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Jo Sung Bin Bio, Physical 100, Age, Height, Married, Instagram

Jo Sung Bin, a recurring cast member, is among the many strong and bright individuals from many backgrounds that Netflix’s Physical 100 brings together. Is he married? What is his height?

Check out the article below to learn everything we know about him.

Jo Sung Bin On Netflix’s Physical 100 Season 2

Season 2 of Netflix’s Physical: 100 is back and one of the contestants who is back again this season is Jo Sung Bin. Physical: 100 is back for another exciting challenge that pushes the boundaries of 100 fitness enthusiasts both mentally and physically.

Sung Bin is a part of group two titled “The Warriors”.

The popular reality Netflix Korean series debuted last year and attracted a devoted following (guilty), thanks to its intense challenges (one-on-one wrestling matches, team competitions to pull a 4,000-pound ship, etc.) and the endearing camaraderie and sportsmanship among the season 1 contestants.

With more challenging rounds and an even more remarkable ensemble, Netflix promised that season 2 would raise the standard, and thus far, the new episodes are starting an incredible season of Korean entertainment.

Olympic gold medalists, pro bodybuilders, top influencers, and famous athletes are among the national and international celebrities who make up the cast of Physical: 100 season 2. Similar to season 1, several competitors are bringing obscure sports and careers to a worldwide audience.

Since there were only 50 participants left after eliminations, not all of the winners are featured in Physical 100 Season 2. The first team challenge, the third mission, pitted two teams against one another to determine who would stay in the series and who would go. The first winners thus far are Lee Won-hee’s and Kim Dong-Hyun’s teams.

Sung Bin is in a team that also includes Lee Jae-yoon, Lee Hyun-jeong, Justin Harvey, and Joo Min-kyung who won against Jung Ji-hyun’s team in Quest Two.

When the surviving competitors had to cooperate in the Five-on-Five Team battle to escape elimination, Physical 100 Season 2 turned ruthless. Lee’s team’s plan of securing two of the weighted scales leading to victory helped them win by the end of Quest 2. Hwang and his squad were eliminated as a result of it. The teams that played next were Kim’s and Amotti’s.

Even though there was a lot of tension up until the very end, Kim’s squad won, and Amotti and his team were eliminated. The following game pitted Hong’s side against Lee’s team. Hong’s squad led Quest 2 before to the cliffhanger, but the winner is currently unclear.

Jo Sung Bin Career

Since Jo Sung Bin’s career began his MMA career has been the first and only Korean in the Professional Fighters League (PFL); an American MMA league in which 60 athletes compete across six weight divisions: Featherweight, women’s lightweight, lightweight, welterweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight.

Jo competes in the featherweight division and made his league debut in 2021. In an interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily on March 24, Jo stated, “I obviously want to win the upcoming fight on April 1 in style without injuries and my ultimate objective is to become a champion.”

Before switching to the PFL, the 30-year-old Korean fighter participated in the more well-known Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The PFL has developed a structure akin to other professional sports, complete with a postseason and championship, even though both are MMA leagues. Every bout wins three points for PFL competitors in each of the six divisions; the top four fighters in the standings advance to the postseason.

“I highly admire the PFL that runs a $1-million tournament for each weight division, unlike other leagues,” Jo said. “The things I consider most important when it comes to competing in the tournament are fitness and not getting injured.”

Jo decided to become a fighter after watching Japanese boxing anime “The Fighting” when he was in middle school.

“The protagonist was so cool because he set his goal, worked hard every day and ultimately achieved it,” Jo said. “I wanted to do some exercise again since I had quit Taekwondo at that time and I started going to an MMA gym in town.”

The establishment of Korea’s own fighting leagues, such as the Road Fighting Championship and Double G FC, in the 2010s contributed to the growth of the fighting business in this country. In 2015, Korea played home to a UFC event that drew well over 12,000 viewers.

Jo Sung-Bin is no longer part of the UFC’s featherweight roster. Jo (9-1) became one of the top prospects in the area and was signed by the UFC after stringing together nine consecutive finishes. Early in June, he made his debut against hometown favorite Daniel Teymur on the main card of the UFC on ESPN+ 11 in Stockholm.

His professional career has undergone several changes in addition to his split from the UFC. He just joined the expanding fighter stable at Apgujung Team MAD, led by UFC veteran Dong-Hyun Kim, after leaving his longtime home of Extreme Combat. He was recently seen at ONE: “Dawn of Heroes” in Manila, where the main event featured featherweight champion Martin Nguyen making his third defense of the title against Koyomi Matsushima.

Jo Sung Bin Age

In 2024, Jo Sung Bin is 31 years old.

Is Jo Sung Bin Married?

No, Jo Sung Bin is not married. He appears single according to his social media posts.

Jo Sung Bin Height

Jo Sung Bin stands tall at 5’11”. He weighed 145 lbs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jo Sung Bin From?

Sung Bin hailed from Seoul, South Korea.

  • When Is Jo Sung Bin Birthday?

17 July is the birthday of Sung Bin.

  • Is Jo Sung Bin On Instagram?

Indeed, Sung Bin is available on Instagram (@koreanfalcon).

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