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John Boy Caddell Bio, Age, Wife, Barbecue Showdown

John Boy Caddell battled alcoholism for over 2 decades. In 2015, he then turned his life around by opening a barbecue spot off Highway 62 in Morgan County, and now, he is one of the BBQ competitors in season 2 of The American Barbecue Showdown.

Delve into this life as this John Boy Caddell Bio proceeds.

John Boy Caddell On Barbecue Showdown Season 2

Barbecue helped John Boy Caddell get out of his alcohol addiction. So, he knew he had to share his story with the world and let everyone taste his delicious recipes when he got the chance to participate in The American Barbecue Showdown season 2.

However, he had to keep his participation a secret for over a year as the show was delayed by almost 2 years after being announced. Following the country’s “best backyard smokers and competitive barbecuers as they compete for the title of American Barbecue Champion,” the show’s second installment graced Netflix again on May 26, 2023.

Like the inaugural season, the second season followed contestants as they take on a challenge that tests their barbecue skills in ways “they couldn’t possibly imagine. From unique meats to old school techniques, they will have to prove they have the skills to smoke another day.”

Joining John Boy for the competition were his co-stars Thyron Mathews, Cindy Hayter, Delilah Winder, Michelle Lundstrom, Joey Victorian, Eduardo Gonzalez, and Logan Sandoval.

But though John Boy hit the spotlight via The American Barbecue Showdown, it wasn’t the first time he appeared on a TV show. Prior to this, he was one of the first competitors on a new Discovery+ show Moonshiners: Smoke Ring in which Steven Ray Tickle, from Moonshiners, hunted for the best pitmasters in the South.

John Boy Caddell Career

John Boy Caddell has been cooking ever since he was five — learning from his mom, grandma, and great-grandma, who were all exceptional cooks.

Sadly, along the way, he lost track and got into alcoholism.

After 20 years of struggle, John Boy then decided it was time to “straighten my life,” and started searching to do “something with his time, something that would benefit the community.” Then, he got in touch with his cousin Earn, who instilled a passion for BBQ in him, and started JohnBoy’s BBQ, a barbecue spot off Highway 62 in Morgan County, and also hired those in recovery.

“I wanted to put my time to good use and part of your recovery is through service work and I believe we’re doing a great service to our community by putting people to work and teaching,” said John Boy.

Initially, they were only open the last Saturday of every month, but have since increased their frequency due to popularity.

So, what did he do the other days? “I go out to the jail on Friday nights and we speak with inmates out there and I attend AA meetings,” he shared. “We’ve got several people that come out and help.”

One of his employees, Kevin Anderson’s daughter, a recovering addict, said, “It’s just nice to have a place where she can come and she’s safe. Everybody here is a good influence and it’s not the normal people she would be hanging out with the people who are using.”

Find Johnboys BBQ on FB @JohnboysBBQsweet29 and Twitter @BbqJohnboy.

Did you know: John Boy has already graced two music videos.

John Boy Caddell Family

John Boy Caddell comes from a family of four.

His father, John Caddell is a Former Electrician/Technical Specialist who worked at Y-12 National Security Complex. A University of Tennessee graduate, John turned 67 in September 2022. “I am just a beggar but the blood of Jesus Christ has made me rich in this life and beyond the grave,” John said.

As for his mother, Tressie Caddell is a Central High School graduate who worked at  Red Kap. She turned 67 in July 2022. Proud of her son’s achievement, Tressie took to her FB to share, “I’m beyond proud of my son John. He is celebrating his one-year sobriety! You are a great role model for so many and you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I love you, son! Momma is always here for you”

John’s parents, John and Tressie have been together since 1969! But they got married on June 27, 1975.

Talking about John’s sibling, Autumn Carie was born in Jan 1980. She is an East Tennessee State University graduate who married Joshua Carie in April 2023.

Sadly, John Boy’s grandparents were no longer in this world. His grandfather, John R. Caddell Sr, took his last breath on August 13, 2012, at the age of 83, while his grandmother, Claudia Melhorn Caddell died on  June 24, 2014, at the age of 80.

Is John Boy Caddell On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @johnboysfamilybbq.

Also, here’s his Facebook @john.caddell.50.

John Boy Caddell Age

John Boy Caddell was 46 years of age when he appeared on The American Barbecue Showdown in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he filmed the show.

John Boy Caddell Wife

John Boy Caddell was married to his wife Nicole Hill Caddell.

Born: July 1980, Nicole was the Save The Children Program Coordinator at Petros-Joyner School.

Together, John and Nicole share two kids Harlee and Brystol — both of whom are close to John.

On Father’s Day 2021, Brystol, who also worked at Johnboys BBQ, took to her FB to write, “Dad I am so thankful for you. You thought me from how to you walk to how to play middle school softball, thanks for all the funny road trips we take and all the jokes we make together and mom fusses at us I love you.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is John Boy Caddell Birthday?

John Boy Cadell receives his birthday wishes on August 23 and is of the Virgo zodiac.

  • Where Is John Boy Caddell From?

John Boy hails from Oliver Springs.

But in 2023, he resided in Petros, Tennessee.

  • How Tall Is John Boy Caddell?

John Boy Cadell stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

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