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Jo Jin-hyeong Bio, Age, Married, Height, Physical 100

Jo Jin-hyeong didn’t win the title of “Strongest Man” for nothing. His co-contestant Hong Beom Seok on Physical 100 failed to understand this, instead, challenge him and paid the price.

So, who is this Korean “Strongest Man”? Keep reading this Jo Jin-hyeong Bio to find out.

Jo Jin-hyeong On Netflix’s Physical 100

Netflix’s Physical 100 gathered 100 contestants — including Jo Jin-hyeong — from various ethnicities, ages, and genders and pitted them against each other to prove their physical strength and ultimately for a chance to win the title of “most perfect physique” plus 300 million won (approx USD 243 thousand).

In the first ep, Jin-hyeong and other contestants were placed in a massive space where plaster casts of their torsos sat on marble pedestals, arranged in concentric circles around a fountain. They then walked around, admiring each other’s plaster/actual bodies, objectifying and judging each other.

So, for the first challenge, the contestants then were asked to hang on to a suspended apparatus lifted in the air. Through this, the participants quickly realized that the show was not only a test of brute strength but also endurance and mental strength.

Later, based on how long they lasted, the players were then placed in order from 100 to 1, and in order, they got to choose who they’ll face in the first quest — a fight over a ball.

Surprisingly, Hong Beom Seok, who placed 28th in the first challenge, chose Jin-hyeong because he said he didn’t do best in the previous challenge and wished to show fellow contestants what he was capable of. But little did he know that Jin-hyeong was much more than he bargained for.

Even stupefied Jin-hyeong said that he was expecting someone of a similar build to him to choose him for the match. Nevertheless, he took charge of the ball, threw it aside, and called Beom Seok for a fight. Naturally, within 20 seconds bigger Jin-hyeong flung Beom Seok to the ground and won the match.

Overall, 50 matches took place in the same two arenas, just like The Challenge.

Jo Jin-hyeong Job

Jo Jin-hyeong might be a brute if you meet him in a ring, but outside, he is a sweet person who deals with cars and bikes. The last we checked, he was an ambassador for Indian Motorcycle @indianmotorcycle in Korea.

To add even more sweetness to his personality, Jin-hyeong often lends a helping hand to charitable causes such as helping abandoned dogs.

But as sweet as he may be, most of the world knows him as Strongman George. He’s popular for winning the championship in Strongman [Beast Battle] produced by TvnD in 2019. And now, he’s again in the limelight for appearing on Netflix’s Physical 100.

He promoted the show on his IG on Jan 11, 2023, captioned, “I did my best again this time at the survival competition in 3 years.”

For those of you curious, an average car salesperson (Jin-hyeong’s job) in Korea made around KRW36 million (around USD 29 thousand) per annum.

Fun Fact: Jin-hyeong labeled his co-stars Song A-reum and Euddeum shim to his siblings on his IG.

Is Jo Jin-hyeong Married?

Yes, Jo Jin-hyeong married his wife Kim Sae Rom on December 6, 2014.

According to him, even after years of marriage, he still finds her to be the prettiest woman and is grateful for her for staying by him. Also, he thanked her for “giving birth to and raising Jo Do-hyun [their son].”

The duo welcomed Do-hyun on May 11, 2017.

If you’ve been following the strongman on IG, Do-hyun is often the star of his posts. It seems Jin-hyeong is a super dad who takes his kid out on vacations, doesn’t hesitate to participate in child plays, and overall, is always present for him.

He even says that his son looks a lot like him.

Now, talking about his wife, Kim Sae Rom is a Men waxing specialist. She has received a Certificate of Commendation/gold medal from IBSC Brazilian Waxing and a Hairline Waxing Grand Prize. Here’s her official page @vivid_waxing

Sae Rom turned 32 in 2022.

Jo Jin-hyeong Age

Jo Jin-hyeong was reportedly born in 1980. That made him 42 years of age in 2023.

He was one of the older contestants on Physical 100.

His alternative names are Jin Hyeong Jo, Jin Hyeon Jo, 조진형, and JinHyeong JO.

Jo Jin-hyeong Height

Jo Jin-hyeong stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and weighs 130 kg (286 lbs).

His body measurements were — Arms: 20 inches and Thighs: 29 inches

Mentioning his distinct features, Jin-hyeong has brown eyes, an oval face, and an intimidating body.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Jo Jin-hyeong Reside?

In 2023, Jin-hyeong resided in his hometown Gimhae, South Korea.

  • Is Jo Jin-hyeong On Instagram?

As of Jan 2023, Jin-hyeong boasted 4.8K followers on Instagram @rornfl8. Most of his posts then featured his family, friends, and fitness activities.

Also, here’s his Facebook @JinHyeongJo and Yuotube @user-si9mf5wt7i. His Youtube content featured such as exercise and Mukbang videos.

  • When Is Jo Jin-hyeong Birthday?

Jin-hyeong’s birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • Where Did Jo Jin-hyeong Recieve Education?

Jin-hyeong attended Gimhae Construction Technical High School in Gimhae, South Korea.

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