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Jonathan Dade Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Survive the Raft

Jonathan Dade is a prominent figure from Georgetown, Texas and he is now a cast member of Survive The Raft on Discovery Channel. It is a brand-new program that debuted on July 30, 2023. In the two-hour episode, nine strangers from varied backgrounds will board the Acali II for 21 days. They will carry out a range of activities in three separate teams to increase the total reward pot.

The nine players can choose to keep a player from their own side on the show, evict them from the competition, or swap them out for another player each week. The team with the lowest overall score at the end of the season will win the prize money, which will be split equally among the team members.

Learn all about Lashanna in this article below. Here are a few things about her age, job, wife, and family.

Jonathan Dade On Survive the Raft

Survive The Raft is a new reality show that places nine Americans of diverse races, geographic areas, and religious and political beliefs on a 60-foot-by-40-foot barge on the Pacific Ocean near the Pearl Islands of Panama. The goal is to see if the participants will behave cooperatively or competitively in the face of physical, mental, and monetary challenges. Newcomers join when some get eliminated.

Survive The Raft re-creates anthropologist Santiago Genovés’ controversial 1973 study of whether internationally diverse people would work together to survive at sea. The show is hosted by former Green Beret and NFL athlete Nate Boyer.

According to Jonthan’s bio, he studied to become a Rabbi and now leads a congregation of more than 100 people. He’s a warm, open-minded leader but is unafraid to stand up for himself or his community. Jonathan is very protective and will fight to keep his place of power. Moreover, as a black man in Texas, Jonathan has faced plenty of discrimination. He says, “Racists get mad when you have a voice” – and Jonathan’s unafraid to shout.

Furthermore, diet, exercise, meditation, hygiene, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol are huge proponents of his lifestyle that won’t just disappear because he’s living on a boat.

As for the other cast members they are named CJ Duffie, Elliot Capella, Lashanna Lintamo, Lashanna Lintamo, Maddie Witt, Merissa Underwood, Tara Colucci, and Summer Homayed.

Jonathan Dade Age

Jonathan Dade was born in March 1983. As such, he turned 40 years old in 2023.

Jonathan Dade Family

Jonathan Dade is the son of Herman and Julia Dade. His father is 67 years old and his mother turned 66 in September 2022. His life changed dramatically when his mother met Herman Dade, also a student at Oklahoma State. At the end of their senior years, they were married.

His mother, Julia, was away in Stillwater, in college at Oklahoma State, a single parent struggling to find her way after her husband walked out when his brother Chris was a baby.

“He turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Chris said.

One of the first things Herman Dade did was legally adopt Chris and bring him to live with them in Oklahoma City. “We didn’t even have a honeymoon,” Herman said. Jonathan’s dad set out to help turn around his brother’s life, but at first, it left some bruises on their relationship.

“We had a lot of conflicts at the start, and he really didn’t want to be around me,” Herman said. “But I guess after a while he figured he wasn’t in that bad of a situation, and it started gradually improving.”

Before Chris’s freshman year in high school, the family moved to the San Diego area when Herman Dade was hired by Hughes Aircraft as a technician. He had an immediate impact as a basketball player at Vista High.

After his sophomore year, he transferred to San Diego El Camino High. “That was one of the reasons I liked him as a coach,” Herman Dade said. “He agreed with me that it was school first, basketball second.”

But Herman Dade also took special pride in Chris’ basketball accomplishments.

Christopher is 49 years old as he was born in April 1974.

Jonathan Dade Job

Per Jonathan Dade’s LinkedIn, he is currently serving as Rabbi and Executive Director at Messiah Echad (@messiahechad). The congregation that he “leads serves Hebrew Christian, Torah Observant, Messianic Jewish, and Non-Religious Believers, teaches principles on living a biblical lifestyle for spiritually-minded individuals, interfaith families, and non-religious couples, and celebrates biblical feasts and holy days, keeps the seventh day Sabbath, and experiences the Holy Spirit.”

He is also the author and founding director of RLB Echad LLC since November 2012.

Before his current role, Jonathan worked at PepsiCo as Zone Operations Manager. He also worked as a Shift Supervisor for Graphic Packaging International. Furthermore, he served in the US Navy as Electronic Warfare Officer from 2002 to 2009.

Jonathan studied Prairie View A&M University. He also attended Colorado Christian University. His major was . At Washington State University, he studied .

His extensive research included: leveraging pastoral models to improve employee engagement, pushing work-life balance to prevent burnout, and encouraging nonprofits to seek experts in business.

Did You Know? Jonathan Dade was a mayoral candidate for 2026.

Jonathan Dade Height

Jonathan Dade’s height measures above 6 feet 1 inch.

Is Jonathan Dade Married?

Yes, Jonathan Dade is married to his wife Melinda Dade. The couple reportedly met at a Bible conference in 2004. However, it took them another five years to get committed and married. They fostered to adopt two beautiful children named Karissa (born 2011) and Tristen (born 2012).

Jonathan Dade’s wife, Melinda is 39 years old as she was born in April 1984.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jonathan Dade Birthday?

Moreover, Jonathan Dade celebrates his birthday in March.

  • Where Is Jonathan Dade From?

Jonathan Dade hailed from Georgetown, Texas.

  • Is Jonathan Dade On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Jonathan Dade is on Instagram (@messiahechad) and Facebook (@jonathan.L.dade).

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