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Josh Altman Parents: Alan And Judith Altman

Josh Altman is the star of Million Dollar Listing who’s also been featured on both Giuliana and Bill, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But way before this millionaire started garnering prominence from the reality shows, it was his parents, Alan and Judith Altman, who first assisted him to kickstart his career.

So, who are they? This article explores everything you need to know about Josh Altman’s parents. 

Who Are Josh Altman Parents?

Josh Altman’s parents, Alan and Judith Altman come from a Jewish family. They’ve spent most of their time in Newton, Massachusett raising Josh and his brother Matt. But they’ve since relocated to Aspen, Colorado, after falling in love with the area while visiting their oldest son Matt at college. Also, they bought a vacation house there and which eventually turned into their permanent home.

Reportedly, the duo bought their Colorado house in 2005 for $2.135 million. It has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms with over 4,000 square feet of living space, and sits on two acres of land.

Fast forward to 2021, Alan and Judith also went on to become the owner of a 3,151-square-foot $5.9 million furnished abode. And it was a gift! Yes, in case you missed it, Josh and Matt thanked their parents for their support with a beautiful new home over Million Dollar Listing.

According to Josh, the house was “one of the most beautiful mid-century moderns (he’d) ever seen.” Also, he went on to share that his parents got them their first apartment there, only because of which they were able to start their career — “and we know how fortunate we are for that,” he added.

Did you know: Josh’s parents made an appearance on Million Dollar Listing season 9 ep 4, which featured the months before Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu got married.

Meet Josh Altman Father, Alan Altman

  • Alan Altman Age

Alan Altman was born on September 11, 1948. That made him 73 years of age in 2021.

As per his birthday, Alan is of the Virgo zodiac.

On his 72nd birthday, Josh took it to his IG to write, “Dad you’re the best mentor a kid could ask for. The wisdom and education you have passed down to us in life is invaluable.”

  • Alan Altman Job

Alan Altman is a doctor. To be precise, Josh’s father is a “Consultative Gynecologist for Menopause and Sexual Dysfunction.” He has practiced in Boston for over 30 years, and also worked as an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School. But it was only after 2007, Alan specialized in hormonal and post-menopausal care since moving to Aspen.

Even as of 2022, Alan was still working as a doctor, and was pretty popular at his job. Reportedly, he was considered among the top ten to fifteen experts in menopausal medicine in the United States. No wonder, Josh always said that he wanted to be even a tenth of what his father had in life — as a man, a father, and a husband.

Besides being a doctor, Alan also was the President of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH).

He’s even written a book called “Making Love the Way We Used to…or Better; The secrets to satisfying mid-life sexuality,”  back in 2000.

As for his education, Alan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to get his MD degree from the New York University School of Medicine. Finally, he completed his internship and residency at Harvard.

  • Is Aln Altman On Instagram, Facebook?

No,  Alan Altman wasn’t on Instagram or Facebook.

However, you can often spot him over his son’s IG @thejoshaltman and @themattaltman.

Meet Josh Altman Mother, Judith Altman

  • Judith Altman Age

Judith Altman was on April 2, 1949. That made her a year younger than her husband. She was 72 as of 2021.

Corrpesding to her birthday, she is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Judith Altman Job

Judith Altman looked over The Altman Family Foundation and was the organization’s trustee alongside her husband.

Just in the fiscal year 2019, the foundation generated total revenue of $81,993 and made expenses of $95,762. Which is a considerable decrease in profit compared to the report from the fiscal year 2015 where it generated total revenue of $201,174 with $850 in expenses.

Besides this, we have no info on her job.

The last we saw Judith, she appeared on December 30, 2021, episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles where she turned to Josh Flagg for help after getting buyer’s remorse.

  • Is Judith Altman On Instagram, Facebook?

No, like her husband, Judith kept herself away from social media.

But she frequently made it into her son’s IG as well.

Related FAQs

  • When Did Josh Altman Parents Tied The Knot?

Josh Altmans’ parents, Alan and Judith Altman tied the knot on December 23, 1973.

They then welcome Josh into this world 6 years later.

  • How Many Kids Do Josh Altman Parents Have?

Alan and Judith Altman only shared two kids — Matt and Josh Altman

  • Where Do Josh Altman Parents Live?

Josh’s parents resided in Colorado, before 2022.

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