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Jerry Springer Parents: Richard Springer And Margot Kallmann

Meet Richard Springer and Margot Kallmann, the parents of late media personality Jerry Springer. Coming from a family of survivors, his family history always intrigued his fans. BBC also did Who Do You Think You Are based on leads from Jerry where they pursued details about his family in Germany and Poland.

Here is what we know about Jerry’s parents. Their age and job along with other details are what this article covers. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about them.

Who Are Jerry Springer Parents?

Richard Springer and Margot Kallmann Springer, who escaped Nazi Germany in 1939, are the parents of Jerry Springer. They welcomed him on February 13, 1944, in London as Gerald Norman Springer. Jerry grew up in close quarters in a Queens apartment, but like many immigrants, they were hard-working and determined to climb higher.

The Jewish Virtual Library states that Jerry was born in an underground station in London because “his parents were taking shelter in the station from German bombing runs. His parents were Polish Jews who escaped from Germany during the Holocaust.”

During his interview with Post Gazette, he told, “It’s [Springer’s bio] all over the lot. Yeah, the East Finchley station. I was born during the war [World War II], and women in their ninth month would spend the nights in the subway stations because those were the shelters. Hitler was bombing every night. So, yes, I was born at 11:45 at night, and every time I hear a train go by I still jump [laughs]. I don’t know.”

Because of his family background, he eventually became a liberal Democrat. Jerry said, “In a word, the Holocaust. We lost family in the Holocaust, and one of the things I learned going through that was you should never judge people on what they are [their religion or ethnicity] but on what they do.”

Jerry never knew his grandparents: both his grandfathers died long before he was born. Jerry’s parents last saw their widowed mothers in 1939 when they left them behind in Berlin to escape Nazi Germany for the safety of London. Richard and Margo had never discovered what happened to them, although it was always thought that they were murdered in the Holocaust.

Jerry’s parents moved the family to America when he was five years old, where he finished high school in Queens, New York. Jerry relocated from New York to Tulane University for college, where he majored in political science before pursuing a law degree at Northwestern University and working for the Kennedy campaign.

After the murder of the younger Kennedy, Jerry worked as a lawyer in Cincinnati before winning three seats on the city council. Despite Cincinnati’s frequently conservative tendencies, he received the most votes to be elected mayor in the city’s history in 1977 when he was 33 years old.

By this time, Springer had also married one-time Procter & Gamble administrative aide Micki Velten. They shared one daughter  Katie, who was born with several physical disabilities and graduated from Barat College in Illinois.

Meet Richard Springer, Jerry Springer Father

Jeffy Springer’s father was Richard Springer. Richard was the son of Nathan and Selma Springer they gave birth to him in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Gorzów County, Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland on 11 September 1904. He had three brothers named Erich, Kurt, and Ernst Springer.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Richard’s mother and uncle died at the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Richard reportedly sold stuffed animals to provide for the family. Other sources suggested that he owned a shoe shop.

According to his Find A Grave, Richard died on 26 March 1986 at the age of 81 in Fairfax, Virginia.

Meet Margot Kallmann, Jerry Springer Mother

Margont Kallmann is the mother of Jerry Springer.

According to Geni, Margot was born on 11 September 1906 to Martin Kallmann and Marie Kallmann. According to the Jewish Virtual Library Margot’s mother was gassed at the Chelmno extermination camp.

Margot reportedly worked in a bank where she had a job as a clerk. She reportedly died on 19 August 1985 at the age of 79.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Jerry Springer Parents Married?

It is unclear how long Jerry Springer’s parents stayed married. However, it is likely that they were married for more than 50 years at the time of their passing.

  • How Many Kids Did Jerry Springer Parents Have?

Margot and Richard Springer had two children altogether. Jerry had an older sister named Evelyn.

  • Where Did Jerry Springer Parents Reside?

At the time of their death, Jerru Springer’s parents were residing in Fairfax, Virginia.

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