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Joel Bierwert Bio, Parents, Job, Age, Height, Love Island

Love Island USA‘s S04E14 saw one more bombshell enter the villa. It was Joel Bierwert and his arrival certainly did not go unnoticed.

Let us tell you more in this writing about the very Joel Bierwert.

Joel Bierwert On Love Island

Of all people, the OGs Katherine Gibson and Sydney Paight were the first to notice Joel Bierwert enter the island. In fact, they were relieved to know about the new addition, as they were previously at risk of going home.

However, they were not the only interested ones. Despite being coupled up with Isaiah Campbell, Phoebe Siegel also looked excited at the idea of a new potential candidate. (Phoebe other than Isaiah and Joel also has shown an interest in Chazz Bryant. However, fans seemed to expect to see her and Isaiah end up together at last.)

With two singles and Phoebe famishing for a new partner, Joel had plenty of options to choose from before the next Love Island USA recoupling.

However, at this point, there was no telling who Joel would hit it off with. But, we do know a few things about Joel himself. He has made himself clear in the competition that he likes a woman who can be dominant and submissive in the bedroom. He would also want someone like his celebrity crush Bakhar Nabieva, with her physique, raw honesty, and authenticity.

Love Island USA season 4 premiered on Peacock on 19 July 2022. Unlike last season, the show aired six days a week instead of five. And lately, with With Casa Amor officially wrapped, the islanders were still in shock after the couple shakeups followed by several Casa Amor addition.

Also so far, i.e., before Joel’s arrival, fans saw Valerie Bragg, Tyley Radziszewski, Felipe Gomes, Andy Voyen, Bria Bryant, Sereniti Springs, Mady McLanahan, and Bryce Fins get eliminated from the competition.

How Old Is Joel Bierwert?

Joel Bierwert reach the age of 27 in 2022.

Joel Bierwert Parents

For Joel, his dad Kim Bierwert is his hero and idol. As of the time of this writing, he was a swimming and diving coach at Smith College. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and went to Northampton High School. On 28 December 2021, he celebrated his 71st birthday.

Then, there is Louie Bierwert, Joel’s mom who is even today married to Joel. She is the founder, and personal trainer, online and in person, at Workout With Louie. Back in the day and she studied at Smith College the same one where her husband is a coach. In fact, both the folks have swimming and diving backgrounds as Kim was a swimmer at MIT and Louie was a diver at Smith College

As of 2022 and Salt Lake City, Utah born and bred Louie was based in Leeds, Massachusetts with her husband. Also, Louie, who is much younger than her husband, reached the age of 56 on 14 April 2022.

Is Joel Bierwert On Instagram?

Joel could be found on Instagram @therealswolejoel. There, he had 476 posts and 2,084 followers (as of 17 August 2022).

Joel also entertained some 2.2K friends on Facebook.

Joel Bierwert Job

As of 2022, Joel Bierwert had been working as a welder and fabricator at Salmon Studios since November 2008. Other times, he also trained as a competitive bodybuilder and competed in NPC Men’s Physique after having put years of effort into body transformation.

Of course, Joel has had a career also as a model represented by JC Modeling Agency of Connecticut. Last year, he was super excited to feature at The Westbrooks Top Model Search.

Joel also happens to have an athletic background outside of the weight room. He once swam an open water mile with former Olympian Elizabeth Biesel. He was in the men’s swimming and diving team at Auburn club Team Handball at Auburn University when he was studying BS in Professional Flight back in 2012 – 2016. Before that and he was named “Athlete of the Year for men’s swimming & diving” when playing with his Northampton High School team. And precollege, he had become a four-time all-star in diving, two-time all-star in swimming, had earned four consecutive team sportsmanship awards, had been a part of a 200-yard freestyle relay school record-holding team, and a 6- and 11-dive records at his high school.

Only then, Joel contested in his first collegiate competition at the Auburn Diving Invitational placing 11th in the 1-meter (265.55) and 12th in the 3-meter.

Joel Bierwert Height

Joel Bierwert stands around 5’11” in height. He is someone who believes pain lasts a short time and tattoos a lifetime. So, he has many tattoos on his body.

Also, he is someone who went to his senior prom less than 24 hours after an emergency appendectomy.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joel Bierwert From?

Joel was born and bred in his hometown of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Although as of 2022, he was based around Leeds, Massachusetts.

  • When Is Joel Bierwert Birthday?

The 3rd of May is when Joel Bierwert celebrates his birthday and that makes him a Taurus.

  • Does Joel Bierwert Have Siblings?

Joel only has an older sister named Lindsay Bierwert. On IG @lindsay_at_lotusacu, Lindsay is a licensed acupuncturist working around Charlotte North Carolina. She reached the age of 30 in February 2022.

Lindsay also used to be a swimmer at Hartwick College.

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