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Johnny Chao Bio, Age, Job, Height, Instagram, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Johnny Chao from 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance‘s Ella Johnson claimed that she didn’t date in high school. However, she was in a lot of relationships where she wasn’t treated the way she should’ve been. She hadn’t had a lot of luck with Idaho dating so she decided to stop dating anyone from Idaho. Or, maybe she deviated more towards dating her ideal man, from her fantasy.

She pictures her ideal man from her favorite anime crush, Naruto, a red hair green-eyed ninja with a fox demon sealed inside him. Although she can’t have him there is one must-have for her ideal crush, he must be Asian. Eventually, she discovers a page called Asian men White women during the COVID-19 pandemic, that is where she met her Asian prince, Johnny Chao.

Ella fell for a Chinese man named Johnny Chao and she loves his smile and eyes. She felt that she hit the jackpot with Johnny. Their obsession with each other’s culture was the first thing that helped them click in the first place. After talking for a year, they became girlfriend and boyfriend six months before she decided to do the show.

Johnny finds Ella attractive but he believes that she could be better if she wasn’t “a little big”. He wants to help her lose weight and become more beautiful and healthy. He shared his plans about visiting his girlfriend and even becoming a cowboy helping her out on the family ranch.

Read more about Johnny Chao below.

90 Day Fiance: Are Johnny Chao And Ella Jonson Still Together?

Johnny has been married and divorced once and has a son named Stony from his first marriage. He and Ella planned on meeting in person for two years but travel restrictions pushed it back. But because of the Deltacron wave, he planned not to travel. He also refused to meet Ella in Dubai for two weeks.

Previously, John wanted to fly from Shanghai to Mackey to spend three months with Ella in America until COVID-19 wrecked their plans.

Fans of the show also supported his decision to postpone the visit, except for Ella.

Ella believed Johnny was the one she was going to spend her life with, or so she thought because of the early romance. All of her lovey-dovey confessions about living the rest of her life with Johnny seemed like a dream when Ella confessed that she cheated on Johnny in 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

She has physical requirements and chose to become intimate with one of her friends. She even blamed Johnny for infidelity and warned him to meet her in Dubai and threatened to move on with other guys.

Ella had also warned Johnny about the idea of maintaining an open relationship. She wished to get married as soon as possible if he wants to avoid that from happening. Johnny found himself cornered because he admitted to being crazy in love with Ella. He was worried that she might find someone better to date back home due to his fear of COVID-19.

Johnny even blamed himself for Ella cheating on him and forgave her for the fidelity. He took the blame for Ella cheating on him saying “I think maybe 90 percent is my wrong I did not go there”.

He added more, “For what happened to the past, I think I have no right to blame her for what she did. I know I wasted her best age. I feel great [guilt] and what I did is unfair.”

He also took the blame on himself that he felt he kind of wasted two years of her life because she was 28 when they met and now she is 30.

So the question remains: are they still together after everything happened between the two?

In the recent post, Ella has been going all romantic about Johnny which derives the assumption that they might be together. They might’ve met sometimes after the season ended. She recently announced her to be her “man crush Monday”. It is common knowledge that social media sites like Instagram and Facebook aren’t allowed in China.

But, Johnny has an IG account now. He has been posting throwback pictures and landscapes from China so fans believe that he might have arrived in Idaho to be with Ella.

Johnny Chao Age

At the time of filming the show before 2021, Johnny Chao was 34 years old.

Johnny Chao Job

As far as we know, Johnny Chao works for an electric vehicle manufacturing company. The company is reportedly based in Shangai city. It seems he has been the breadwinner in his family and one of the reasons why he postponed the visit was his concern for his family.

He couldn’t quit the job to be with Ella for two weeks in Dubai for the obvious reason.

Is Johnny Chao On Instagram?

Yes, Johnny Chao is on Instagram. You can find him at (@johnny_90day).

Johnny Chao Height

Going by his looks, Johnny Chao stands tall above the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Johnny Chao Family

Talking about his family, Johnny Chao has a mother who we believed lives with him and he is taking care of her. In March 2022 IG post, he shared that his mother inspired him to name his son Stony. Divorce of parents is tough on children and she had hoped her grandson was as tough as a stone.

According to his recent, post, he came from his hometown of Jinan city in China. He also lived for five years in Japan to finish his university education.

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  • When Is Johnny Chao Birthday?

Johnny Chao’s birthday hasn’t been revealed yet.

  • What Is Johnny Chao Real Name?

Johnny Chao’s real name remains shrouded in mystery as of the time of this article.

  • How Much Is Johnny Chao Net Worth?

Johnny Chao hasn’t given the exact number for his net worth but we assume it should be under $200 thousand.

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