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Jenna Perusich Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, The Great Giveback

Meet Jenna Perusich as she stars in the HGTV show, The Great Giveback with her cousin, multi-Academy Award/Emmy Award nominee actress, producer, fashion designer, and flea market enthusiast, Melissa McCarthy.

HGTV fans had first seen the duo in action together during the blockbuster hit series Celebrity IOU. And now with the new show going on air on 13 June 2022, here’s everything that you need to know about Jenna, her age, height, net worth, and The Great Giveback stint.

Jenna Perusich On HGTV’s The Great Giveback

Jenna and her cousin Melissa collaborated with the Property Brothers to remodel her parents’ home on Celebrity IOU. Ever since the cousins were inspired to combine their desire to help others with their love of renovation and hence The Great Giveback.

The sixth-episode season explores Jenna and Melissa transforming the homes and lives of deserving individuals who choose to lead with love and kindness. They learn the heartwarming stories of exceptional people nominated by their loved ones. Then, moved by the inspiring accounts, these two grab sledgehammers, select personalized finishes, and demo and reno alongside their expert team.

Recently, when speaking about this new endeavor with HGTV, she said in an interview that her inspiration for this project was especially the “Scott Brothers” Drew and Jonathan, who she worked with previously.

Jenna Perusich Net Worth

Jenna Perusich, a self-proclaimed design, and vintage fanatic, reportedly had less than $700K as her net worth as of 2022.

She is not only design-savvy, super-sweet, and smarty pants, but also was valedictorian of her class when in college. So, some nine years ago, after graduating from Columbia College Chicago where she was a theater major, Jenna moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in acting. And once on the West Coast, she studied at Groundlings Theatre & School.

Fast forward to now, she has had some great experiences of blending in her two passions of acting and design.

Jenna already has several worked in several TV series and as per IMDB, she has been most popular for Thunder Force (2021), Superintelligence (2020), and Cafe Americano (2021).

Is Jenna Perusich Married?

Jenna Perusich did not appear to have married, at the time or before the time of this writing. Albeit, she did have a boyfriend and she was willing and happy to show him off on her social media.

The last time the internet saw Jenna together with her man, Andrew Nelson was on the 4th of April 2022. They seemed to be attending some late-night party in Los Angeles, California. A year before, they were at Disneyland looking just as adorable, but more casual.

Andrew had a private account on Instagram (@andy_steven). So, at the time, we did not know him that well.

So far, what we gathered is that he is a television marketing executive and they are also likely business partners. Jenna shared in an interview with how while she is like a balloon floating all over the place, he is this great anchor keeping her grounded.

It was unclear if they are getting married anytime soon. But, Jenna did talk about adding a pet (a dog or a bust) to their family.

Jenna prefers small dogs while her boyfriend was hoping for a large pup, so they may have to get two Jenna thought (PIC: Instagram)

In this interview, Jenna also opened up that their meet-cute was more virtual than usual. She revealed that they met via a dating app during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, in her words, it was basically an old-fashioned courtship. They FaceTimed five times before they finally met in person.

Jenna Perusich Age

Born in 1988, Jenna Perusich reached the age of 33 in 2021.

Jenna Perusich Family

Jenna Perusich often mentions her father “the one and only Jimmy P.”, real name James Peruisch on her social media. At times, she calls him “the coolest guy there is” and the other times, she appreciates him and her mom as the “ultimate couple”. She goes on to share with her people on the internet that she has learned so much from her parents about art, design, fashion, and music. Even more than that, it is their dedication to each that she admires the most. Married for more than 37 years, to her, they define what love is all about. She shared how she would be watching TV downstairs in their house only to walk upstairs and find them laughing and dancing to music, enjoying the moment.

So, in every way possible Jenna’s parents have only been role models to her.

James, her dad, turned 81 in 2021 and her mom, Connie McCarthy Perusich turned 67 that year.

Then, there is Gina Marie Cboness, Jenna’s sister, who as per Facebook and as of 2022 was in a relationship, and based in Chicago, Illinois having done studying at Saint Xavier University. Gina turned 31 in 2021.

If you also need to know, Jenna’s paternal grandparents were Eleanora and James M. Sr. Perusich.

Is Jenna Perusich On Instagram?

Yes. Jenna Perusich could be found on Instagram @jenna_perusich. In fact, as of 15 June 2022, this was the only place on the internet where Jenna’s social media activity could be seen. Also, here, she had made around 457 posts and managed to get 2,251 followers.

Jenna Perusich Height

Ever-gorgeous Jenna Perusich stands above 5′ 7” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jenna Perusich Birthday?

Jenna Perusich celebrates her birthday in the month of July. So, she is either a Cancer or an Aries.

  • Where Is Jenna Perusich From?

Jenna Perusich hails from her hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

  • How Is Jenna Perusich Related To Melissa McCarthy?

As for her relationship with cousin Melissa, Jenna bonded with her as an adult.

Jenna’s mom and Melissa’s dad are siblings who come from a family of 10 kids. Melissa’s dad is the third oldest and Jenna’s mom is the youngest. And because there is 18 years of age difference between them, they did not really grow up together and became close after. They were close once Jenna moved to Los Angeles. Melissa become her mentor and gave her some amazing career advice and guidance.

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