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John Schwallie Bio, Age, Job, TikTok Abby Benson Husband

John Schwallie is the fiance of TikTok star Abby Benson who is active on the platform where he stars occasionally. In a recent post on her TikTok, Abby spoke about a personal crisis that she is going through but added that her fiance John is fine. Viewers have known a few titbits about John but not as much.

However, we’ve done some digging up on the internet and found a few details about his age, job, and family members. So, keep on scrolling down to learn more about TikTok Abby Benson’s fiance John Schwallie.

Meet John Schwallie, TikTok Star Abby Benson Husband

John Schwallie and Abby Benson are prominent figures on TikTok with their burgeoning popularity on the platform. The couple started posting on TikTok in February 2022, but it was only Abby at the very start of it. According to Abby’s Facebook, the couple has been in a relationship since November 2020.

Abby and John shared how they met each other in a TikTok video they posted in October 2022. John sang the origin of their love story. When John met Abby, he found her pretty and caught him off-guard. He had just gotten out of a relationship. John stated further that they had a great conversation about God and beer.

He invited her to a 4th of July party but didn’t get her number.

On their first anniversary, in September, Abby took to her IG and wrote, “🤍ONE YEAR🤍 you are the best person I have ever known. I love you with my whole heart!!!!! Thank you for being my rock, my best friend, and the only person that can make a bad day a good one! You are pure magic. Cannot wait to celebrate this weekend in Chicago ✨✨ I love you!!!!!!”

Abby announced their engagement in May 2022 via an IG post. In a lengthy caption, she wrote, “I cannot wait to have coffee with you when I’m 71. We will fold laundry together and it will be beautiful. You will forget to turn off the stovetop and we will laugh. I will get bad news and you will hold my hand. You will play my favorite songs on the piano and I will cry.”

She concluded the post with, “I will send you to the store for almond milk and you will come home with whole milk and I will be mad, but only for a little while. We will listen to both bird chirps and sirens. We will wreck cars and buy new ones. We will have children and give them pretentious names. We will fight and make up. And make-up. And make-up. But we will be happy. Oh John, will we be happy.”

The “boyfriend reveal” or John’s first appearance on Abby’s TikTok happened after 19 videos. Starting from then, John has starred on Abby’s TikTok several times. Among many things that they post on Abby’s TikTok is their “Alphabetical Dates” where they have dates according to the consecutive alphabet.

Starting in August 2022, they started another series named 10 Days of Love Jar.

John Schwallie And Abby Benson Wedding Registry

For John Schwallie and Abby Benson’s wedding registry on Zola click the link. They have been registered to be wedded on 19 May 2023.

John Schwallie Age

Reportedly born in 1995, John Schwallie is 28 years old.

Where Is John Schwallie From?

John Schwallie is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. He moved into the city in 2017 from Florida.

John Schwallie Family

John Schwallie’s parents are named Cynthia and Tom Schwallie. They have been married since 28 May 1988. His mom is currently 57 years old meanwhile his dad is 56 years old.

Cynthia attended Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. She completed high school at E. L. Bowsher High School. Tom hailed from Moeller High School and Miami University. Both of his parents are natives of Ohio.

Talking about siblings, John has a sister named Sarah Minnich.

John Schwallie Job

Abby Benson first opened up about John Schwallie’s job in TikTok in June 2022. In the video, she said that John is very private and she wouldn’t want to change that. However, she added that John has a job in hospitality but made sure not to share further information.

Abby added, “if you ever travel to Nashville, you may see him. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay.”

In October 2022, John received a “Pineapple Award” for his excellent contribution to his workplace. Abby posted a TikTok on that occasion. She bought flowers and congratulated him for his achievements and showed off the certificate without giving away the details of his actual workplace.

John is also a musician. Speaking with Andersonian in 2016, he opened up about his career in music. He explained, “I started playing piano in third grade, and started playing guitar in seventh grade. I started writing songs in the seventh grade because I thought it’d be cool and people would like me. I was wrong, but that’s okay—I’ve just always had a passion for songwriting. Even if they sucked, I was still working on them. I’ve got a wealth of demos because my parents bought me recording software, so whenever I’d write a new song I’d record it.”

John was a former guitar/vocals in a band named understatements. John also released an album called I’ll Be Fine under Despicable Records. He has appeared in several videos on the YouTube channel of the record label.

Besides his solo career, John was in a band named Real Face where he is a lead guitarist and provides additional vocals.

John attended Contemporary Music Center and studied music business at Anderson University. 

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John Schwallie celebrates his birthday in March.

  • Is John Schwallie On Instagram?

John Schwallie is on IG, Twitter, and FB.

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