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Jimmy Battista Bio, Age, Now, Net Worth, Tim Donaghy

Jimmy Battista another conspirator of the 2007 NFL betting scandal played a big role in making millions of dollars for his clients.

Jimmy and Tim were classmates at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, Pennsylvania when they first met, but it wasn’t until much later that they even got to know one another. By this time, the former had made a name for himself as a professional gambler using the monikers “Bah-Bah” (or “Baba”) and “The Sheep,” while the latter was an NBA official.

Jimmy apparently rebelled a little in his younger years because of his incredibly strict, god-fearing family, but, according to the production, this led to him hanging around with the wrong crowd. “I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth ’cause I didn’t give a f**k,” Jimmy admitted in “Untold”.

As a waiter, he serviced an area where everything from drugs to money to gambling was common. This ultimately led to the beginning of his love for gambling as well; he eventually became a successful bookmaker. “I had a good personality to get information out of people on a one-to-one basis [no matter the league],” the then-member of The Animals syndicate said, explaining the reason behind his success.

In 2022, Netflix’s Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul which documented Jimmy’s first-hand knowledge surrounding the NBA referee’s betting habit and his relationship to Tim.

Learn more about him here.

Netflix’s Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul: Meet Jimmy Battista, Tim Donaghy Partner

James “Baba” Battista aka Jimmy Battista remains the one best positioned to know what was really happening during the betting scandal. Of several conspirators, Jimmy was the only one who didn’t talk to the FBI or (with the exception of one HBO interview) the public.

However, around 2006, after Jimmy and the betting company had a falling out, Jimmy made the decision to contact Tim via Thomas “Tommy” Martino, a common buddy from high school, with a lucrative proposition. Due to his line of work, he was already aware of the NBA referee’s gambling problem. Furthermore, according to Battista, Donaghy has always been quite avaricious, and he had been anticipating Donaghy to phone once more in search of something valuable, such as NFL selections, money, or something else.

“If the NBA gave out free tampons,” Battista told. “Timmy would take them. That’s the type of guy he was.”

They quickly decided to collaborate for some additional money; Tim would provide him the picks, and he would run with it.

The details of their actual meeting vary, but one thing Jimmy did not hesitate to admit was that whereas Tim initially earned $2,000 for each successful wager, he now makes at least $2 million. Additionally, as reported, he helped his client make $20 to $30 million in total.

On December 12, 2006, at the Philadelphia International Airport Marriott, Tim Donaghy was confronted by Battista and Thomas Martino, the go-between who spoke to Tim before games and brought thousands of cash when Tim’s recommendations paid off. Jimmy along with other conspirators was believed to be associated with the mafia, all and everyone except Tim who himself claimed the mafia had nothing to do with the betting.

Where Is Jimmy Battista Now?

When Tim, Jimmy, and Tommy’s betting scam was discovered in 2007, the only person who resisted speaking with or otherwise cooperating with the FBI was the professional gambler. In an effort to have the most serious allegations against him dismissed, he was prepared to go to trial and could have received a 25-year sentence, but the prosecution ultimately reached a settlement. Jimmy was only found guilty of one count of conspiracy to transmit gambling as opposed to fraud, wire fraud, and illegal gambling after entering a guilty plea. As a result, he received a 15-month prison term.

After his release from the Metropolitan Detention Center-Brooklyn in New York, Jimmy returned to his home state of Pennsylvania, where he leads a relatively private life.

Jimmy Battista Age

Reportedly born in 1966, Jimmy Battista is 56 years old in 2022.

Jimmy Battista Net Worth

Jimmy Battista should have a net worth above $1 million. He gained notoriety as a mover who is neither a gambler nor a bookmaker. They are a form of broker that helps sports bettors by placing wagers on their client’s behalf. Because of his status in that society, he had assisted in the establishment of a kind of ad hoc, disorganized hedge fund without Donaghy’s awareness but based on Donaghy’s recommendations.

Battista excelled in that challenging position and cultivated a client A-list. He moved sizable quantities every day for years while working nonstop. Jimmy placed bets for his clients for more than a million dollars every game.

Is Jimmy Battista On Social Media?

No, Jimmy Battista is not on any social media platforms.

Jimmy Battista Wife

Currently, there is no information available regarding Jimmy Battista’s relationship status and his marriage.

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  • Where Is Jimmy Battista From?

Jimmy Battista hailed from Pennsylvania.

  • Was Jimmy Battista In The Navy Seal?

No, there is no evidence that suggests that Jimmy Battista was in the navy seal. The one who actually is a different person with the same name.

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