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Joey Burford Bio, Age, Job, Still Together With Emma?

Meet Joey Burford from M/LF Manor. He appeared on the show with his mother Kelle Mortensen. Is he still with Emma? How job does he do? Furthermore, how old is he?

The answers unfold as you scroll down “Joey Burfrod Bio.”

M/LF Manor: Is Joey Burford Still Together With Emma?

After season 1 of M/LF Manor wrapped up, viewers wants to know who are still together. More importantly, this article is about Joey Burford and Emma. Joey Burford had formed a connection with April Jayne but she rejected him, admitting that there is still a romance with her ex, Billy. Yet even though they didn’t wind up dating, April and Joey continue to follow one another on Instagram.

Emma, Pola’s daughter, suggests performing it. Kelle asked Emma directly in order to add a twist. The daughter of Pola decides to follow the truth. Kelle asked, “When you saw Joey, what did you feel when you saw him?” Emma answered with a laugh, “You want the truth?” Kelle then says in a confessional, “I love that Emma has shown up because it’s gonna play April to the test because she either has to step it up or step out.”

Kelle did not want her son to become involved in a situation given how April’s ex-husband handled her on the show. She thinks April and her ex are still in touch in some way. Kelle is therefore concerned that April won’t treat her son fairly.

In response to Kelle’s inquiry, Emma states, “When you’re like 10 years old, 9 years old, then you meet a boy or a girl and you just feel like butterflies. It did happen.” She continued, “It’s cool to have felt that.”

Emma was trying to say that she really loved Joey and thought there might be a spark between them. April was envious while she was listening to this. She said in a confessional, “You know, I did think it was a little bold of Emma to say she has butterflies in front of me since she probably knows what’s going on between Joey and I.”

April expressed her disappointment, adding, “Just because Joey and Emma are of a similar age that doesn’t mean that it outweighs all the time I spent with Joey building something meaningful that could lead to more.”

Joey chose April on the last day of TLC’s dating show despite being aware that Pola Mochon’s daughter Emma has affection for him. Well, he didn’t say no to Emma as well. Even if Joey didn’t pick Emma, they seem to get along well now. During the M/lf Manor finale night, Emma posted a happy selfie of the two of them, giving the impression that everything is going well.

Emma Mochon, Pola Mochon’s daughter, appears to be most adept at severing the link.

In the season finale, Joey admitted he would like to date April off the show. It appears that April did not feel the same way, though. And Emma was largely to blame for the couple’s decision to call it quits on their romance. April tells Joey, “As a 20-year-old man, I’m sure this will appeal to you, ‘You are free Joey.'” She added, “Free to be close to be and close to someone else.”

April then added, “If, for example, you would like to see where things go with Emma, and it goes from there, you have my blessing.” Upon hearing the response, Joey said in confessional, “I’m a little hurt, by the way, April let me down in her letter.”

The star said, “I really do hope to find someone with a soul connection. It could be Emma, could be someone five years down that road.”

Joey Burford Age

In 2023, Joey Burford is 21 years old. 2001 is the year of his birth.

Who Are Joey Burford Parents?

Joey Burford is the son of Kelle Mortensen and Noah Burford. Noah is the founder of and lives in Newport Beach, California. They reportedly had three children Jack, Joey, and Maddison Burford.

Kelle is married to her husband Steven Mortensen. They likely shared only one daughter Eva. Born in August 1979, Stephen is currently 47 years old which makes him 8 years younger than Kelle.

Steve is currently working as a Real Estate Broker at Coldwell Banker Realty – Yorba Linda. He formerly worked as a Broker/Owner Realtor® at California Real Estate Lending & The Mortensen Group Real Estate. He had also worked at Exotic Properties Realty.

Steve is a graduate of Western Michigan University and Mona Shores High School. He is also married, to his wife Taylor Mortensen. They exchanged wedding vows on 22 August 2020.

Makenna Austin, the oldest, lives in Dubai. She works as a real estate broker at D&B Properties. She is also working as a Cocktail Server at Sevilla Nightclub of Orange County, as a junior processor at Legacy Broker inc, Brand Ambassador at Neft Vodka US, and as an independent Consultant at Arbonne.

Makenna completed her college education at Grand Canyon University.

Joey Burford Job

Joey played on the varsity football team at Yorba Linda High School. He played WR and CB. Now, in 2023, he has also added a reality star on his resume.

Joey Burford Height

Per Hudl, Joey Burford’s height measures 6’3″ and 165 lbs in weight.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joey Burford From?

Joey Burford hailed from Yorba Linda, California.

  • Is Joey Burford On Instagram And Facebook?

Here are Joey Burford’s IG (@joeyburford_), Cameo, and Facebook (@joseph.burford.7).

  • When Is Joey Burford Birthday?

Joey Burford celebrates his birthday on 3 July.

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