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Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley Bio, Last Name, Age, IG

Meet Ashley, girlfriend of Jonah Johnston from TLC’s hit series 7 Little Johnstons. Rumors have been flying that their relationship is on a brink of a split. How much of the rumor holds true? In addition, what is her last name, age, and her job? Let’s explore details about Ashley here in this piece, shall we?

Keep on scrolling down this article to learn more about Jonah Johnston’s girlfriend Ashley.

7 Little Johnstons: Meet Ashley, Jonah Johnston Girlfriend

The Johnston household is emptying as the kids are getting older and leaving the brood to live their life as an adult. Jonah Johnston, son of Amber and Trent Johnston, was among the children who left the home to get settled in his new home. However, Distractify recently revealed that Jonah didn’t let his girlfriend Ashley know about his move.

In one of the early episodes, Jonah revealed that he has been dating Ashley for three years. They met each other at a conference for little people. He believed that their relationship could be better so the doubts the fans had been quite right. In the season 12 trailer, the video suggested that their relationship hit a rough patch.

“My struggles with anxiety have been causing me to not prioritize Ashley as much as I should,” Jonah explained. Jonah’s parents also snooped into Jonah’s phone and saw something they didn’t like in text messages between him and Ashley. “The fact that they went through his phone, kind of scared me,” Ashley said.

Moreover, Ashely also believed that Jonah’s parents Amber and Trent were conspiring against their relationship.

Ashley was an addition to the successful TLC show after its premiere in 2015. Her appearance recurred frequently and went on a family vacation with Jonah’s family. She was heartbroken to learn from Jonah that he had plans to move in with his friend Brian rather than her provided that they get to spend very little time with each other.

When Jonah told Ashley that he had moved out of his parents’ house in Season 10—after it had already happened—things got a little dicey. Jonah finally told his girlfriend the news when they were on holiday in Florida with family and friends. When Ashley felt upset that her boyfriend had kept his plans to move a secret from her, tensions seemed to increase between the two. Additionally, Ashley revealed to the cameras during Season 9 that she and Jonah had discussed moving in together.

Ashley anticipated that she and Jonah would soon move in together after dating for two years, especially considering that she lives five hours away. Ashley expressed her happiness for Jonah while admitting that she was taken aback.

At the time of filming season 12, Jonah and Ashely were still dating each other. But, if there has been a change in the relationship status after the show, it is yet to be announced. It is to be noted that Jonah’s IG doesn’t share any pictures of Ashley.

However, Ashley’s Facebook relationship status reveals that she is “in a relationship”. So, it is likely that they are still together.

Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley Last Name

The last name of Jonah Johnston’s girlfriend Ashley is Saltz.

Who Are Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley Parents?

Ashley, the girlfriend of Jonah Johnston, is the daughter of Barry Saltz and Audrey Dorn James. Barry is currently 59 years old meanwhile Audrey is 56 years old in 2022. Her parents are currently divorced.

Barry graduated from East Henderson High School and Appalachian State University. He worked at the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Ashle’s parents are both currently based in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Moreover, they both seem to be of average body measurements as they have also appeared on the show.

While appearing on the show, her father also talked about converting Aubrey’s childhood home into a haven for the couple.

In her family, Ashley also has a sister named Kirsten Elizabeth Saltz. In 2022, Kirsten is 27 years old. Her other family members of Ashley are Colby Saltz and Marsha Saltz.

Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley Age

Reportedly born in 1998, Ashley is 24 years old. Two years younger than her, Jonah is 22 years old.

Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley Height

Since the reported height of Jonah Johnson is 4’4”, Ashely’s height should be under 4 feet.

Is Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley On IG?

No, Jonah Johnston’s girlfriend Ashley is not on Instagram. But she is on Facebook (@ashley.saltz.5).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley From?

Jonah Johnston hailed from Georgia. Meanwhile, Ashley is a native of North Carolina.

  • What Is Jonah Johnston Girlfriend Ashley Job?

According to the Twitter of Sugarloaf Elementary, Jonah Johnston’s girlfriend Ashley is working as an elementary school teaching assistant. Recently, voted the Sugarloaf Elementary School’s Teacher Assistant of the Year 2022, she is likely the best at what she does. According to the tweet, she assisted the first-grade team.

Ashley attended the Blue Bridge Community College at Henderson County and studied the course Teacher Preparation.

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