Sumaiya now happens to be her mother’s salon’s business coordinator. She also manages their book and social media. On IG @sumaiya.0fficial, she went to the High School of Fashion Industries.

Jenise Ariane Height

Jenise Ariane stands above 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jenise Ariane From?

Jenise Ariane originally hails from Queens, New York. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Queens, New York.

  • When Is Jenise Ariane’s Birthday?

Jenise Ariane’s birthday is on July 15th. On this day in 2023, she took to her IG a video clip of herself and gushed she is thankful to God for blessing her with another year of life, and for making her exactly the person she has become.

  • Is Jenise Ariane On Instagram?

Indeed, Janiese Ariane was on Instagram as of November 2023. By the 19th of November, her IG @hairby_jeniseariane included 6,153 posts and 24.2K followers. She also enjoyed some subscribers on her ‘Hairby_JeniseAriane’ YouTube channel, and people also followed her on TikTok @jeniseariane.

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