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[Johnny Depp Lawyer] Camille Vasquez Family: Mom, Dad

Meet Jhonny Depp Lawyer Camille Vasquez Family members including her Mom, Dad, And Sister!

Below, we will discuss the age, job, and relationship status of Camille Vasquez’s family members. Furthermore, we will also unfold information on their social media reach.

Camille Vasquez Dad

Camille Vasquez’s dad is Leonel Vasquez.

  • Leonel Vasquez Age

Born on 18 February 1951, Camille Vasquez’s father Leonel Vasquez is 71 years old as of 2022.

  • Leonel Vasquez Job

According to, her father founded Lemacash Group, Inc. in California. The company was incorporated on September 8, 2008. According to Buzzfile, Lemacash’s estimated to generate $69,789 in annual revenues and employs approximately 3 people at this single location.

  • Leonel Vasquez Instagram

No, Leonel Vasuqez is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Camille Vasquez Mom

Camille Vasquez’s mom is Maria Marilia Vasquez. Her maiden name is Marilia Puentes.

  • Marilia Vasquez Age

Born on 31 October 1951, Camille Vasquez’s mother Maria Marilia Vasquez is 70 years old.

  • Marilia Vasquez Job

Besides dedicating her life as a mother, Marilia Vasquez’s job is not known.

  • Marilia Vasquez Instagram

Marilia Vasquez is on Instagram (@m__arilia). She is also on Facebook (@marilia.vasquez)

Camille Vasquez Sister

What’s more, Camille’s younger sister’s name is Shari K Vasquez.

  • Shari Vasquez Age

Camille Vasquez has a sister named Shari Vasquez. Born on 3 October 1985, Shari is 36 years old.

  • Shari Vasquez Job

Shari is a general Pediatrics by profession. She joined Kaiser Permanente’s West Los Angeles Medical Center. She went to college at the University of Southern California and is a proud Trojan. Later, her graduate studies then took her to Boston, and ultimately to Chicago for medical school.

Since she couldn’t stay away from family and warm weather for too long, she moved back to Los Angeles to complete her pediatrics residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

  • Shari Vasquez Husband

Shari Vasquez is married to her husband Michael Directo. In the fall of 2005, Shari and Michael met as interns in the admissions and advising office at USC. Michael couldn’t help but notice the lovely woman working at the front desk, but it took him a few days to summon the bravery to approach her. Michael didn’t waste any time after receiving Shari’s phone number and sending her a message.

She mistook him for another “Mike” she knew, to his dismay… So Michael decided to make a more determined effort to get Shari’s attention, and he asked his fraternity brother Chase’s long-time girlfriend Kelly, who was in the same sorority as Shari, how he could make a more memorable impression.

She soon revealed how Shari was bombarded with “delivery” (flowers and other little gifts at her Monday night sorority dinners) from those vying for her attention. Michael went to the L.A. Flower District downtown shortly after to find the most stunning floral arrangement he could. Fortunately, it had the desired effect, and Shari agreed to meet Mike for dinner later that week. The rest is history.

As for the engagement, Mike had it all planned out. He surprised Shari with six cards and gifts expressing his gratitude. He gave her the first three at her apartment: #6 said he was ‘thankful we share a love of food & wine,’ and there was a picture of Sixteen, the Trump Hotel restaurant where we were going to eat. #5 was that he was “thankful for the day I was born,” and it was my birthday present, a lovely scarf that I had requested. #4 was a Daily Trojan, a USC newspaper, dated on our anniversary, and it was for ‘the day we met.’

#3 was being ‘thankful for our families’ and it was a cute picture of their parents blowing us kisses. #2 was that he was ‘thankful we both love bulldogs’ and it was a “Bulldog for Dummies” book. THEN, a note with the number ‘73’ on it (they were together 73 months). In the last, note, he proposed to her with a simple “?” in it, and before she knew it he was down on his knees.

Shari and Michael enjoyed one of their first weekend vacations together to Santa Barbara for his cousin’s wedding. They were both enamored with the beautiful grandeur of the California coastline as well as the excellent food and wine. After numerous wine-tasting trips to the Santa Ynez Valley with his undergraduate pals, Michael was already familiar with the area, and Shari became enamored with Santa Barbara.

Shari and Michael were convinced after several more weekend excursions and a few medical school rotations at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital. They couldn’t imagine a more quaint and picturesque location to celebrate their important event!

Shari and Michael shared their vows on 1 June 2013 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Camille, her sister, was the maid of honor at the event.

Michael is also a physician by profession.

Related FAQ

  • Where Do Camille Vasquez Reside?

Camille Vasquez’s mother lives in Orange County, California. Her father likely resides in Buena Park, California. Whereas, her sister and brother-in-law are living in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Camille Vasquez Family Close?

Camille Vasquez and her sister are very close to their mother. However, there is not much known about their relationship with their father.

  • Are Camille Vasquez Parents Still Together?

Since Camille Vasquez’s parents are very private and don’t share information publicly, we have almost no way to confirm if her parents are still together.

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