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Jenny 69 Age, Married, Height, Before & After, What Happened?

Rumors of Jenny 69 getting jumped spread like wildfire in 2023. Days after the incident, the social media influencer took to IG to confirm the rumor. So, what happened to Jenny?

Along with the answer to that, read about her age, marriage, height, before & after, and more.

What Happened To Jenny 69?

Jenny 69 went on Instagram Live and confirmed the rumor that she got jumped.

The social media influencer stated on Instagram Live, “The rumors are true, I was jumped a few days ago.” She was allegedly involved in an altercation with rapper Down, also known as Kilo when they were filming a music video. She stated that it all began when she overheard someone say, “Pinks is here,” while she was getting ready. Since Pinks was apparently “talking sh*t” about her online, the two are said to have had a falling out.

“Pinks pulls up and I honestly thought that we were just gonna talk it out like adults,” Jenny said. “She walks by and she’s looking at me weird.” She claimed she felt several people “bombing on me” when someone apparently swung at her from the side, even though she assumed Pinks was the only one jumping on her.

“I was blocking all the hits. They were hitting me on the top of my head,” Jenny added. “I was on the floor curled up in a ball,” Jenny claimed that Flyboy came to her defense and absorbed all the blows, saying that if he hadn’t, she would have ended up in the hospital.

Rapper Kilo allegedly set up Jenny69, who claimed to have been waiting for her next scene for a long time, to the rear of the building. He allegedly said that she got jumped because she listened to the musician SPM while no one else was present. He then allegedly threatened to “make her look bad” if she called the police, and she would face “consequences” if she did. His “whole demeanor changed,” according to Jenny, and he allegedly began angrily abusing her and ordered her to leave his stage.

PanchoDoesItBetter revealed in a YouTube video that he had received information from sources claiming that Miss Lady Pinks and Jenny69, were involved in a “hater beef” because the influencer combined “cholo style with the buchona style” and became “recognized” for it. Miss Lady Pinks revealed that she was upset with Jenny in a recent Instagram comment because the latter had forced her friends to sing and dance to a song by SPM, who was being held for aggravated se*ual assault of a nine-year-old child.

“I honestly can’t wrap my head around what happened to me and I don’t feel well even talking about what happened,” Jenny said in her Story after the incident. “I’m so thankful to be alive, you don’t even understand. I literally saw death and it was so scary. I’m genuinely traumatized.”

“Thank you, God I’m on the road to recovery,” she wrote at the conclusion of her post. “It’s going to be a long one. I just wanted you guys to send me positive messages so I could get my mind off things.”

Jenny wears many hats. She is an artist, a social media star (TikTok, IG, and YouTube), and an OnlyFans star. Additionally, she is also a beauty entrepreneur who founded Baddie B Beauty.

As of 2023, her estimated net worth crosses the mark of $2 million.

Jenny 69 Before And After BBL Surgery

In October 2015, Jenny 69 shared that before and after she had done her lip procedure.


As a caption for the post, she added, “Here is a before and after of my lip procedure I got done @flawlesslasercenter. Top is the before the bottom picture is the after, in total I have gotten a full syringe and a half! I no longer have to pucker my lips in pictures or overline😨 I have a full review of my thoughts/experience with them on my YouTube channel❤️.

Jenny has discussed how she gained weight after doing BBL in Tijuana on her YouTube channel.

Jenny 69 Age

YouTuber Jenny 69 date of birth is 11 March 1994. Hence, as of November 2023, she is 29 years old.

Are Jenny 69 And Annette 69 Sisters?

Yes, Jenny 69, and Annette 69 are sisters. They were born in a Mexican household.

Annette 69 began her channel around the same time and posts makeup and hairstyling tutorials and lifestyle content. They also appear in each other’s videos and often give each other shout-outs.

The two sisters also have another brother named Ruben Ruiz.

Is Jenny 69 Married?

YouTuber and influencer Jenny 69 was married to her husband Emmanuel Santana or Manny Frescoe. In April 2017, Jenny and her husband exchanged vows, with Manny playing a significant part in the wedding ritual. She shared her gorgeous outfit and immaculate makeup on Instagram in a picture that would make anyone jealous.

On social media, a video from Jen_ny69’s wedding was shared. Nonetheless, the groom’s back was deliberately used to record the video. Not only that, but the back of his head was out of focus! According to a Twitter account dubbed “Jenny69exposed,” Ruiz’s baby daddy was having an affair with Liz, and the beauty guru is a home wrecker. The account even claims Jenny got pregnant but had an abortion (because apparently her boyfriend at the time cheated on her) and called it a miscarriage.

In 2015, Jenny made her pregnancy public, then she abruptly disappeared from view. In a March 2015 video, she refuted the naysayers’ rumors about her pregnancy, effectively shutting them down. She answered questions regarding her pregnancy in the same video by explaining that she had a blighted ovum, which is a gestational sac that develops without an embryo. Later that year, Jenny became pregnant, and in 2016, she gave birth to her son Manny.

But Manny’s father remained a nameless figure until 2018 when Jenny featured a man who Internet sleuths believe is her mystery husband. His IG handle was (@mannyfrescoe).

Addressing an accusation that Emmanuel was beating her up, Jenny explained in her stories that it was all lies along with the abortion rumors. She added that she would never stay with a man that would lay hands on her.

About her son, Jenny has revealed on her TikTok that her son has autism, and that has made life hard for her family. In April 2023, Manny turned 7 years of age.

Jenny 69 Height

According to the report of The Famous People, Jenny 69’s height measures 5’5”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jenny 69 Birthday?

Jenny 69’s birthday is on 11 March.

  • What Is Jenny 69 Real Name?

Jenny 69’s real name is Jennifer Ruiz.

  • Where Is Jenny 69 From?

Jenny69 hailed from California, United States.

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