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Jesse Burford Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Age, MAFS

Jesse Burford, a marriage celebrant, has done over 700 weddings. And now, it is his own turn. But it came to exchanging his own vows he decided to go on a reality TV show instead. Of course, it is Marriage At First Sight (MAFS) we speak of.

For more about the honest and emotional Jesse Burford, keep reading this writing called ‘Jesse Burford Bio’.

MAFS Australia: Are Jesse Burford And Claire Nomarhas Still Together?

While thriving in his job of marrying others left Jesse Burford wanting that for himself and so it happened, his wedding in MAFS. “After marrying 700+ couples, it’s now my time for love”, he teased on his social media tagging MAFS.

So, once on the reality show, he got married to outspoken, fiery, and tattooed Claire Nomarhas. They were presented as couple number four as they tied the knot on Season 10 of this show.

They were instantly drawn to each other, despite of course Jesse having a very long list of things that he finds unattractive in a partner. And as they spent more time together, Jesse’s that very list seemed to haunt him. For instance, he also tried to quieten his bubbly wife. Yes, he told her to “shush.” Then, Claire shortly fired back that she did not like being shushed.

The tense pair was thus seen spending some time apart. Jesse was seen reflecting on his attitude. He even apologized and together they tried smoothening things over. But, clearly, the positivity did not last long.

Then, at one point, Claire thought she had had it with Jesse’s long list of “icks”. She fled the dinner packing her bags and feeling hurt. She thought it was time to go home.

Jesse and Claire’s wedding had started off with a bang, with their friends and family present. Jesse’s smile was ear-to-ear while he read his vows.

He explained how in the past it had been hard for him to find lasting love. Claire comforted him of course.

To the cameras on show, Jesse eventually also opened up that in past relationships, he had tempered his personality and ended up loathing the clingy and needy version of what he became.

So like this, Jesse, the “polarizing” MAFS groom, in his journey has enough times been slammed by fans for upsetting his new bride.

Having said that, judging from the way Claire stormed out on Jesse, it does look like the two ended up together IRL afterward.

So, at the time of this writing, Jesse’s relationship status with Claire was unknown. Instead, Jesse’s relationship status read ‘single’ on Facebook.

Also, early in February 2023, he ended up causing romance rumors MAFS‘s Season four bride Sharon Marsh. He posted a picture of them together on social media.

Jesse Burford Age

Jesse Burford was reportedly born in 1991. So, he turned 31 years old in 2022.

Who Are Jesse Burford’s Parents?

So, far we have only been acquainted with Jesse Burford’s mother (who celebrates her birthday on September 14th) and an older brother named Denholm Burford. These two are regularly featured on his social media.

Denholm, on IG @denholm60, had been working in sales at Hyundai and enjoying his relationship with Kristy Clune at the time of this writing. In the past, he went to Leeming Senior High School.

Jesse Burford Height

Jesse Burford stands around 5’10” in height and believes that his celebrity look-alike is none other than Johnny Depp.

In May 2021, Jesse was 14.4kg down from his previous weight. It appears he has since always stayed in shape. Even his online transformation coach was “insanely” proud of him. Sharing Jesse’s before and after weight loss pictures, he gushed on social media that Jesse not only did achieve what he did not think was possible, but he also since the journey has learned a ton about his calorie intake, macronutrients, micronutrients, and food in general.

Jesse Burford Job

Jesse Burford has had multiple jobs apparently.

He is a well-known rocker in the metalcore music scene in Perth. He has been performing since he was 16 years old. And at times he is not touring Australia, Jesse works as an MC and wedding celebrant.

However, his primary job is as a wedding celebrant, it seems. And wedding celebrants, if you don’t know, are people who conduct formal ceremonies in the community, particularly weddings.

Of course, now and then, Jesse has also been an amateur dodgeball player.

How Much Is Jesse Burford’s Net Worth?

Jesse Burford reportedly had below $200K net worth as of February 2023. He went to the same high school as his brother between 2004 and 2009. And it looks like this was the last time he acquired any formal education.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jesse Burford From?

Jesse Burford continues to reside in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Perth, if you don’t know, sits where the Swan River meets the southwest coast.

  • When Is Jesse Burford’s Birthday?

Jesse Burford’s birthday is on July 2nd and that makes him a Cancer.

  • Is Jesse Burford On Instagram?

Yes. Jesse Burford could be found on Instagram @jesse_burford with 26 posts and 3,519 followers as of 4 February 2023.

Besides, he also seemed active on Facebook.

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