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Jennifer Charity Boecher Parents: Edward And Donna Boecher

Fans of 90 Day Fiance have seen Rishi Singh Dhakar’s parents (who asked him to get into an arranged marriage). But since the show didn’t shed light on Jennifer Charity Boecher’s side of the family, her parents remained a mystery to many.

Thus, we’re here to fill the gap and let you know all about Jennifer Charity Boecher’s dad and mom.

90 Day Fiance: Who Are Jennifer Charity Boecher Parents?

Jennifer Charity Boecher was born to her parents, Edward and Donna Boecher. Surprisingly, they rarely graced Jennifer’s socials. But though they didn’t, it’s clear that Jennifer loved them to the moon and was involved in their lives both privately and professionally.

Now, talking about their view on Jennifer’s decision to participate in 90 Day Fiance, her mother seemed ok with it. After all, they’ve always encouraged their little girl to pursue what her heart wants.

On the contrary, Jennifer’s fiancee, Rishi’s parents weren’t too happy about their son wanting to marry a foreigner. Infact, they were already looking for a bride and asking him to get into an arranged marriage. But Rishi’s not a quitter. Despite growing up respecting his parents’ every wish, he might just have to go against them this time. Or even better, convince them Jennifer’s a good daughter-in-law.

Meet Edward Boecher, Jennifer Charity Boecher Father

Edward Boecher is Jennifer Charity Boecher’s loving father. He took his last breath at 8:00 p.m. on October 13, 2015.

Keep reading to find out more.

  • What Was Edward Boecher Cause Of Death?

Edward Boecher passed away with a soft sigh and a smile at the Stilwell Nursing Home after a twenty-three-year battle against Parkinson’s.

His memorial was held on November 2, 2015, at the Rustic Pearl.

  • Edward Boecher Age At The Time Of His Death

Edward Boecher was born on October 11, 1937, in Chicago, Illinois to Gladys (Ward) Boecher and Edward Cyr Boecher. That made him 78 years of age at the time of his death.

His zodiac sign was Libra.

  • Edward Boecher Job

Edward Boecher started his career as a corporate financial analyst with Mobil Oil including positions in New York, Beaumont, and Torrance, CA. And his last career move was with McDermott International Inc in New Orleans. Reportedly, he retired disabled after 30 years, shortly before Hurricane Katrina, moving to Stilwell in 2006.

Also, in between, he served the military during the Cuban Missile Crisis and was involved in community activities such as working as a church treasurer, a volunteer tax preparer at the library in LA, summer track coach for Jr. Olympic Program (Shot Put and Discus), playground football coach, high school track and field volunteer, and Olympic Trials’ volunteer in New Orleans.

Meet Donna Boecher, Jennifer Charity Boecher Mother

Jennifer Charity Boecher feels blessed to have a mother like Donna Boecher. She’s been nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout Jennifer’s every adventure in life.

Scroll down to find out more.

  • Is Donna Boecher Still Alive?

Yes, as of 2023, Donna Boecher is still alive.

  • Donna Boecher Age

Donna Boecher was born on December 25, 1945. That made her 77 years of age in 2023.

As per her birthday, she is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • Donna Boecher Job

Donna Boecher operated the family farm, Zion Oaks Ranch, with Jennifer and Charles (her son). Their farm is nestled in the community of Zion, in Stilwell Oklahoma, serving Northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas.

Overall, they are a farm-to-table/farm-to-freezer operation — raising American Wagyu cattle. The animals they harvest have lived the entirety of their lives at Zion Oaks, from birth to butcher.

“All of our beef is USDA inspected, has lived a low-stress life, and has never been injected with hormones or antibiotics. We believe, in order to raise the best beef possible, the animal must be treated with respect for the entirety of its existence,” they claimed.”

As for her education, Donna attended Beaumont High School in Beaumont, TX.

  • Donna Boecher Facebook

Find her on Facebook @donna.boecher.7 and @maxine.curtis.731.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Jennifer Charity Boecher Parents Married?

Jennifer’s parents were married for over 44 years until Edward passed away in late 2015.

Now, Donna leads a single life.

  • How Many Kids Did Jennifer Charity Boecher Parents Have?

Jennifer’s parents share four kids — Jennifer, Charles, Elizabeth, and Susan.

Their oldest, Elizabeth Mancuso (born: Dec 1960) lived in Red Bank, New Jersey with her husband. She is a High School of Performing Arts and the University of New Orleans graduate.

The second oldest, Susan (born: Oct 1962) McConnell lived in Plantation, Florida.

As for Jennifer (born: April 1975, second youngest), she studied Speech and language pathology at Northern Arizona University. Also, she’s attended St Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church and Ursuline Academy.

And the youngest, Charles (born: April 1979) lived in Stilwell, Oklahoma with his wife Tarra Boecher @tarra_boecher. He is a Cochise College and Delgado Community College graduate who went on to study Business Administration/Management at Marymount California University. Thereafter, he worked as a Noncommissioned Infantry Officer at the 3rd US Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and Senior Intelligence Analyst at the US. Army before finally joining the family business.

Now, both Charles and his wife run Zion Oaks Ranch.

  • Where Did Jennifer Charity Boecher Parents Reside?

Jennifer’s mother resided in Stilwell, OK.

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