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Johan Melin Bio, Job, Age, Kimia, Love Is Blind Sweden

Salesman Johan Melin was first shown to the Love Is Blind audience as a new cast member for season 1 of the Sweden spin-off. He was associated with Kimia in the show. Are they still together, though? What is Johan’s profession and career trajectory?

You may read all about him here if you’d like more information. Just scroll down.

Johan Melin On Love Is Blind Sweden

Johan Melin is one of the cast members of Love Is Blind: Sweden. This January, viewers of Love Is Blind: Sweden got to meet a fresh group of singletons. The ultimate sociological experiment, Netflix’s dating show debuted in style during the winter. As many fans of Love Is Blind are already aware, dating starts in the pods before some people bond and take off on a glamorous honeymoon.

Though the idea might seem a little strange, the show’s happy-ever-after couples, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from season one, and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, are still going strong. It seems possible that the new Netflix spin-off participants may soon meet their true love, based on the experiences of the previous cast members.

Thirty-two strangers have the courage to go on dates without ever setting eyes on one other. They will only be dating if they have a genuine connection, and their dates will take place in the most reasonably priced nation.

In mid-December 2023, Johan announced via an IG post, “Do you believe in Love at first sight? 👀 Let’s see if Love is Blind…🎬🥂 January 12th we’ll find out when Love is Blind Sweden premieres on@netflixnordic @netflix 💜.”

Are Johan Melin And Kimia From LIB Sweden Still Together?

As far as we can tell, Johan Melin and Kimia are kind friends who take care of each other, and they have managed to stay cordial even since production ended back in the spring of 2023.

Johan and Kimia clicked right away when they began going on dates during their stay in the pods, especially after the latter disclosed that he had been a basketball player for over ten years. But the Netflix social experiment is also renowned for presenting its subjects with some extremely difficult decisions, much like the two reality TV stars did.

Johan’s problems started when he noticed that he was drawn to Kimia as well as the stunning Meira Omar. Ultimately, he decided to follow his own pace rather than hurrying things and proceeded to get to know both because, unlike others, he wanted to take things slowly.

Sadly, Johan’s plan backfired since Meira’s other possible suitor, Oskar Nordstrand, provided her with verbal assurances of loyalty and his undivided attention. She quickly ended their relationship so she could go on with Oskar, even though he did say he sincerely liked her and only needed more time. Johan admitted that he was genuinely in love with her at that point, but it was too little, too late.

However, he made the snap decision to pop the question to Kimia since he wanted to carry out this experiment and understood that she likes to process her feelings gradually.

After having an open discussion with Meira, Kimia realized that her initial response may have been a little hasty and not motivated by the best intentions. So the next day he met Jonah, but before he could give her the ring, they talked things through, she understood his decision and his anguish, but she declined to accept the ring. As a result, the pair broke up before they had even started, but the woman didn’t regret it at all because she had given their time their all. Conversely, Johan lamented not moving at a quicker clip.

Johan Melin Age

According to Johan Melin’s bio, he is 32 years old.

Johan Melin Job

Johan Melin is working as a salesman. Very little is known about his career in sales. In May 2021, Johan posted on his Instagram stating that he had spent ten years in a company where he is currently employed.

Besides his job in sales, Johan is also a basketball player in the Swedish Basketball League in which he served as a captain at YMCA Kalmar Basketball. In March 2022, as an influencer, Johan promoted a product of Gaam Nutrition.

Johan Melin Height

Per his bio, Johan Melin stands tall at 190 cm / 6’3″.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Johan Melin From?

Johan Melin calls Kalmar, Kalmar län, Sweden his hometown.

  • When Is Johan Melin Birthday?

Johan Melin’s birthday is likely on 13 May.

  • Is Johan Melin On Instagram?

Yes, Johan Melin is available on Instagram (@daensken) and Facebook (@johan.melin.92).

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