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Johnny McIntyre Age, Family, Height, Job, Love Is Blind S6

Meet Johnny McIntyre, who is the star of season 6 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. What does he do for a living? Who are his family members? How old is he now?

Tag along and find out the answers to all the questions below.

Johnny McIntyre On Love Is Blind S6

During ‘Love is Blind’ Season 6, Johnny McIntyre disclosed that he has tried several traditional dating methods, such as using dating apps, going grocery shopping, and going on blind dates. He expressed a desire to go deeper and create stronger links, but he was finding it difficult to go past the surface connections.

Johnny looked into a variety of places in his search for a life mate, such as grocery stores, blind dates, and dating apps. In spite of this, he found it hard to cultivate relationships that went beyond the surface level. He joined ‘Love Is Blind,’ wanting to immerse himself in a distraction-free atmosphere where he may engage in deeper and more meaningful connections, frustrated with the constraints of traditional dating approaches.

After going through heartbreaks in the past, Johnny is now drawn to independent people who can “stand on their own two feet.” An enthusiastic snowboarder who spends almost every weekend in the mountains, he imagines a lifelong companion with whom to share the slopes and the skies. In a mature way, Johnny highlights that, even at 27, he is an adult who is trying to figure out what it takes to make the ‘Love Is Blind’ experience worthwhile.

“I’m not just some 27-year-old kid. I’m an adult now, and I want to see what it takes to make [this experience] work,” Johnny told Netflix.

Are Amy Tiffany And Johnny McIntyre Still Together?

After experiencing several heartbreaks in her life, e-commerce retail professional Amy had stated from the beginning that she was searching for a lasting relationship. But she never truly expected to meet someone like Johnny, someone with whom she could immediately click and talk about everything.

Their first date in the pods was therefore unlike any other conventional first date for several reasons, including the impression that they had known each other for decades, which sparked more fruitful discussions.

Within the initial few days of their relationship, Amy and Johnny discussed everything under the sun, including race, family values, and fundamental views. This helped them to truly comprehend their positions. The fact that they agreed on the majority of issues was therefore a huge plus, but what was more important to them later on was their admission that they hadn’t even made an effort to connect with anyone else.

The fact that she plainly said the same thing when he unexpectedly and unintentionally used the L-word in the middle of a conversation simply served to sweeten the deal.

So, it should come as no surprise that Johnny proposed to Amy after giving a lovely, moving speech, only for her to happily and exuberantly answer yes—they had long before determined they were one other. When it came time for their face-to-face revelation, it went as you might imagine given their time spent in the pods: they complimented one other, laughed, and seemed content to be in each other’s company.

They did, however, enjoy another precious moment when Amy revealed that her father had once dreamed of her having two children in the future, both of whom would have blonde brunette hair exactly like Johnny’s.

As per the marriage records found in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Amy and Johnny are formally recognized as husband and wife, rather than just a couple. That’s right, people—on May 10, 2023, the much-loved pair decided to tie the knot, making their love tale even more spectacular than we could have ever imagined.

Although Johnny and Amy acknowledge that the day of the proposal was nerve-racking, they both believe they couldn’t imagine saying yes to anybody else in the Love Is Blind pods.

Johnny McIntyre Age

In 2023, Johnny McIntyre reached the age of 28. he was reportedly born in December 1995.

Johnny McIntyre Family

Johnny McIntyre is the son of James McIntyre and Joy McIntyre who appear to be residing in North Berwick, Maine. His dad reached age 63 in February 2024. Whereas, his mom turned 56 in April 2023.

More about his mom, Joy is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach who works at The Works Family Health & Fitness Center.

On Father’s Day 2023, Johnny wished James, “Happy Father’s Day to the man that sacrificed so much for his children. I truly appreciate all of the lessons you instilled in us over the years molding us into the people who we are today. I love you.”

Johnny has two siblings, a brother named William McIntyre and a sister named Anna McIntyre.

Johnny McIntyre Job

Currently, Johnny McIntyre is employed at NAVEX as an account executive. Before joining NAVEX, he was working at Robert Half Technology as a Full Desk Staffing Manager. He was also a technical recruiter from 2018 to 2020.

In 2017, he briefly worked as a sales representative at Aptive Environmental. He was also an Account Executive at East Carolina Radio from 2016 to 2017.

Johnny completed his high school education at Somerville High School and earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from East Carolina University.

Johnny McIntyre Height

Resembling a lot like his father, Johnny McIntyre stands tall above the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Johnny McIntyre Birthday?

Johnny McIntyre celebrates his birthday in December.

  • Is Johnny McIntyre On Instagram?

Yes, Johnny McIntyre is available on Instagram (@johnny__mcintyre).

  • Where Is Johnny McIntyre From?

Johnny McIntyre who is originally from Somerville, New Jersey is now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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