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Jessie Lee Ward Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, MLM

The internet’s MLM — multilevel marketing — queen, Jessie Lee Ward is now under fire for tricking her clients into going on a leadership retreat from hell! Also, since the news about her deception emerged, the internet has accused her of some pretty-heinous behavior.

Find out more about her as this article proceeds.

Jessie Lee Ward Colombia Trip

Jessie planned a trip with her clients to Colombia in Jan 2023 informing them that it was just a two-hour hike. However, the MLM queen had lied to them because the trip would actually take a total of 15 hours!

Why? Well, according to her, she wanted to build character. “I could have spent the $30,000 and just given a glorified team vacation. Instead, I opted for a mastermind crash course of breaking down every single one of these people through seeing them where they are to help bring them to where I see them in the future,” she said.

Also, she did admit to making them walk for 10 miles in direct sunlight. But she blamed her clients instead, for “not preparing themselves.”

“Who points fingers, who gets mad in discomfort, who uses words like “I can’t” and who listens to the thoughts in the head instead of talking to themselves. Pain is in your MIND,” she reinforced her point.

How Much Is MLM Influencer Jessie Lee Ward Net Worth?

Jessie Lee Ward flaunted a net worth of above $6 million in 2023.

This top Network Marketer was earning multiple 7-figure per annum, and she did this all in less than four years. The last we checked, she had a marketing team of over 1.6 Million customers and 21,000 promoters worldwide in 41 different countries.

Looking back, Jessie started her career in direct sales in 2012 because she needed $300 extra a month to pay rent. By 2015, she had then found network marketing through Facebook and made the move to better her future, and built a lasting legacy with residual income.

However, mid-way, exactly on July 8, 2017, she went from $200,000/month to suspended pending termination to terminated to building again with no deals, no BDA, and no contract. All, she had at the time was 8 people who stayed with her through thick and thin.

So, after hitting the bottom of the bottom ground zero, Jessie put the car back in first gear and rode fast. Now, her company Boss Lee offers coaching packages for around $3 thousand per month and they even have their own podcast.

Also, Jessie’s today a social media superstar with hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world.

To be precise, in Jan 2023, she had 311K followers on IG @imbosslee, 180.6K followers on TikTok @imbosslee, 16.2K subscribers on Youtube @Imbosslee, and 150.3K followers on Facebook @imbossleeimbosslee.

As for her education, has got her BS in Marketing and Communication from Hunter College in 2010.

Is Jessie Lee Ward Married?

Jessie Lee Ward was married to her husband Shane Ward (born: Oct 1986) from 2016 to 2017. It seems that the duo separate on amicable terms as Jessie still has pics and videos of him on her socials and doesn’t mind talking about him.

In a video from Set 25, 2016, Jessie revealed that Shane’s favorite food was Mushroom Sausage Pizza, his favorite type of cake was Ice-cream Cake, and his favorite movie was Pacific Rim. Also, she once confessed that her then-husband taught her how to make bombs!

The ex-husband/wife has also been to Hawaii, Jerusalem, and a few other places.

Now, as of 2023, Jessie has a new man in her life. Although she features him in a few of her videos (always faced covered), she hasn’t revealed his name.

Jessie Lee Ward Age

Jessie Lee Ward was 34 years of age in 2023.

Who Are Jessie Lee Ward Parents?

Jessie Lee Ward was born to her parents, Dennis O’Sullivan and Lee R Paulson. They turned 69 and 71 years of age respectively in 2022.

Her father, Dennis is a musician who studied “Classical Music theory & composition” at Montgomery College Rockville. Sadly, in 2016, he suffered from a heart problem and had to go under surgery. But because of this, as her dad lived with her for 2 months after the surgery, Jessie feels that he and his parents have grown a lot closer.

As for her siblings, Jessie has three. Amongst them, she’s closest to her one-year-older brother Nathan O’Sullivan. She even argued that they were almost Irish twins, and he was their granddaddy and grandmother’s favorite.

One of her other siblings is named Jacob O’Sullivan. He turned 31 on July 2022.

Overall, Jessie comes from a poor family. And this was exactly why she decided to change the legacy of her entire family. 

Fun Fact: After Jessie’s grandmother passed away, she smuggled her ashes back home and did not ask anyone’s opinions in the family about it.

Jessie Lee Ward Height

Jessie Lee Ward stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

His district features include — a healthy body and tattoos on her shoulder and leg.

Jessie Lee Ward Before And After

Jessie looked the same before as she did after — but only with larger breasts. Yes, she had breast implants in 2011.

However, as years went by she realized that she was “like everyone else on the Internet talking about breast implant illness.” So, in August 2019, she went in and removed the implant.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jessie Lee Ward From?

Jessie hails from Middletown, Maryland.

She only moved to Frisco, Texas in 2018, and resided there ever since.

  • When Is Jessie Lee Ward Birthday?

She receives her birthday wishes on November 1 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • What Is Jessie Lee Ward Maiden Name?

Jessie’s maiden name is “O’Sullivan.”

  • Did Jessie Lee Ward Ever Wear A Blackface?

Jessie didn’t comment about ever allegedly wearing Blackface.

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