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Jesse McAdam Bio, Age, Alive, Ashley McAdam Husband

Meet Jesse McAdam, husband of TikToker Ashley McAdam. Learn more about his age, job, is he still alive, and information about another marriage.

This article, Jesse McAdam Bio covers it all.

Meet Jesse McAdam, TikTok Star Ashley McAdam Husband

Jesse MaAdam and her husband Ashley McAdam are happy having an open relationship. Based on the Facebook post, they have been in a relationship at least since 2009. At the time, they shared a daughter named Madelyn and a son named LAN. At the same time, he was in another relationship with another baby mother named Hayley Sullivan. They welcomed their baby in July 2009.

By 2009, Jesse was father to three children or maybe even four. Per the post from September 2011, Hayley and Jesse also had their son Lan.

In April 2013, Jesse posted about McAdam. He wrote, “We sure had a great time tonight. This girl is my heart”.

Later in August 2014, Jesse welcomed another child with Ashley named Kason. In August 2015, via a Facebook post, Jesse wished Ashley her birthday. She wrote, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world”. As a proud husband, Jesse celebrated his wife graduating with a post. He wrote in June 2016, “Happy graduation day baby I’m proud of your success. Love ya Ashley Baker”.

As stated, they weren’t married at the time and went by the name Ashley Baker at the time.

After dating for almost two decades and having at least two children, Jesse proposed to Ashley in November 2019. On 8 November 2019, they got married. As of 2022, they are parents to at least five children.

They are both active on TikTok. Ashely and Jesse also had another woman in their life. They were spotted all together in February 2022. In May 2022, she posted about her third partner is only interested in one of them.

What Happened To TikTok Star Ashley McAdam Husband, Jesse McAdam? Is He Still Alive?

In mid of May 2022, Ashley posted on her TikTok that her family needed prayers. She posted a video with the caption, “Please send prayers for my family. We are in such a bad situation”. She added, “Everything was looking up and it came crashing so quick”.

In another video, she wrote, “Tik Tok is just an outlet right now. I can’t comment back. I love ya’ll . Prayers please”.

Without revealing what happened to her husband, Ashley posted a video writing “I’m fighting the biggest battle of my life right now”. She captioned, “Please don’t ask why I’m making videos. I will explain to y’all. This is my outlet right now and I need y’all”.

Two days after, Ashley kind of hinted at a man in a hospital who wrote “I (heart emoji) U” on a clipboard.

Fans are still clueless about what happened to Ashley’s husband Jesse. However, rumors surfaced that the reason why Ashley posted those videos was that Jesse allegedly shot himself. A Reddit user wrote that Ashley and Jesse might’ve had a domestic dispute which pushed Jesse to pull the trigger on himself.

Another Redditor inquired where Jesse was shot. The Redditor added, “that the bullet entered in the “facial/head area,” adding later, “I was told he had surgery on his esophagus and a couple of other things”. But, it is to be understood that the reports are yet to be confirmed by Ashley or Jesse.

Although Ashely didn’t clarify what happened, she did receive messages of support from her fans. Her followers flocked her socials and prayed for her family. One IG user wrote, “We love you so much. Reach out if we can do anything to help. I’m in Arkansas and would drive through the night to help you anytime”.

Likewise, another wrote, “You too sweetie. I know things are rough for you right now. Just keep your head high. God is on your side. Time is on your side. Be confident that is what’s going to persevere through this hardship”.

Jesse McAdam Age

As of 2022, Jesse McAdam is 39 years old. He is turning 40 years old on 24 June 2022.

Jesse McAdam Job

According to Facebook, Jesse McAdam has been working as a project manager at Reid Plumbing since February 2021. The company’s Facebook page, Reid Plumbing serves Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties and offers commercial and residential services, slab leak detection, drain line video inspection, gas line installation and repair, tankless water heater install, and repair, and bathroom remodels.

According to, the project manager of plumbing work makes $69,364 per year.

He also pockets some cash from his OnlyFan account (@liljplay).

Is/Was Jesse McAdam On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, Jesse McAdam is on Instagram (@jessew.mcadam) and Facebook (@liljsse).

Related FAQs

  • Does/Did Jesse McAdam Still Live In Mississippi?

Yes, Jesse McAdam is currently living in his hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

  • How Tall Is/Was Jesse McAdam?

Jesse McAdam stands tall above 5 feet 11 inches in height.

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