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Jeopardy Anji Nyquist Parents: Joel And Darlene Nyquist

Anji Nyquist after winning the Jeopardy! on 5 July 2023 has become so famous that some even reached out to her with wild requests. Anji wanted to be remembered on the show for her smarts as well as her beauty, but never had she thought she would be getting this many DMs from random men. She got told by many that she is the most beautiful person/ also the hottest contestant to ever come on Jeopardy!. Nevertheless, while she has been to some extent freaked out by all kinds of weird responses, she also has been flattered by this level of attention from everyone. And anyway being on the show has always been a dream of hers.

Now, further in this writing, we shall tell you all about her parents, about who they are, and how they have reacted to their daughter’s unanticipated fame.

Who Are Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s Parents?

Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s parents are no more. First, her mother passed away and 21 years later her father also followed.

Meet Joel Nyquist, Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s Father

Joel Victor Nyquist was born on 13 August 1945, in Hutchinson, Minnesota, to Eugene and Martha (Gustafson) Nyquist. He grew up on a farm in Dassel in Minnesota where his family members were active in Lamson Evangelical Free Church.

Joel was preceded in death by both his parents, and even a brother, Maurice Nyquist, and sister, Sally Nyquist.

Joel’s sister Sally passed away on 11 May 2016, at Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village, in Lewisburg. But before that, she obtained her Ph.D. in cell biology at Purdue University. Then, after a two-year post-doctoral position at Kettering Research Laboratories, she obtained a position at Bucknell University, where she taught in the biology department until her retirement in 2004.

  • Is Joel Nyquist Still Alive?

No. Joel Nyquist is not anymore. His daughter Anji recently told The Sun that she used to watch Jeopardy! with her late father.

  • Joel Nyquist At The Time Of His Death

Anji Nyquist while getting candid in an interview after her win, also recalled the time when she used to live with her dad. She said she took care of him when he had dementia. At the time, she gushed that they would watch episodes featuring champion James Holzhauer. “My dad would do the ‘all in’ motion with James, and he would cheer when he got them right so that’s a special memory for me. Now I’m part of that family,” she explained joyfully.

Joel was 76 when he passed away in his home in Cokato, Wednesday on 1 December 2021.

  • Joel Nyquist Job

Joel Nyquist graduated from Cokato High School and attended Augsburg College, where he played football and graduated with a major in Biology. Afterward, he served in the US Army during the Vietnam War. After coming home from there, he settled in Cokato, where he farmed for many years. Later on, he finished his career working as a nursing home administrator.

Joel also was an active member of Elim Mission Church in Cokato, where he served in many different roles throughout his years. In his obituary, it’s been also said that his hobbies included woodworking, gardening, and, most of all, spending time with his kids and grandkids.

Meet Darlene Nyquist, Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s Mother

Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s mother was Darlene Nyquist. Her maiden name was Darlene Swedberg.

  • Is Darlene Nyquist Still Alive?

Darlene Nyquist is not still alive. Long ago, on 3 January 2005, she breathed her last air after a courageous battle with cancer.

  • Darlene Nyquist Age At The Time Of Her Death

Darlene Nyquist was 54 when she passed away. It is not known when she was born.

  • Darlene Nyquist Job

As of now, it was also not understood what kind of a job/career Darlene Nyquist had.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s Parents Married?

It was through the church that Anji Nyquist’s parents met. Anji’s dad was only 17 then. Later, they had gotten married on 9 November 1968. They were together and married ever since and were only divided by death.

  • How Many Kids Did Jeopardy Anji Nyquist Have?

Other than Anji Nyquist, the folks are also survived by their other kids Darla N. Nyquist, Matthew Nyquist, Joshua Nyquist, and Benjamin Nyquist.

Darla of Anoka, Minnesota turned 53 in July 2023. She is a neonatal nurse practitioner who completed a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing and certification in neonatal care.

Matthew, Matt, of Orono, on the other hand, reached the age of 51 in June 2023. He, per LinkedIn, has been working as a chief population health officer at Lifespark since February 2022. Also, he has been married to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s former alum Jennifer Paynter Nyquist.

There is Joshua, AKA Josh, and he turned 48 in June 2023. He has been married to Heidi Nyquist of New Hope, Minnesota, and Bethel University.

At last, we have Benjamin “Ben” Nyquist. He has been working full-time at Boston Scientific for the past 12 and plus years. In June 2023, he turned 44 and continued being married to beautiful Kristina K Nyquist.

  • Where Did Jeopardy Anji Nyquist’s Parents Reside?

During their first year of marriage, Anji Nyquist’s parents lived in Germany. Afterward, they settled in Cokato City in Minnesota. They lived there all their lives it seems.

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