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Jessica Vestal Bio, Job, Parents, Age, Height, Love Is Blind

Meet Jessica Vestal, one of the thirty singles who joined the Love Is Blind castaways for season six. New cast members from North Carolina have returned to the show, eager to find their soulmates in the context of a reality TV experiment.

Discover all you want to know about Jessica as we delve into her age, profession, family, and other details.

Jessica Vestal On Love Is Blind

Jessica Vestal is trying to find love on Netflix’s hit show Love Is Blind. She wants to be able to open up to someone and have a nice sense of humor. She claims that if her partner is not willing to accept her 10-year-old daughter, Autumn, she has a daughter from a past relationship.

“He would have to have the understanding that my daughter, and possibly even our future children, will always come first,” she says. On Autumn’s birthday in March 2021, Jessica wished her daughter, “8 years of pure joy and blessings. She is my sun, moon, and all my stars. Happy Birthday, angel baby 🤍.”

Netflix’s dating show is back on television screens when season six premiered on Netflix on February 14th. In the sixth season, the pods travel to Charlotte, North Carolina, where a fresh batch of single people goes on several dates through the pod walls to discover their soul mate.

On February 14, the first six episodes debuted, and on February 21, Netflix released episodes seven through nine. The last episode will air on March 6 after episodes 10 and 11 are released on February 28.

Joining Jessica are 29 other singles from North Carolina who share the same goal.

With comic relief resonating on her IG post, Jessica took to her profile and announced, “Let the stepfather hunting begin 😉❤️ I’ll do my best not to make a joke out of this one! Season 6 of @loveisblindnetflix premieres this Valentine’s Day, only on @netflix.”

Are Jessica Vestal And Jimmy Still Together?

No, Jessica Vestal and Jimmy are not together, and here is why. Jessica Vestal wanted someone to want her and accept her for who she was when she enrolled in the social experiment. Jessica found herself connecting with just one person after going on several speed dates. She did in fact discover that she and Jimmy Presnell bonded so strongly that she was eager for their second meeting.

Jimmy was also pursuing a relationship with Chelsea Blackwell, even though he had really loved his time with Jessica.

Jessica made the decision to tell Jimmy some exciting news after realizing how much she was starting to bond with him. She said that she had a daughter named Autumn and explained that she had originally not told him because she wanted to connect with someone on her own. She clarified that her 10-year-old child has always played a significant role in her life and that she was looking for a future partner who would be totally open to becoming a stepparent.

Surprised, Jimmy asked for some time to process everything, leaving Jessica unsure of what to expect from their next meeting. To her delight, Jimmy revealed that he was willing to adopt a parent role and inquired about Autumn’s background. Jessica was overjoyed to hear that Jimmy had accepted her, and this only made the news that he was still seeing Chelsea even more significant.

Seeing Chelsea so torn between Trevor Sova—who had just declared his love for her—and Jimmy, Jessica made the decision to tear down her barriers and be honest about her own emotions. She confessed her feelings for Jimmy in a loving letter that she sent. But Jimmy was overwhelmed and unsure of how to respond, which infuriated Jessica because there was absolutely no reciprocation. Jessica was enraged when Jimmy eventually confessed his love to Chelsea not too long after.

Jessica had a decision on her mind and her head held high when she entered her next appointment with Jimmy. She informed Jimmy that she deserved a more resolute and accepting person. Jessica then reiterated how Jimmy had always been willing to take his time making decisions, which frequently backfired on her. Jessica said as she left the pod and her relationship with Jimmy that he would regret everything once he saw how she looked.

Jessica Vestal Age

In December 2023, Jessica Vestal turned 29 years old.

Who Are Jessica Vestal Parents?

Jessica Vestal appears to be the daughter of the late Lewis Calvin Vestal Jr. Lewis passed away on 12 February 2002 at the age of 59. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, he was the son of the late Lewis C Vestal and Lucille Cole. He was a retired construction worker.

According to the obituary, Jessica has two sisters April Curry and Donna Lee Sperling.

Jessica Vestal Job

Jessica Vestal is currently an executive assistant at CGI Wealth Management’s Charlotte office. Her significant history in business administration, customer relations, and community involvement brought her to the GCG team in June 2021 as an executive assistant.

Jessica likes to practice yoga, work out, and unwind in her own time. She also participates actively in the youth ministry at her church and is very involved with the Foster Parent Association, a cause that is very important to her.

Jessica Vestal Height

The stunning Jessica Vestal’s height measures above 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jessica Vestal From?

Jessica Vestal was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • When Is Jessica Vestal Birthday?

Jessica Vestal celebrates her birthday on 22 December.

  • Is Jessica Vestal On Instagram?

Yes, Jessica Vestal is available on Instagram (@jess.ves).

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